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A personalized wine program powered that gets to know your palate by starting your subscription with a tasting kit—real wine tasting in your living room. A significant step up from anonymous case clubs.

What We Like

Lot18 delivers on value, but at a higher level than other case clubs you might be considering. These selections are tailored to your preferences and they send exclusive wines you won't find anywhere else. Online account management is a big plus.


We've had some complaints about quality. This is probably more a factor of their high-end marketing push which makes buyers think these are exceptional wines, when really, they're just good wines. We also receive complaints regarding their customer service being hard to reach and membership being difficult to cancel. This is reflected in the Customer Service rating we give them.

Limited Time Special Offer

Take a 30-second wine survey and save $30 on the wine tasting kit today! Your first personalized case will be 50% off the normal price.

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Introducing Tasting Room by Lot18

Confused by the name of this club? No worries, check out what we have to say about the happy marriage of Tasting Room and Lot18. In short: We used to recommend the old Tasting Room wine club, hands down, as the best and most fun wine club out there. We were SO sad when it disappeared in late 2012, but we are excited that it has come back, better than ever, and powered by the Lot18 team.

We think Tasting Room by Lot18 is THE wine club to join. You can stop reading here if you want, because we're just going to wax poetic on WHY it's so awesome as we continue to tell you to join THIS wine club.

Public Service Announcement: There isn't a gift option yet, so if you're not buying for yourself, you might want to check out our Wine Club Gifts page. And then come back here and join the Tasting Room by Lot 18 wine club for yourself!

A New Kind of Personalized Wine Club Program

To be honest, we're always pretty skeptical of any company that thinks it can apply technology to figure out which wines any person will like. Maybe it's easier when your wine preferences are somewhat limited—like my husband's unmitigated delight in a big red Central Coast fruit-bomb—as opposed to my own enjoyment of nearly all wine regions and varietals, as long as the wine was well made and is well-balanced. I rarely see an answer choice for “What kinds of wine do you like?” that suits my tastes, so how could they deliver something they're sure I'll like?

In fairness, we don't think most people who work in wine stores do much better. It all depends on a customer's ability to explain what he or she likes, and see how that matches up with a salesperson's knowledge of their inventory. That is a lot of subjective variability on which to make an accurate recommendation.

In contrast, most wine clubs tend to focus on wines that will please most people. This means that many of the wines chosen for wine club shipments are sort of run-of-the-mill and of decent quality (sometimes excellent), but maybe not suited to adventurous or picky wine-drinkers.

Joining Tasting Room by Lot18

Tasting Room by Lot18 is not the first personalized wine delivery program to the market, but they seem to have the most promise. Their big differentiator is that sampler kit they send out to get to know your preferences—rather than just asking you to remember what you like from the last time you might have tried it. They have an exclusive on this feature, as Tasting Room invented it, and Lot18 doesn't have to share it with any other wine club.

The big idea with a personalized wine-shipment program is this: Buying wine can be scary, intimidating, and risky. Unless you're a sommelier. But most of us aren't professionally trained wine tasters. A lot of people, like my husband and I, love to taste and buy wine in tasting rooms, because we know exactly what we're buying, and it's a personalized selection because we picked it. But we live in Southern California and weekend wine-tasting trips are easy for us. If you live in Nebraska, well, that's going to make wine tasting at a winery just a smidge harder.

Cracking the code of great wine recommendations is the dream of every entrepreneur who loves wine. We've talked to chefs, somms, wine geeks, wine bloggers, and experienced entrepreneurs who have thought about it, tried it, or want to try it. We always have the same response... we thought about it, too! But it just seems like such a hard problem to solve. So many variables to consider—everyone's tastes are different, the same wines differ from vintage to vintage, most people can't explain what it is they like about a wine, and a lot of people don't want to try.

Joining Tasting Room by Lot18

Enter WinePrint™ Personalization Technology

Their clever logo really drives home the point of the brand. Each person has a unique fingerprint that identifies them as different from everyone else. Our taste buds (and therefore wine preferences) are as distinctive as our fingerprints, so their WinePrint™ program aims to establish what makes you distinct as a wine drinker. The best part? They make it easy for you!

Tasting Room.com features a simple, step-by-step rating system custom-designed to capture the nuances of your wine likes and dislikes. Once you’ve rated your wine samplers, our patent-pending WinePrint™ technology processes your ratings and applies a precise algorithm to generate your Wine Profile – a detailed but easy-to-understand explanation of the types of wine that match your profile and are perfect for your palate. Every three months, we provide stress-free automatic shipping of a heavily discounted case of wines that our WinePrint™ technology compiles for you based on your profile—no store to drive to, phone calls to make or forms to submit.

Keep rating the wines as you drink them, and our WinePrint™ technology will continue refining its selections to ensure you get only the wines you love. You’ll always enjoy substantial savings by paying a flat rate for each case of wine – no hidden fees. You get the right wine, every time, for one low price, for as long as you like. It’s wine buying simplified, personalized and perfected.

See all the benefits of joining Tasting Room by Lot18.

We think Tasting Room by Lot18 has a really good chance of solving this problem reasonably well (we'd be impressed with 92% accuracy—11 out of 12 bottles are hit). Also, they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, offering replacement or full credit toward future purchases.

