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So many wine clubs, so little time...

The many wine of the month clubs we know about but haven't formally reviewed.

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

Our website has become known as a go-to source for wine of the month club reviews. That’s awesome and we’re thrilled. Unfortunately we haven’t actually reviewed ALL of the wine clubs and you may have found yourself here after searching for one of them at your favorite search engine.

To help you out, we’ve gone ahead provided a short, professional opinion about these wine clubs in lieu of a review.

Do you recommend these wine clubs?

These are summaries discussing the high-level pros and cons of joining or giving each of these wine clubs. Our judgements are based on the companies' marketing materials and their websites, other editorial and reviews around the web, and our many years of experience reviewing wine clubs. In some cases we recommend giving clubs a try, in others we suggest alternatives we think are better.

Why haven't you reviewed these wine clubs?

The companies and wine clubs we have reviewed elsewhere on this site all have a financial relationship with us of some kind (typically we make a commission when someone joins or gifts a wine club from our site). We don’t work with any of the wine clubs on this page, but we’d like to. If you represent one of these wine clubs, please reach out to see how can work together.

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Wine Club Gifts for delivery to (some of) the US

Amazing Clubs

One of the oldest gift-oriented wine of the month clubs, Amazing Clubs actually has 40 different clubs ranging from wine, to hot sauce, to dog treats, to teddy bears. While we think of the month clubs make the perfect gift, we’re sort of skeptical of the quality of wine at $34.95 per month with shipping included, and we don’t know what to expect from a company that doesn’t focus on wine (or at least a smaller set of club themes). This company ships to the US and Canada (this is unusual for wine clubs).

To give a similar 2-bottle wine of the month club from companies with very good wine, we’d pick one of these: International Wine of the Month Club or the Gold Series from the Gold Medal Wine Club. You’ll pay a little bit more, but the quality is excellent. If the budget is really important, we recommend these wine clubs under $40.

Flying Noodle Wine Club

This one is owned by Amazing Clubs, but reaching back into our memory banks tells us they might have been a separate company at some point. Our comments are the same as they are for Amazing Clubs, but we can’t help but salivate over some of their gourmet gifts.

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Wine of the Month Clubs delivery to (some of) the US

Cameron Hughes Wine Club

We've long been fans of Cameron Hughes wine — even before we met Cameron at a wine tasting where he was pouring wine himself. What we love is how they have such an excellent selection of different kinds of high-quality wine at surprisingly low prices. Faced with a wall of wine under $20, we'll pick Cameron Hughes most of the time.

Their wine club gives members an additional 15% off their already-low prices. Shipments range from $60 (six bottles of white wine) - $240 (12 bottles of mixed wine) and shipping is $5 for six bottles or $10 for 12. Understanding that loyalty deservers rewards, you'll also get members-only deals and pre-release opportunities to purchase in addition to extra discounts on sales.

Want to try it? Save 25% on your first order of $50 or more with this link.

GaryVee's Monthly Wine Club

It's hard not to admire Gary Vaynerchuk's success. He was a hard-working wine retailer (Wine Library) who had the idea to do online wine tastings with personality. He's turned those viral wine videos into an empire, the latest project of which is his monthly wine club. Not being Gary Vee followers ourselves, it's hard for us to endorse his club — we're not familiar with what kinds of wines he likes and their one-page wine club description is missing some crucial information that would help us out: what wines have been sent before? Some customization and predictability would be useful, too: we're not excited that you get anywhere from 1-4 bottles of wine each month. Other than we know we're getting a deal, we don't know how much we'll be spending... not really easy to work with for people on a budget.

All of that being said, if you like Gary Vee, you should try his wine club. Want a more reliable deal? Check out the 90+ Wine Club from Wired For Wine®

Rolling Stones Wine Club

We had a brief relationship with Wines That Rock (the company that created the Rolling Stones Wine Clubb, among others). We thought the wines were okay (but we haven’t tried a recent vintage), and their prices are actually pretty low, so if you’re into R&R (or you know someone who is), this is still a really cool wine club. Plus you get perks: 20% discount below retail, a one-year subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine, and exclusive access to new releases (of wine, not music).

