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12+ years seeking the best wine of the month clubs
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We’ve Tasted All That Wine!

Many of the other “best wine clubs” lists are just round-ups of what’s out there and ranked by what the author thinks is cool. Rarely have they tasted any of the wares, and when they have it’s usually not through a critical lens.

We actually try at least one shipment from every wine club we review (since 2013). Often we receive ongoing shipments so we can continuously evaluate quality and value. Our reviews show the wines we received and tasted, as photographed in our wine cellar (or in other settings).

We are also members at several wineries outside of the “retail” wine of the month club sphere. We maintain these memberships and frequently go wine tasting so that we know what else is out there, not just what’s available through the services we’ve reviewed.

Here’s how we evaluate the wine we receive:

Wine Quality. We consider the balance of body, acidity, tannins, and fruit present in every bottle we receive. We consider whether or not the vino tastes like the grapes used to make it. We make judgements about quality as compared to other wines we’ve tried in the same price range.

Wine Price. There are so many variables that affect the price of a bottle, and each country, region, and winery handles pricing in their own way. When we think about pricing for memberships, we consider retail value and what you’re paying to have the bottle delivered. We also think about the quality of what you’re getting for that price as compared to what you’d get from other wine of the month clubs.

Value. Nobody wants to feel like they’re getting fleeced. Wine is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and a wine of the month club should make you feel like its your birthday every time a box arrives. Most of the time you get what you pay for. Sometimes you pay for extra service, sometimes you pay for access to small producers, sometimes you pay for convenience. We always let you know when a service is delivering great value.

We want to see a rock-solid Satisfaction Guarantee because you’re trusting a company to pick your wine for you and you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. To that end, we research each company’s customer service record (online reputation) and curation methodology (how they pick their wines).

We determine how easy it is to be a member by looking at personalization options, ability to make changes to your membership, how to manage your deliveries, and the cancellation process.

We look at perks! Whether you get skimpy or elaborate tasting notes, whether they offer VIP and concierge services for visits to wine country, and whether they have great discount programs for members.

Not all adult grape juice fans are created equal so have more lists, including: Wine Under $15, Wine Over $25, and Best Red Wine Clubs. We also highlight some excellent specialty wine clubs below (French, Italian, Organic, Natural, and Sparkling Wine).

We’ve noted which clubs are great for gifts on this page, but you can find more information about them on our complete best wine subscription gifts list.

FYI: We find great wine deals so you don’t have to. To keep us on the hunt, we earn a commission when you buy wine based on our recommendations.

This list was last updated on February 26, 2021

The Wine We Tried from These Wine Clubs

We receive multiple deliveries from most of the wine clubs we review


Nakedwines.comWhy it’s #1 | Full Review

Discovery Wine Club

Discovery Wine ClubWhy it’s #2 | Full Review

California Premier Club

California Premier ClubWhy it’s #3 | Full Review

Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Wine ClubWhy it’s #4 | Full Review

90+ Wine Club

90+ Wine ClubWhy it’s #5 | Full Review

California Gold Club

California Gold ClubWhy it’s #6 | Full Review

International Premier Club

International Premier ClubWhy it’s #7 | Full Review

Winc Personalized Club

Winc Personalized ClubWhy it’s #9 | Full Review

Wine Insiders

Wine InsidersWhy it’s #10 | Full Review

For You Save $100 on your first 6-bottle case, just $39.99. Shipping included. Voucher code is already entered. Click for This Deal.

USA Today’s readers voted the #1 wine club in America, and we agree. But heads up, isn’t exactly a regular wine of the month club. It’s more of a wine-buying club where your monthly subscription fees accrue in your account until you spend them on a shipment. Don’t worry, any unspent funds are fully refundable.

All kinds of red, white, rosé, sparkling and Champagne are available. Every selection is described so you know if it’s on the sweeter side, the drier side, or somewhere in between. Prices vary widely from $8 (a deeply discounted member price) to $45 with a great selection under $20 and plenty of room to splurge on special occasions.

You pick your own bottles with the benefit of other members’ ratings. While this is a pick-em-yourself membership, they also personalize recommendations based on how you’ve rated your previous wines. Those ratings are shared with their customers, and the public, so you can pick only the most popular ones if you want.

