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Find a perfect wine of the month club gift for any wine lover

There are so many wine clubs available today that choosing a monthly wine gift may seem overwhelming. That's why we're here! We've reviewed the largest selection of wine of the month clubs and we're always adding more. We look for value and gift-worthiness, we calculate your total gift price when possible, and we help make shopping for a wine club gift easier by showing you all of the options available for your wine club.

Best Wine Club Gifts

Best Wine Club Gifts

A monthly wine club makes for a wonderful gift, for any type of wine lover. If your recipient drinks occasionally, or is someone you don’t know really well, you’ll find this selection of best wine club gift reviews a perfect place to shop.

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Celebrate the people you love by choosing a monthly wine gift for their big day. Compare Wine Club Gifts here, at Wine Club Reviews, where you'll find dozens of independently rated and reviewed monthly wine clubs which make excellent gifts for your wine-loving friends and family. Buy Wine Club Gifts »

Best Corporate Wine Gifts

Best Corporate Wine Gifts

Only the best wine gifts will properly impress your clients and reward your employees! These wine club gifts are the perfect corporate or business wine gifts and the companies offering them go out of their way to make you look like a hero when you give wine!

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Best Red Wine Club Gifts

Best Red Wine Club Gifts

You must really like some lucky wine drinker if you’re on the hunt for the best red wine club gift! Most wine clubs offer “red wine only” versions of their month clubs, but this list of red wine gifts also includes special wine clubs that always ship only red wine.

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Best White Wine Club Gifts

Best White Wine Club Gifts

If you know a white wine lover, a white wine only wine club membership is a fabulous gift—for both of you! As the gift-giver, you can save a few bucks since whites are usually cheaper than reds, and the recipient will get a box of happiness delivered each month, with white wines they may not have tried or discovered yet.

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Gift a Gift of California Wine. California Wine Club Advertisement

What kind of wine drinker are they?

Casual Wine Drinkers typically buy their wine at the grocery store or local liquor store and rarely spend more than $15-20 on a bottle for everyday drinking.

Wine Enthusiasts often order wine at restaurants and directly from wineries as that's where the best wines are hidden away. They make special wine-tasting trips and come home with loot.

Wine Collectors are an elite group of wine buyers who seek out cult wines and pinnacles of winemaking from the priciest regions in the world. They often have a large wine cellar at home.

Not sure? Shop all wine clubs ranked by Giftworthiness!

What is your budget?

Since wine clubs come in thousands of varieties, you can always find a gift that suits your budget and gift-giving preferences. Shop for gifts in your budget range here.

For how long?

Want them to keep thinking about your generosity all year long? Shop by subscription length.

What kind of wine do they like?

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Club W
by Club W
All-Around Rating:

Limited Time Offer
We've got the Best Deal on Club W—Guaranteed! Get $25 in credits toward your first shipment when you use our links and complimentary shipping on 4+ bottles! No coupon code needed but to get this deal, click our links.

Overview: Club W is a new kind of wine club—get a personalized list of available selections each month and then choose your own wine. This makes for a great gift, too!

What We Love: We love the great selection of quirky wines all priced at $13 or $19, and are especially impressed with the whites and roses. We love that you can put as many wines in your box as you want, and that shipping is free on 6 or more bottles.

Could Be Better: The wine descriptions tend to purposely avoid helpful terms that experienced wine drinkers look for in selecting bottles (i.e., no references to "buttery" or "acidic").

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Limited Time Offer
Mother's Day Special! Give a quarterly gift for one year (4 shipments) and get free shipping (worth $52) with code SHIPFREE at checkout.

Give a gift of two months or more and the first shipment will include a bottle of $44 Schramsberg bubbly on the house! Use coupon code BUBBLY16 until 6/30.

Try Premier Series for yourself and get two bottles of bonus wine in your first shipment free with code 2EXTRA through 5/31. Added bonus: A $25.00 wine credit to use later

Overview: When considering a two-bottle a month wine club for yourself or someone else, this wine club ought to be near the top of your list.

What We Love: When it comes to places to find deals on wine, we often look to the California Wine Club. Not only do they start with great prices on their Premier Series wines, but they also have fantastic discounts after the shipments have gone out.

Could Be Better: The recent addition of an introductory offer (a free month) made this wine club a better value while still delivering fantastic quality. It's now as perfect as it's going to be!

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inClub Everyday
by Invino
All-Around Rating:

Overview: Custom wine club where you choose everything. These everyday drinkers deliver amazing QPR due to clever buying strategies.

What We Love: No other wine club has ever, and probably will ever, deliver this level of customization. You want it? You got it. It's perfect for any oenophile.

Could Be Better: We'd love to see a ton more pre-made "personality profiles" to make sign-up at any price a breeze. Also, the ability to buy a case at a time would be fabulous.

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Gold Series Club
by Gold Medal Wine Club
All-Around Rating:

Limited Time Offer
Mother's Day Specials!: 3 ways to treat her right- She deserves the best! Shop Gold Medal Wine Club! Code: MDay2016

Buy more, save more! Buy 6 months or more and save 5%. Buy 12 months and save 10%. Upgrade to 4 bottles to save another 10% on any number of shipments!

Overview: An incredibly popular wine club delivering the highest-quality wines among the two-bottle monthly wine clubs.

What We Love: Consistency. We've been receiving their shipments for months and we've never had a wine we didn't like. You can't really ask for more than that from a wine club.

Could Be Better: We don't have any suggestions for what to improve within the Gold Series wine club. Yay!

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The Premier Series
All-Around Rating:

Limited Time Offer
Buy More, Save More! Save $10 on any 4-shipment order with code SAVE10. Save $15 on any 6-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE15. Save $25 on any 12-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE25.

Overview: One of the best two-bottle wine clubs around at a very fair price. A good-quality International selection of wines.

What We Love: Unprecedentedly fantastic flexibility in billing, shipping, customization, and what type of goodies to get.

Could Be Better: The wine club? It's great. The website? A little hard to use. If you're heading over there, please be patient. The effort is worth it!

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