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Spanish Stunners Wine Club Review - Compare prices, See sample shipments

Evolution Wines & Spirits Review

Spanish Stunners Wine Club Review

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A very rare opportunity for the Spanish Wine lover. We almost never see Spanish Wine Clubs. Spanish wines deliver great value and flavor.

What We Like

We love the dedicated and hip nature of Evolution. They carry an impeccable selection of wines at great prices.


We'd love to seem them offer this wine club in an ongoing subscription and a bi-monthly option.

Evolution Wines & Spirits

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Evolution Wines & Spirits

One of the great things about wine clubs offerd by "mom and pop" wine stores is that almost always someone who really loves wine and wants to share that love of wine with others is the person choosing the wine. A small wine store often has a well-curated selection and their wine club shipments are the creme-de-la-creme in the right price range. For that reason we think Evolution Wines has a great head start against its competition from some of the largest clubs who purchase cheap wine in bulk.

Spanish wine clubs are SO rare that we feel we must endorse this one. Not every wine drinker likes Spanish wines. The very hot climate changes the way certain varietals are expressed, and the wine-making style in Spain is quite different than what we might be used to from California and France. But for those who love Spanish wine, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Most wine stores carry a few Spanish selections, almost always Rioja. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore Spanish wine in a way very few people have access to.

Sample Bottles

Pasion de Bobal
This wine is the result of a great 'PASION' on our indigenous grape varietal, 100% BOBAL, grownin extreme continental conditions, with exceptional high potential and unique personality. Malolactic fermentation, and then further stay in French-oak barrels for 6 months.

Don Luciano Syrah 2009
From the first sip this wine transports the drinker to exotic locales. From the Winemaker: Fruity and Mediterranean, this black cherry fruit Shiraz has a deep purple-red color. Well structured, potent and elegant with a smooth finish, it is inviting another sip to bring back the rich goodness. Enjoyable on its own or with grilled meats, barbecue and vegetables.

Atteca Old Vines 2008
Meticulously hand harvested clusters of fully matured Garnacha grapes were selected from only the finest hillside vineyards located 3,000 ft about sea level. These vineyards were planted in the last decades of the nineteenth and the first decade of the twentieth centuries. Over a hundred years ago the local growers knew that the combination of poor gravelly slate soils, high altitudes, and arid conditions produced the best grapes. The wine, Atteca, produced today upholds these long held beliefs. Deep rich blackberry flavors persist on a long supple finish and are highlighted by the vibrant shimmering claret color.

La Cana Albarino 2010
The grapes for this wine come from 11.5 Ha of vineyards (5.2 Ha are estate owned and 6.3 Ha are owned by local growers) divided amongst 12 parcels located in Sisan Ribadumia in the Salnes Valley, the most northern part of the Rias Baixas very near the Atlantic ocean.

Offering lush aromas of white peaches and rip pears followed by flavors of pineapple and bright citrus the wine finishes on a crisp dry note.

Last Updated: 6/28/2012

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Spanish Stunners Wine Club
Enjoy a collection of all the best Spain has to offer. While California is well-known and loved, Spain is cherished, undiscovered and exotic. Imagine wines from Rioja, Marques, Bodegas, and other wineries in this warm and tasty region. Open these wines and pair them with the cheeses of Spain. Savor our selections with confidence. Gracias!

Evolution Wines & Spirits stores are quaint wine shops with a serious commitment to service and knowledge. It is not a warehouse store. Evolution Wines & Spirits believe guests want to learn about wines and appreciate the thoughtful interaction with trained wine professionals in the stores. Each store has team members with deep wine and spirit knowledge. The experience and knowledge drives the relationships, creates trust, and is rewarded with loyalty. The prices reflect careful purchasing and relationships in the industry giving the best possible value everyday to guests. The reasons to shop with Evolution are numerous and clear.

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Last Updated: 6/12/2012


Evolution Wines & Spirits

Spanish Stunners Wine Club