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Uncorked Ventures' entry-level wine club is anything but. If you are looking for a wine adventure at an incredibly affordable monthly price, look no further.

What We Like

We're quite impressed with most of the past selections from Uncorked Ventures, especially as they include some of our favorite California wineries.


We'd love to see more content on their website to talk about their wine-selection process, some of the awesome stories from the road, and even their monthly newsletter.

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15% off all new wine club subscriptions and gifts. Use coupon code FIFTEEN at checkout.

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If you don’t want an expensive wine club commitment but you want something you’ll never experience somewhere else, this is the wine club for you.

There’s so little information available on the Uncorked Ventures website that we engaged in a lengthy email discussion with the owners to get a better sense of what this wine club is all about. And we’re SO glad we did. You know how wine-lovers are often on the hunt for the rare-find or the hidden-gem? Well we think Uncorked Ventures is the hidden-gem among wine clubs. Here’s a great example of how, at this amazing price-point, you can expect to be delighted with the Wine Exploration wine club from Uncorked Ventures:

“...we recently shipped a wine called Rustler from Kinero Cellars. Rustler is only made in 500 mLs (2/3 bottle) and only 75 6 packs are made. That essentially 300 bottles of wine or 25 cases for the entire vintage. As you might expect that wine isn’t being shipped to anyone’s front door to taste and is only available directly from the winemaker himself. It also serves as a nice example about why we won’t ever be willing to offer a club with a certain point threshold. The wine despite never being scored by a major critic has been one of the most well received white’s we’ve ever shipped both in terms of comments and re-orders.”

Insider knowledge led the proprietors of Uncorked Ventures to winemaker James Berry (he’s the winemaker at Denner Vineyards whose wines are frequently ranked well-above 90 pts by the Wine Spectator). Like many other winemakers, James Berry has his own winery, too (Kinero Cellars). Because Kinero is small and independent they can do crazy things like offer 500 mL bottles or sell an entire small-production wine to one distributor (Uncorked Ventures).

“...I think when you add up 90+ point facilities, winemaker and vineyard you see why despite the fact that no critic has scored Kinero, we feel confident that the score would end up at 90+. Plus, for our wine clubs Kinero offers a great story based on not only size of the winery (the previously mentioned 25 cases) as well as it being the winemakers own label who states his aim is making white wine which is for red wine drinkers because his dad once told him that he’d never like a white wine. Additionally, this wine fits our stated aim of finding hard to find (in this case impossible to find) wine, at the right price.”

If this hasn’t convinced you why you want to choose this wine club, you should also know that Uncorked Ventures will honor any reasonable request one could ask of their wine club. This essentially means unparalleled customization options to suit your needs.

Nuff said.

Last Updated: 10/8/2010

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Limited Time Special Offer
15% off all new wine club subscriptions and gifts. Use coupon code FIFTEEN at checkout.

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