Since you pick your own, you determine how many bottles are in each box and when you get them. Six bottles in your box gets you free shipping. There are so many reasons to love and we outline them all in our full Naked Wines review.

Your monthly deposits ensure there are funds to pay independent winemakers for the gems they produce. The winemakers are grateful for this way of working, as it allows them to be creative and guarantees them an income. We know this because when you comment on one of their wines, good or bad, odds are good you’ll get a personalized response from the winemaker directly. It makes you feel good about buying from

We do not recommend giving as they don’t offer any special presentation or provide a custom message in the first shipment.

2. Discovery Wine Club

by Wine Access

For You Save $25 on your first two shipments of any Wine Access wine club. Click for This Deal.

Wine Access offers three wine clubs for three kinds of drinkers. Their published wine clubs include a Discovery-oriented club where you get six bottles of wine each month (all red or a mix of red and white) and a Connoisseurs club where you get two bottles (red only). Read about the secret club under the "Good to Know" tab.

Wine Access is an online wine store which sources wine that is otherwise nearly impossible to buy. Their team is helmed by a Master of Wine (Vanessa Conlin) and includes a Master Sommelier and a few Advanced Sommeliers and candidates. Their knowledge and connections get them unprecedented access to great wine. Both clubs offer wines that most people who aren’t somms don’t know about, and each has its own story.

Wine Access also has a secret wine club which you need an invitation to sign up for. You’re reading this page carefully, so I’ll share mine with you. This club is for Collectors and ships the creme-de-la-creme of the wine world. There is no defined standard for “blue chip” wines, but the best thing I can think of to compare them to is the VinoVest 100 Index. This club varies from $250-450 per shipment and the number of bottles will vary, too.

The more I work with Wine Access, the more I realize how special of a wine company it is. For example, if you’re interested in buying wine that is already aged, you should consider buying from Wine Access where they do their own tasting notes based on how the wine is currently tasting, not how it tasted at release.

We do not recommend giving Wine Access as a gift at this time, as they don’t offer any special presentation or provide a custom message in the first shipment.

3. California Premier Club

by The California Wine Club

For Gifts Save 15% on all gifts from The California Wine Club. Does not apply to shipping cost. Until Mar 31. Use code BETTER at checkout.

For You & For Gifts Give any wine club gift and get two extra bottles of wine in the first shipment PLUS a $25 wine credit for the wine store. Until Mar 31. Use code ADDTWO at checkout.

For Gifts Gift a give of 3 months or more and they'll receive a bonus bottle of Sparkling Wine ($55 value) in their first shipment. Until Mar 31. Click for This Deal.

Good wine club gift

We love The California Wine Club and their Premier Series is the perfect way to get introduced to their wine membership. In addition to a delightful selection of small-production wineries — never mass-produced or bulk wines — there are lots of extras that make this club an excellent way to discover California vino at a very fair price.

One of the things to love about this company is an obsessive focus on selecting high-quality wines that appeal to many palates. Fortunately this doesn’t just limit us to Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, you’ll also find delightful Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Red Blends, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rhone-style whites, too.

Once you’re a member, you have some interesting opportunities to upgrade your Premier Series membership. Our favorite choice is to upgrade to four bottles per shipment. You’ll get four different wines and free shipping (normally $14). Another upgrade option is called Special Editions. When they find great deals but the available quantity is too small for their full membership, theship out those wines to their Special Editions customers.

If $27 per bottle, including shipping, is still too much but you really want to join, try their Case Club which is the same exact wine, but because you get 12 bottles per box, you’ll save big on both wine and shipping costs.

When you join (or give) a membership, you get access to a personal wine consultant who can help with food and wine pairing suggestions as well as help finding wines that fit your palate. They help customers with every type of service issue you can imagine — from rerouting shipments, placing vacation holds, and replacing bad bottles, to getting assistance with wine country travel plans.

Why Give This: Reliable quality, premium gift presentation, good value, and great customer service. Order now and ship later. All gift boxes include a personalized note.

Upgrade to Gift+ (pictured) for just $19 to give them something before the first shipment arrives. It includes a personalized message, a corkscrew, and a bottle stopper.

You can have it sent to yourself or directly to your recipient.

Waited Until the Last minute? You can customize a gift notice to print or email to your recipient so they have something to open on the big day.

