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This is a curated list of Mostly Red wine of the month clubs. Our ratings system looks at quality-to-price ratio, shipping costs, uniqueness, and custom features. Wherever possible, prices include shipping costs, but rarely include sales tax. Be sure to select the state you're shipping to, as not all wine clubs can ship to all states.

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Overview: Highlighting California wineries making very small amounts of wine, this wine club sends you wine from the hardest-to-access, artisinal wineries.

What We Love: We look forward to discovering new wineries from all over California. We know we're getting very good wine at below-retail prices and helping small family businesses grow.

Could Be Better: Like other Gold Medal Wine Club series, we'd really like to see more information about the winemaking and viticulture in the educational materials.

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Overview: A premium-level California wine club featuring some of the finest wines produced in California.

What We Love: They reward volume purchasing! If you can afford it, by upgrading to the 4-bottle per shipment program you can save up to $13 per bottle.

Could Be Better: It seems like the price on this wine club is a little higher than it needs to be, so dropping it a bit and extending more of a discount to their premium subscribers would make us happy.

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Special Selections
by Uncorked Ventures
All-Around Rating:

Limited Time Offer
15% off all new wine club subscriptions. Use coupon code Fifteen at checkout.

Overview: Uncorked Ventures' "Special Selection" is indeed special. We love the careful mix of "big scores" and "unique finds" they feature in this club.

What We Love: We're quite impressed with most of the past selections from Uncorked Ventures, especially as they include some of our favorite West Coast wine-growing regions.

Could Be Better: We'd love to see more content on their website to talk about their wine-selection process, some of the awesome stories from the road, and even their monthly newsletter.

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Platinum Series
by Gold Medal Wine Club
All-Around Rating:

Overview: The big brother wine club for the award-winning Gold Series, we think they're delivering a top-notch wine experience with this wine club, too.

What We Love: For a wine club that picks out such excellent wine, they don't need to be so customer-friendly on their extra features... but they are! We can't help but love their attention to detail.

Could Be Better: Especially at this level, we'd really like to see more information about the winemaking (not just the vineyards and the winemakers).

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Overview: Using the same methods and ideas of wine selection as they've used for years in California, the California Wine Club has translated their vision to an International stage.

What We Love: The California Wine Club has an excellent reputation and they've been in business a long time. We like that it's a family business supporting other family businesses.

Could Be Better: We think they should have stayed in California. There are many other specialty clubs that the California Wine Club could have developed and left the International wines to other wine clubs.

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Limited Time Offer
SPECIAL NEW MEMBER OFFER - 50% off your first shipment (a savings of $22.47). Enter code GLOBALWINE50 at check-out.

Overview: A thoughtfully-curated selection of affordable wines whose quality exceeds their price. We enjoyed the unusual selections and the beautiful tasting booklet which accompanies the shipment.

What We Love: The wines are very good, especially when compared to other wine clubs in this price range. The introductory offer and member re-order discounts make this an excellent way to buy wine online.

Could Be Better: This is a fairly limited offering for a wine club. We'd really like to see more options like red-only and white-only selections, and monthly deliveries.

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Diamond Wine Club
by WineGlobe
All-Around Rating:

Overview: Quirky local wine shop delivering a high-powered selection of ultra-premium cult-status wines and hard-to-find gems.

What We Love: A unique selection of mostly red wines with occasional champagnes to spice things up a bit.

Could Be Better: Name-dropping doesn't impress, especially when Silver Oak and Opus One are the names being dropped. We'd like to see some cult wines in this list.

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