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Great value on many different types of wines from around the world and a consumer-favorite wine club.

What We Like

They have one of the best line-ups of introductory offers for wine clubs we've seen.


With such unprecedent buying power, we'd love to see better quality wines at these prices.

Limited Time Special Offer

Exclusive Introductory Offer: Save $170 on 15 World Class Wines! First shipment contains three bonus bottles + the normal 12 for just $69.99

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Wall Street Journal Wine

Things to know

Limited Time Special Offer
Exclusive Introductory Offer: Save $170 on 15 World Class Wines! First shipment contains three bonus bottles + the normal 12 for just $69.99

  • Shipping is extra
  • Exclusive Introductory Offer: Save $170 on 15 World Class Wines! First shipment contains three bonus bottles + the normal 12 for just $69.99. Future shipments are 12 bottles for $149.99+$19.99 shipping.

Okay, so here's the skinny on these big-name wine clubs! The Wall Street Journal is a publication. They don't have a liquor license, and they don't want to get into that business, so they've contracted with a third party to fulfill their wine club orders/shipments as WSJ Wine. The third party is a successful wine club provider in the UK that's been providing wines to a HUGE membership for many years.

They source wines from around the world, and then share their great finds with their club members, and their clients' club members, too.

It's important you know this! It's not a sign that the quality will be bad or that you shouldn't trust the WSJ Wine Club... The Wall Street Journal trusts them with their reputation and we think you can trust them, too.

Now, onto normal Wine Club value-talk. The introductory offer is a great way for you to try-before-you-buy. You're getting 12 bottles of good-quality wine for under $6 per bottle, plus a free deluxe lever-action corkscrew set, plus a free binder for your ever-important tasting notes.

After the introductory offer where you’ll receive a case (12 bottles) of wine every quarter for $149.99. Because of the way the private-label company works, there is some crossover between what's available for distribution to wine club members across their wine clubs, but that each wine club gets a few unique bottles to set it apart from the others. It's unclear whether or not the WSJWine Club has any wines picked by anyone at WSJ itself though.

We’ve broken down the pricing below so it’s easier to understand:

Introductory Offer Subsequent Shipments
# Bottles of Wine per shipment 12 12
Price $69.99 ($5.83 per bottle) $149.99 ($12.50 per bottle)
Shipping Price $19.99 $19.99
Total Price per Shipment $89.98 ($7.50 per bottle) $169.98 ($14.17 per bottle)

We like quarterly case-clubs because you save on shipping and it's better for the environment to send out fewer shipments each year.

Something we noticed: the Mixed case appears to be 8 reds and 4 whites. You can also choose Red-only and White-only if you want.

Last Updated: 03/26/2013

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Comment from Bruce Mackey at 2014-04-05 06:09:59
Customer service is so incompetent as to be non-existent.

I received the "introductory offer" as a Christmas gift. I followed up after the first of the year and placed the order. I was told it would arrive within 12 days. It didn't. Called. Same story. Finally a guy called and said he would be there "Monday" so I stayed home to sign. He never arrived. Two days later, I called and cancelled, asking for the gift money instead. I was told a check would arrive in 7-10 days. It didn't. Nor did it arrive the next THREE more times I called. The last time, a manager had called, and asked for two weeks to get the check to arrive. It didn't. Now she hasn't returned my calls in 2 days. BUT, they sent an email to say they shipped the wine. I didn't ask for that! I don't want the wine. I've got such a bad taste in my mouth, their wine won't taste good so matter what! Reading these reviews, apparently I'm not the only one to have problems with these people. It's hard to understand why the Wall Street Journal would lend their good name to them. They must be getting lots of money from Direct Wines International, the outfit that actually runs the club.
Comment from Frank Huband at 2014-01-28 16:38:13
My experience with WSJWine has been horrific.

In June of 2013 I placed an order for 12 bottles of a 2003 wine for delivery in September, and paid a $40 “holding fee” to assure that I would receive the order. In late November, I noticed I had not received the order, and talked to a WSJWine customer Services representative. She said she would check, and the next day sent me a message that said, in part:

“This is just a quick note to inform you that the presale Chateau Ramage La Batisse case will be ready to ship in early December. Your case will contain twelve bottles. Once the case has been prepared we will contact you for the balance of $199.88 plus $19.99 shipping and applicable tax.”

During late December and early January, I called several times to ask where the wine I had ordered was, and I was assured that it would be delivered soon.

In January, I received 6 bottles of a 2011 wine I had not ordered. When I called, I was told they had no idea why I had gotten it, but would send me a mailing label to return it.

Checking my credit card charges, I discovered that they had charged me almost $140 for the wine I had not ordered, and $480.93, more than twice the amount authorized, for the wine I had not been sent. And I have not gotten a return label for the wine I did not order.

Many more calls followed. Each time I called, I had to start the discussion from scratch. No references to my previous calls and concerns were kept in my customer file.

They now say they have no 12 case bottles of my wine, only 6 bottle cases. When I suggest that they could just send 2 6 bottle cases, they said that they would not do that. I told them to cancel the order.