For You & For Gifts Save $10 on any order and get a free double-hinged corkscrew with your first shipment. Use code NEWMEMBER at checkout.

Good wine club gift

Don’t let the name fool you, you won’t get plonk from the Plonk Wine Club. You’ll get an interesting assortment of high-quality wine in each shipment, and you’ll be surprised it cost less than $30 a bottle delivered.

Plonk is for adventurous drinkers. Each bottle they choose highlights something special, whether it’s the winemaker, the vineyard, or the grapes themselves. The international selection is diverse and often includes things and places you’ve never heard of. Most of the wines are organic or biodynamic, though not always certified.

While the four-bottle club shipped monthly is their standard offering, they offer a nearly 15% discount if you join their 12-bottle case club. We definitely recommend upgrading to 12 bottles and getting them shipped quarterly as you get the same number of bottles every three months but pay less for them. Shipping is included. Also, your first shipment includes a Plonk double-jointed waiter’s corkscrew — it’s been our favorite corkscrew for years now.

You won’t find a selection quite like this one from any other wine of the month club. We’ve always been impressed with the unique finds they turn up, and often feel like we’re at the cutting edge of what’s cool in the wine world thanks to their discoveries.

Plonk offers pre-paid memberships of 3, 6, or 12 months. A custom message is included in the first shipment, but there’s not a lot of pomp and circumstance beyond that. For a wine nerd, no pomp is needed — the vino speaks for itself.

5. 90+ Wine Club

by Wired For Wine ®

What do you get when foodies want to find the best wine and don’t like to pay a lot for it? Wired For Wine! The founders set out to build their ideal wine membership — closeout prices on highly-rated, food-friendly wines from around the world.

All of the bottles for sale at Wired For Wine are critically-acclaimed. They focus their buying on wines that the critics love so you have one less thing to think about. A quick tour of the Under $20 section — which fuels the 90+ Wine Club — reveals over 100 exciting potential selections which read like a Who’s Who of top tier producers and a greatest hits list of wine regions and their grapes.

Like all top-rated clubs on our site, they offer a full satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of receipt. If you don’t like something you receive, they’ll work with you to find a suitable replacement (though we can’t imagine you’ll ever use it). Shipments will be sent the first week of: March, June, September, and December.

Wired For Wine is a no-frills kind of club (professional tasting notes and wine-specific food pairings aside). You’re getting amazing prices on excellent vino — that’s your membership reward. It blows all of the competition out of the water when compared to any other sub $15 per bottle competitor.

We do not recommend giving the 90+ Wine Club as they don’t offer any special presentation or provide a custom message in the first shipment.

6. California Gold Club

by Gold Medal Wine Club

Exclusive Deal For Gifts Give a wine club gift of 3 months or longer and get a bonus bottle of wine, a free artist-designed gift box, free gift bags, and a free printed gift notice. Click for This Deal.

Good wine club gift

The Gold Medal Wine Club selects high-quality California wines. The Gold level is their least expensive option, perfect for giving and your own consumption. Hand-picked California bottles made by small wineries.

The wine program at Gold Medal includes a diverse selection of California regions and grape varieties. We personally do a lot of wine tasting in California. Between the inventory in their online store and shipments we’ve received from them, we’re confident they’re buying the best wines for this price range. Rest assured, you’ll never pay winery retail.

They offer a Plus Program which is a membership upgrade you can choose when you join or add on later. When they find great deals but the available quantity is too small for their full membership, they’ll ship out those wines to their Plus Program customers.

Gold Medal rewards customers for spending more. They offer discounts when you upgrade from two to four bottles per shipment or when you pre-pay and buy more shipments. They also have a rewards program which offers instant savings on purchases from their online store depending on your membership level.

Why Give This: Reliable quality, premium gift presentation, and good value. Order now and ship later. Wine bottles in Gold Wine Club Gifts arrive in organza gift bags.

Special Offer for Our Readers (pictured). Give a Gold Wine Club Gift of 3-months or longer, and get a free upgrade. In the first shipment your gift recipient will get a bonus bottle of wine, a colorful, artist-designed gift box, and a printed gift message composed by you.

Waited Until the Last minute? You can customize a gift notice to print or email to your recipient so they have something to open on the big day.

