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Top 5 Best Wine Clubs

Top 5 Best Wine Clubs

We've hand-selected these wine clubs for you because: They exceed our expectations as compared to similar wine clubs; They offer better value or a better selection of wines than similar wine of the month clubs; Our readers prefer these to similar clubs.

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Best Affordable Wine Clubs

Best Affordable Wine Clubs

Looking for the best affordable wine clubs? Our editors have carefully scrutinized budget-oriented wine clubs to help you extract the most value and enjoyment out of your wine-club dollars.

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Best Red Wine Clubs

Best Red Wine Clubs

The best red wine clubs are a mix of two things: the best wine clubs overall, and getting the most value on red wine (which can be expensive for the good stuff). We sifted through our independent wine club reviews to figure out which wine clubs are really the best red wine clubs. These red wine clubs are sure to delight.

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Best White Wine Clubs

Best White Wine Clubs

Not surprisingly, there are a number of amazing values in white wine clubs. Since white wine is often cheaper than read for similar quality, we went even further with our best white wine clubs list, looking for the clubs that offer you interesting whites, not just good whites. Use our reviews to further refine your selection.

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Best Value Wine Clubs

Best Value Wine Clubs

Love wine but can’t really afford to drink the pricey stuff? No sweat. We know how value matters when you want to stretch your wine budget as far as it can go, and we lean our ratings heavily toward the ultimate measure of value in wine clubs—quality-to-price ratio (a.k.a. QPR).

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Best Premium Wine Clubs

Best Premium Wine Clubs

Looking for a cut above the regular wine selection in your next monthly club? Try one of these Premium wine clubs. The wines typically cost a little more, but you’ll find you have access to a more unique selection, and wines that are much harder to find at your local store or in another wine club.

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Most Interesting Wine Clubs

Most Interesting Wine Clubs

There are many “standard” two-bottle of the month wine clubs out there—one white, one red, virtually (and often literally) guaranteed not offend anyone. But if you’re intrigued by the unusual, distinctive, or boutique wines of the world, we suggest you take a look at this list of Most Interesting wine clubs.

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Wine Club Buying Guides

Online Wine Buying

There are about as many reasons to sign yourself up for a wine club subscription as there are reasons to drink wine. Deciding what type of wine club to join and then which specific wine club (or clubs, if your budget allows) to purchase can be a daunting, but ultimately rewarding experience. This guide will help you through the process.

In this article:

What type of wine club should I join?

This depends largely on what type of wine drinker you are.

Wine of the Month Clubs

These wine clubs are what most people think of when someone says “wine of the month club.” Typically you get two bottles of wine each month and there’s some kind of theme for the wine club that makes it interesting. Some theme examples include: Pinot Noir, California, International, and Sparkling. There is a practically endless array of these types of wine clubs and to help you sort through them, we recommend a site like ours——which has organized, rated, and reviewed wine clubs to help you find the right one for you.

Quarterly Case Wine Clubs

There’s a newer type of wine club that has entered the scene and is very popular. Many large-scale publishers (for example, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today) have decided to augment their businesses by selling wine clubs. These wine clubs are all “private labels” and are serviced by large wine club purveyors. Global Wine Company and Laithwaite’s Wine are the two biggest wine club vendors.

The focus in this type of club is on value and exploration, but not really on quality. If you’re not picky about your wine, but you drink at least a bottle of wine each week, these are great clubs for you. You’ll get convenient quarterly deliveries, well-written tasting notes, introductory freebies, and you’ll rarely need to visit a wine store. Check out ZagatWine and 4Seasons Wine.

Winery Wine Clubs

If you have visited a winery and enjoyed their wines I highly recommend joining the winery’s wine club. It’s the best way to try all of a winery’s wines, typically at a discount from full retail pricing. Many wineries make/sell special club-only wines and library wines that you can only get by being a part of the wine club. Learn more about winery wine clubs.

Some tips for joining wine clubs

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying wine at home in a convenient and exciting way!

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