Signing up for Tasting Room by Lot18

We happily participated in the semi-exclusive Beta Taste Test for Tasting Room by Lot18, where we were able to experience what you will. The carousel of value propositions (a.k.a. Why you want to sign up for the Tasting Room by Lot18 wine “club”) is a little dizzying, both in speed and in information, BUT they do an excellent job of breaking down how the club works—something that the TR folks regrettably found challenging with their own wine club. The TR wine club was declared by Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library fame) to be the coolest wine club out there (and he has his own wine club!).

So what is it you get?

Joining Tasting Room by Lot18

Okay, I've had my fun and rated my wines, what's next?

You rate your sampler wines by following the simple instructions on the Tasting Room site, tasting the wines in pairs, against each other. You can even tell the site that you liked both wines or disliked both—your preferences help WinePrint™ to figure out your profile and pull together your first personalized case of wine. You'll pay $84.49 (shipping is included). Yes, that's just $7 a bottle, including shipping costs but excluding sales tax.

Then, if you think they've nailed your tastes, or at least they're close enough that you're excited to receive more personalized wine shipments, you'll pay $149.99 + $19.99 shipping for future cases of wine, delivered on a quarterly basis.

This pricing is dead-on for competition with some of the bigger “quarterly case clubs” and you are virtually guaranteed to prefer the wines you get from Lot18 to the wines you'd get from those other wine clubs.

Compare Tasting Room by Lot18, WSJ Wine, and New York Times wine clubs.

Each subsequent case should have better and better selections, as you will keep rating the wines they send. Eventually you might love every wine they send you... and THAT is how you make the most of your wine budget!

Joining Tasting Room by Lot18

The Rest of the Tasting Room Experience

The Tasting Room team has put together a program that addresses many common customer complaints regarding other wine clubs. One that we love is that they tell you when the wine is going to be shipped. Receiving packages can be a hassle and you don't want wine sitting outside your front door, where it might go bad or get stolen.

We also like that their website is totally self-serve. I don't always have time in the middle of the day to call customer service, so now I can manage my account online any time it's convenient for me... it seems like we shouldn't be so excited about the promise of the Internet in 2013, but nonetheless, very few wine clubs offer this kind of convenience.

What I Want to See from Tasting Room by Lot18

I am married and typically share my wine with my husband. His wine tastes are different than mine. I'd like for us to have some kind of "couples" version of this experience. Stat.

The experience of this wine club is so much fun, I want to give it as a gift to my friends who might enjoy expanding their wine preferences. I'd like a gift option (sampler + first shipment? first two shipments?).

Last Updated: 3/28/2013

Reviewed by Wine Club Experts

Things to know

Limited Time Special Offer
Take a 30-second wine survey and save $30 on the wine tasting kit today! Your first personalized case will be 50% off the normal price.

  • Shipping is extra
  • Shipments are $9.95 for the sampler, $84.49 for the first personalized case, and $149.99+$19.99 for future personalized cases.
  • WinePrint™ technology sets this wine club apart from other personalized wine clubs.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • You will be given advance notice of all club shipments and have the ability to cancel before shipment.

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Comment from Ann Onymous at 2015-05-08 14:53:43
Avoid this club! I ordered their sampler pack, and before it arrived they were pressuring me to buy wine. I changed the settings to "every three months" and received an email that the next shipment wouldn't be sent for at least a month. However, just a couple of days later, they sent a shipment. I emailed them and explained my discontent and Melissa replied that they would not budge.
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, as far as I am concerned. Avoid, avoid, avoid!
Comment from Sid Misra at 2014-10-13 13:45:43
Terrible experience. Stay away. Do not give them your credit card number.

I tried to cancel subscription and sent 2 emails to ask explicitly to cancel (in February and again in April) but never heard back from them. One day in May a nondescript box shows up at my door, without any prior email notice of shipment. Suspicious, I checked my tasting room account online and noticed that the subscription was still active and they'd charged $168.99 to my card. Customer service said they will not take back the wine, even though I explained that I tried to cancel.

After being unhelpful via customer service, they fought back and over turned the dispute I filed with my credit card company. It has taken me nearly 5 months to get my money back by filing a complaint with the BBB. I have since cancelled this credit card so they may never charge me again because I don't trust this company at all.
Comment from Andy Urban at 2013-11-19 18:36:22
This is not a 5 start club. I have received 3 shipments from them thus far and the wines are mediocre at best. They may have a clever concept of creating a wine print but you can not edit the types of wines you want to receive once you have completed your tasting review. Jessyca mentions in her disclosure that she gets compensated by some of these wine clubs, that is the only explanation for a 5 star rating with no shipment reviews... get real.
Response from WineClubReviews at 2013-11-19 22:32:52
Hi there. Thank you for your comment, Andy. We appreciate all customer feedback regarding our clubs. To be fair, we have many clubs on this website that we get paid for (some of them even pay more than Lot18) but not all clubs get a 5-star rating. Not every 5-star wine club is right for every wine drinker though, and perhaps this was not a good fit for your particular taste and what you want from a wine club. We're happy to help you find one that works better for you.


Tasting Room by Lot18