7. International Premier Club

by International Wine of the Month Club

For Gifts Save $10 when you give a 4-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE10 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $15 when you give a 6-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE15 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $30 when you give a year of wine gift. Use code SAVE30 at checkout.

Good wine club gift

An old-school wine of the month club founded pre-Internet back in 1994, the Premier Series offers up two interesting International bottles each month. The Premier Series is their least-expensive selection.

Standing firmly behind every bottle they’ve ever shipped, you’ll find their shipment history going back to 1999 on their website. The selections are typically more common grapes from the world’s better known wine regions. When it comes to International clubs, their selection is fairly unique as the emphasis is on value and approachability rather than obscurity or low prices.

The International Wine of the Month Club offers a very cool Design Your Own Club program where you can mix and match Wine, Beer, Cheese, Chocolate, Cigars, and Flowers. Our favorite way to use this feature is to create your own Wine & Cheese Club, Wine & Chocolate Club, and especially a Wine & Beer Club! Another great way to use this Design-Your-Own club is to customize a membership gift. Imagine you’re giving a 6-month gift, but one of those months includes a special someone’s birthday — you can upgrade that month to their Collector’s Series for a special treat.

We’re fans of their two-tiered tasting panel approach to choosing their wares. If you’re only shipping out two wines a month and you want everyone to be happy, you need a broad selection of taste-testers to make sure you choose wisely. The first panel includes 10 sommeliers, industry experts, and winemakers. The best 10% go on to a larger panel comprised of a variety of 30 or more tipplers of all experience levels before being considered for shipments.

Why Give This: Reliable quality, premium gift presentation, and good value. Order now and ship later. Wine bottles arrive in organza gift bags.

Design Your Own Club. International Wine of the Month Club also offers subscription gifts for beer, cheese, chocolate, flowers, and cigars. You can combine any of these other gift types with any level of wine subscription they offer. It is unusual to find a Wine & Cheese Club to give.

Waited Until the Last minute? You can customize a gift notice to print or email to your recipient so they have something to open on the big day.

For You Join today and get 6 bottles of wine selected just for you for just $39.95. Shipping is included. Click for This Deal.

Firstleaf is among our most popular monthly wine clubs. As memberships go, they have mastered all of the critical components to providing an outstanding service: a rock-solid guarantee, convenience, plenty of preferences to set, and customer service.

Firstleaf is about delivering value at $15 a bottle, which usually means large-production wines that are consistent and palate-friendly. Compared with similarly-priced wine of the month clubs, we think it’s middle of the road, despite all of the wine awards they’ve won. Where their program excels is in the huge variety of grapes, styles, and regions all at $15 a bottle.

Firstleaf is perfect for new drinkers starting to explore the what’s out there, drinkers who want easy-drinking everyday options at an affordable price, and drinkers who are curious to discover new wines that fit their tastes. Unlike other personalized wine delivery services, you can’t pick every bottle you receive, but you can reject some recommendations per shipment if they don’t sound interesting to you.

Firstleaf employs unique data science methods to match wines with each of their members — not a group of members who share the same preferences. Their subscription starts with a quiz about what you like, but they really get into the nitty gritty details of what you like about vino based on how you rate the wines you receive from them. This fuels their recommendation engine.

We do not recommend giving Firstleaf as they don’t offer any special presentation or provide a custom message in the first shipment.

Exclusive Deal For You Join today and save $25 on your first Winc box. Free shipping on orders of 4 or more bottles. Click for This Deal.

Good wine club gift

Winc set out to change the way we buy wine in America, and they continue to set the bar for what a really good wine membership should be. Their members are their most important customers, but their wines are sold in brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants, hotels, and ballparks around the country.

We find the options at Winc to generally be of much better quality than comparably-priced wines from wine stores and other monthly clubs. They offer a broad spectrum of wine regions, grape varieties, blends, and styles, with a heavy focus on California. While 60% of Winc’s selection is priced at $13 per bottle, they offer a number of interesting premium wines including those priced $14-35. The price increases as the quality goes up.

You pick or they pick. While you can rely on Winc’s algorithm to select wines for your palate, you can also hand pick every bottle in every box you receive. Members receive a special discount on everything they buy, compared to full retail prices available via the website to nonmembers and at brick-and-mortar stores.