I still have not gotten the fedex label, and both charges are still on my credit card.

So the message is, if things go wrong, even if it is totally their fault, you will not get either sympathy or compensation from WSJWine.

Buyer beware.

And I have called Amex, told them my story and asked them to reverse the charges.

Frank Huband
Comment from Sonja Novotny at 2012-01-16 20:03:56
I agree with the previous feedback regarding WSJwine.com. They did not quote an excessive shipping fee prior to my order and I was shocked at the actual price. When I called to point out this mistake not only did they refuse to credit my account but they seemed not to care at all! This resulted in my cancelling of the membership and asking them to not contact me again via phone, mail or email. He actually had the gall to ask me if I had proof that the shipping fee was not quoted. They took advantage of my trust and most certainly have lost it.
Response from WineClubReviews at 2012-01-16 21:23:12
To help us watch out for others, please tell us how much was your shipping fee and which state were you shipping to?
Comment from Samantha Addonizio at 2010-12-29 13:01:14
WSJwine.com is UNRELIABLE...gifts do NOT arrive and TERRIBLE customer service on top of that. Do NOT order from WSJwine.com. I ordered on December 8 for a gift for friends that have been very good to me and very generous to our children. I ordered 2 bottles of champagne for delivery by Christmas. I was so very happy to have found this way to send them some good cheer. I received an order summary from WSJwine.com with the following information:

Thank you for ordering from WSJwine. In accordance with California state law, Lionstone Sonoma, a licensed California retailer, will accept, process, and ship your order for WSJwine. Thank you for being a valued customer. If you have any questions regarding your order, simply contact customer service by phone at (877) 975- 9463 or via email at [email protected]

I also received an order number and a timestamp that the order summary was received on December 8, 2010 at 3:49:48pm. Since the information in my order summary indicated that my order will be processed by a CA merchant, there seemed nothing more to be done.

On December 29, 2010, I finally got in touch with my good friend. As we exchanged well wishes, I asked them how they enjoyed their champagne. There was an awkward silence. My friend then said, what do you mean? I was SO embarassed. I asked if she received the gift I sent and she had not. I apologized, hurried off the phone and told her I would call her right back.

I call the number in my Order Summary email. I spoke with Sherry. Sherry told me that my order was cancelled. There was no indication why. She could only have a supervisor call me back in approximately 24 hours. I asked if WJS would re-place the order with a rush so delivery could be made by December 31, 2010 so my friends could enjoy for New Years at least. She said that they are not allowed by law to expdite alcohol orders. (I think that is flase since I have ordered items from other basket vendors that included beer or wine and there was an option to FedEx). She told me that nothiing more could be done. I asked to speak to a supervisor right away. After keeping me on hold for 10 minutes she came back on and told me that a supervisor could not speak with me now. I was so angry I told her I expected a call within 24 hours and I would pass along how WSJwine.com treated me.

Your special introductory offer:
SAVE $120 on 12 Top-Estate Wines

This special offer gives you 12 outstanding wines for only $5.84 a bottle. Enjoy double-gold-medal 2010 Bordeaux, gold-medal Argentine Malbec, fine Russian River Valley Pinot Noir and much more. Read all about each wine and SAVE $120 today. As an extra bonus, we'll also send you a FREE deluxe lever-action corkscrew set (worth $39.99). All part of your introduction to The WSJwine Discovery Club.

Why such a generous offer? We believe you'll be impressed and come back for more. If you don't, no problem. It's a risk we're prepared to take. By offering small-batch wines of real flair and value, with convenient home delivery, WSJwine is changing the way people buy wine. This opens a lot of doors. Winemakers give us their best wines. Customers love the quality and variety.

Just taste for yourself. Detailed notes tell the story of each wine and offer useful serving tips. And every bottle comes with our money-back guarantee. If you're not impressed, you don't pay.

With the Discovery Club you will receive a regular supply of outstanding values from some of the world's leading, small estates. You'll have new things to try every quarter, plus enough information to help you pick the right wine from the rack every time. It works out to just one good bottle a week.

Exclusive Discovery Club benefits

  • 12 expertly selected wines reserved for you every 3 months
  • A members–only 20% savings on all Discovery Club cases
  • Online preview of each case—change the mix, skip cases, alter delivery timing
  • No obligations—you're free to cancel anytime
  • Detailed tasting notes and serving advice with every wine
  • 100% money–back guarantee—if ever a wine fails to delight, you'll be refunded in full

WSJwine Discovery Club
Perfect for wine fans looking to expand their horizons and increase their knowledge —with outstanding wines priced for everyday enjoyment. Each Discovery Club dozen allows you to taste your way around the world for JUST $149.99 (always with a minimum 20% savings).

What is your return policy?
WSJwine is 100% committed to your satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you have broken bottles or experience delivery problems of any kind, please call within 60 days. We will always work to resolve any problems as quickly as possible

Last Updated: 3/26/2013


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