Winc isn’t just a wine of the month club, it’s a winery. The head winemaker is Ryan Zotovich, whose family has deep roots in Santa Barbara wine country. Winc has total control over the production of every bottle they offer, from the vineyard to your glass. They’ve reduced their prices — and their environmental footprint — by engaging in efficient, and where possible, sustainable winemaking practices.

Why Give This: Breadth of wine styles and regions, personalized experience, and convenient online account management. For the health-conscious, Winc offers organic, vegan, natural, and low alcohol wines, too.

Waited Until the Last minute? It’s free to send a gift notice via email, but be warned, it is sent immediately when you buy the gift.

For You $89 for a case of 12 bottles of wine + 3 bonus bottles of a red Bordeaux + free shipping. Click for This Deal.

Good wine club gift

Wine Insiders is perfect for someone who wants good quality wine at reasonable prices. If picking your own wine seems like too much work, this is a great alternative to and Winc. Just sign up, sit back, and let the grapey good stuff come to you.

You can choose red, white, or a mix of both for your deliveries. The selection is International with an assortment from the US, Europe, South America, and Australia/New Zealand. Some of the wines in our shipment met our quality expectations compared to their competitors, but we were delighted to discover wines that far exceeded our expectations. In particular, great California Tannat, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. An off-dry Riesling, California Chardonnay, California Cabernet Sauvignon, and a French Malbec also impressed us for quality at this price.

By leveraging their buying power and industry knowledge, Wine Insiders is able to select top quality wineries to partner with and deliver approachable, reasonably-priced wine to their members. Also, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you don’t like a bottle you receive, they’ll work with you to find a suitable replacement. Online details for shipments include: some basic information about the grapes and the regions, tasting notes, and basic food pairing suggestions.

Wine Insiders stands out by bringing convenience to the membership experience. In addition to being able to fully manage your account online, they make it easier to manage your deliveries, too. FedEx offers a program where customers can automatically route packages to local stores for pickup if it’s convenient. Wine Insiders is one of only a couple of services which integrates this option into your sign-up process, so you don’t need to manage each delivery separately.

Why Give This: A good quality, affordable wine subscription gift. It’s a wonderful way to introduce someone to the world of wine that exists beyond the grocery store and make sure they’re always well-stocked. Online details for shipments include: some basic information about the grapes and the wine regions, tasting notes, and basic food pairing suggestions.

Try the Martha Stewart Wine Club instead. The two clubs choose from the same pool of wines, but the Martha Stewart wines are then curated by Martha herself. Note: Martha’s wine clubs are delivered every six or eight weeks instead of every 12 weeks.

Waited Until the Last minute? No worries! Wine Insiders emails the gift recipient when you order, so you can give the gift on the big day.

What about all of the other wine clubs?

This page contains our current list of the best wine clubs (according to our research). Our reviews are sometimes snapshots, and sometimes we track the quality of a company closely for years. We also change our minds about monthly wine clubs when their quality or value go up or down.

If you’re wondering about a specific brand that isn’t on this list, there’s a reason it’s not here: some don’t make this list for one reason or another even though we think they’re great; there are many "popular" wine clubs which we don’t think are good enough to be on this list (or sometimes even to provide a full review for); and some we just haven’t reviewed (we do not review every wine of the month club). Browse all of the wine clubs we’ve reviewed.

Specialty Wine Clubs Worth Exploring

Not every wine club that we think is great belongs on this list. Usually these are specialty clubs that we think are excellent, but not suitable for everyone. Here are our top 3 wine clubs that don’t make this list but are absolutely worth joining.

SomMailier French Wine Club

French wine clubs in the US are rare. Great French clubs offering good value are like unicorns, and SomMailier is one of them. If you’re wondering about their name, it’s a play on the words sommelier and mail, but pronounced like sommelier.

An eclectic but well-curated selection from France’s many regions including, but not limited to: Alsace, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Jura, Provence, Roussillon, and the Rhone Valley. It’s a great way to sample better-quality French wine. Some clubs offer inexpensive (bulk) French fare that doesn’t accurately represent the quality and style of France’s great regions — this isn’t one of them.

It’s not about Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne — it’s about the unique family chateaux and vineyards throughout all of France. Easy-to-read cards include tasting notes, relevant winery history, and a primer on the region the bottle hails from (with more information on their website for the extra curious).

We enthusiastically recommend this wine delivery service as a gift to anyone who loves French wine or wants to learn more about it. The packaging is lovely and carefully assembled, making a great presentation. A personalized note is included in the first shipment.

Read our SomMailier Review or join this wine club.

Roscioli Italian Wine Club

Roscioli’s wine clubs, which ship wine from Rome directly to your door, are the best way to discover Italian wine short of going to Italy yourself. This club is expensive but worth every penny.

Two of their wine clubs feature Italian wine from small producers. These wines are rarely exported from Italy, and sometimes they’re not even known within Italy. Level 1 is "ready to drink" and Level 2 could drink now or lay down for a bit. Their Collectors and Legends wine clubs feature both French and Italian wines that are in high-demand. The Legends club ships pre-aged Grand Cru, Barolo, and more.

This is a truly unique wine club in the US market. Between access to a remarkable array of wines and wineries in Italy and the exception video content they produce for each wine they ship, you’ll feel like you’re on a wine tasting trip to Italy with every shipment.

Read our Roscioli Review or join this wine club.

MYSA Natural Wine Club

If you haven’t heard of natural wine, the idea is that it represents the truest expression of the grapes and the land they were grown in, with "nothing added, nothing taken away." These wines are typically organic, some are biodynamic, most use minimal amounts of sulfur as a preservative, and often have quirky labels to compliment their natural state.

When it comes to natural wine, we most highly recommend joining the MYSA wine club. They offer a variety of subscriptions to suit your preferences, they source all of the industry’s favorite natural wine selections and many obscure ones that excite proprietor Holly Berrigan.

Read our MYSA Review or join this wine club.

Vinesse Sparkling Wine Club

Vinesse offers a variety of wine clubs, some of which we’re frankly not impressed with. But for years now (at least 10 of them) our favorite wine club from them is their Sparkling Wine Club. We get regular shipments and we never receive something we’ve seen on a grocery store shelf, or even a wine store shelf.

Each shipment includes an affordable sparkler from somewhere in the world, a high-quality sparkler, usually from France, and a true Champagne. Bubble should not be reserved for special occasions and this wine club is the perfect antidote to boring wine.

Read our Sparkling Wine Review or join this wine club.

Organic Wine Exchange

Every wine sold by Organic Wine Exchange (OWE) is certified organic or made with certified organically-grown grapes. Their online store has over 300 wines available and covers the gamut of wine color, grapes, styles, and regions. They also offer specialized wines like Dry Farmed, Low Alcohol, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Low Sugar, No Sulfites Added, and Vegan. Their wine clubs are an affordable selection of these wines.

OWE is a curated wine club (they pick your wines) but you have an unprecedented number of options for customization. Whether you have a favorite region or one you just want to get to know better, they have you covered. Their wine club shipments come from the store inventory, so if they sell it, you can customize it. Unlike other organic wine clubs, OWE isn’t pretentious and they don’t expect you to be a wine expert to give their clubs a try. We also love their dedication to fair prices and transparent wine selections.

Read our Sparkling Wine Review or join this wine club.

Not sure of why organic wine is something to seek out? Read our Useful Organic Wine Guide.

Who We Have Not Reviewed: The Sip (Society), Bergamot Wine Co., Vintner’s Collective, SommSelect, Woman-Owned Wineries, Orange Glou, The Palate Club, Fat Cork, ClubBubbly, Dry Farm Wines, Underground Cellar, Through the Grapevine Natural Wine Club, Primal Wine Club, The Panel, Winestyr, Gary Vee Club (Wine Library), Cellar Angels, Cellar 503. If you work for one of these companies and want to see it reviewed, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do wine clubs work? A wine club is a service that delivers vino on a regular schedule, often monthly or quarterly. These services — also known as wine of the month clubs and wine subscriptions — are either personalized to your tastes or send the same selection to all of their customers. You can cancel at any time.

How do we pick the best wine clubs? To evaluate the hundreds of wine clubs available for delivery, we developed a rigorous ratings system. We compare wine quality, customer service, satisfaction guarantee, and other essentials like personalization, tasting notes, price introductory deals, and convenience.

Which wine of the month club is the best? The best wine of the month clubs don’t just send great bottles, they also offer great customer service and membership benefits. Not every wine of the month club is right for every imbiber — we have a list of the 10 best so you can pick the best monthly wine club for you.

These services earn at least a 4.5 star rating and are the most popular among the 52,000+ customers who have joined wine of the month clubs based on our recommendations over the last 12+ years.

The Best Wine of the Month Clubs

These wine clubs all earned a rating of at least 4.5 stars from us. They’re sorted by rating, from highest to lowest. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the list above, you might find it here.

Wine Clubs Description Price & Delivery Best Feature: easy to shop by wine styles like Big Red, Fruity Red, Crisp White, and Fruity White Contribute $40 / month, purchase when you want
Connoisseurs Wine Club
Wine Access
Best Feature: Exceptional quality from the best winemakers, like Phillipe Melka $150 / month
Case Club
The California Wine Club
Best prices on wines from small California wineries $168 / quarter
Aged Cabernet Series
The California Wine Club
The ONLY club to offer reliably-aged California Cab $231 / monthly and quarterly
90+ Wine Club
Wired For Wine ®
Great quality International wines at bargain prices $170 / quarter
Signature Series
The California Wine Club
Best curation of luxury wine from small California wineries $121+ / monthly and quarterly
Winc Best Feature: Easy-to-shop and easy-to-drink wines at affordable prices $52+ / month
French Wine Club
Best wine club for discovering quality French wine beyond Bordeaux and Burgundy $99.99 / quarterly
Premier Series
The California Wine Club
Best way to discover small California wineries without going to wine country $40.95 / monthly and quarterly
Plonk Wine Club Best selection of organic and biodynamic wines from a wine club $110 / month
Discovery Wine Club
Wine Access
Best Feature: Impressive quality at $25 a bottle $150 / month
Organic Wine Club
Organic Wine Exchange
Best Feature: Totally customizable and 100% organic. Choose from simply organic, biodynamic, no sulfites added, and vegan. $85 / quarter
Natural Wine Club
Best Feature: Natural wine in every color of the rainbow from $84.95 / month
International Series
The California Wine Club
Best way to discover artisanal wine from other countries $62 / monthly and quarterly
VineBox by the Glass
Sommelier-selected wine tasting by the glass $79 / quarter
Gold Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Great selection of affordable California wine from boutique wineries $40.95 / monthly, every other month, and quarterly
Pacific Northwest Series
The California Wine Club
Best way to discover small family wineries in Oregon and Washington state $68 / every other month or quarterly
Diamond Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Best wine club for luxury-grade California wine $179 / quarter
90+ Cellars Wine Club
Ninety Plus Cellars
Easy-going wine from around the world Starts at $50 / quarter
Italian Wine Club
Best Feature: Unusual high-quality Italian wine ~$210 / quarter, two shipments sent together semi-annually
Collector’s Wine Club
International Wine of the Month Club
Discovering high-end wine from everywhere in the world From $72.95 / monthly and quarterly
Bold Red Wines Club
International Wine of the Month Club
Discovering big, bold red wine from everywhere in the world From $51.95 / monthly and quarterly
Platinum Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
High-end California wine $89-99/shipment / monthly and quarterly
Pinot Noir Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Best California Pinot Noir subscription $74 / monthly and quarterly
Garagiste Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Best way to find tiny-production wines with no distribution $75-85 / every other month or quarterly
Firstleaf Best Feature: flexible subscription size and schedule $79.95 / monthly and quarterly
GrapeSeed Selections
GrapeSeed Wine
Pedigreed California wine $150 / quarter
Champagne Subscription
Henri’s Reserve
Best Under-the-Radar Grower Champagne subscription $146 / every other month or quarterly
The World of Wine
Easy-going wines with a regional theme Starts at $50
Masters Wine Club
International Wine of the Month Club
Discovering high-end wine from everywhere in the world From $54.95 / monthly and quarterly
Premier Wine Club
International Wine of the Month Club
Discovering good-quality wine from everywhere in the world From $39.95 / monthly and quarterly
Wildcrafted Wines
Travelfood Curated Wines
Sommelier-darling wines and winemakers from Napa and Sonoma $115 / twice a year
Wine Insiders Best Feature: easy management of delivery routing $139.95 / quarter
Wine Awesomeness A fun and affordable themed wine subscription with its own full-color magazine Starts at $49 / monthly and quarterly

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