Blue Apron Wine Club

This is another wine club we’d really like to work with! We think Blue Apron wisely nailed a niche market that’s not small. Their wine club sends out 500mL bottles (standard bottles are 750mL) which is a manageable weeknight portion that two people can finish without getting tipsy. Additionally, we’re familiar with some of the wineries they’ve partnered with and think they’ve chosen well. If you are interested in wine discovery at home but rarely finish a bottle, this is the wine club for you!

Another approach to wine discovery is VineBox Wine by the Glass Club, who sends out three tastes of excellent wines each month. If you like them you can buy full size bottles. It makes for a fun date night without too much booze.

New York Times (NYT) Wine Club

The New York Times clearly is not directly in the wine business and their wine club service is fulfilled by Lot18, a NYC-based company who specializes in wine flash sales. Ironically Lot18 has a website called but that isn’t the fulfillment partner for NYT.

The most important thing we can tell you about this wine club is that it has no association with the wine critics for the Times, so if you were thinking you’d be signing up for Eric Asimov’s wine picks, you’d be wrong. Lot18 ships a mixed bag of good, great, and meh wines depending on what you like. We see in the photos on the NYT wine club site some of the Tasting Room wines which are made specifically for Lot18. We also see some independent wines. Experience tells us you’ll be getting better value out of the Times Reserve Club than the Sampler Wine Club.

If $15 per bottle is your target price, we suggest signing up for Tasting Room because of the degree of customization you get (once you get past your first shipment, you can pick every wine in your shipments if you want, or you can rely on their palate profile to pick wine for you).

Not convinced? Check out our best wine clubs under $15 a bottle and best red wine clubs under $30 a bottle.

Williams-Sonoma Wine Club

Ditto what we just said about the New York Times Wine Club. The important part: Williams-Sonoma does not pick the wines and we think you'll get a better value out of their Entertainer Wine Club ($180 for 6 bottles) vs their Explorer Wine Club ($90 for 6 bottles).

Not convinced? Check out our best wine clubs under $15 a bottle and best red wine clubs under $30 a bottle.

Pour This

Drawing on her Los Angeles reputation as a top wine expert and hospitality consultant, Ashley Ragovin founded Pour This to bring interesting restaurant and foodie-friendly wines to your door. A sophisticated selection of three wines delivered each month for $125 + shipping. Unlike some of the other clubs, this one is set up for gifting, with pre-paid gift memberships.

Not convinced? These wine clubs are probably just as good and you can get signed up today: Plonk Mixed Wine Club and Garagiste Series Wine Club.

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Sommelier Wine Clubs (US)

We love a sommelier as much as the next wine enthusiast, however sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the prices, the wine knowledge, and even whether or not we'll like the wine that the sommelier has gone bonkers over. That said, if you want a top-tier professional picking your wines, you should check out these "Somm Clubs." If you're curious, but not yet ready to join,

SommSelect by Ian Cauble, Master Sommelier

With two appealing wine clubs to choose from, these would be a great way to explore new wines of excellent quality. Both are six bottles of wine delivered monthly for $199 ($33 per bottle, including shipping). From their website: "Blind Six is a monthly educational blind tasting kit which includes six wines (three reds and three whites), individually wrapped in black tissue paper to disguise the identity. Each wine is numbered in the order you should taste. This membership includes a detailed instructions guide for setting up the blind tasting, a grid for your personal tasting notes, as well as a packet to open at the end of the tasting of Ian’s tasting notes and tips for tasting through the wines. These are wines from the classic producers and regions of the world that would be included in actual Sommelier exams. Share this experience with a friend or many. This is your chance to blind taste like a Sommelier."

Seduced? Give it a try!

Viticole Wine by Brian McClintic, Master Sommelier

A seemingly droolworthy wine club playing on exclusivity — they are currently waitlist only. They are "limited" because they want all of their members to have access to the same wines, but they usually can't get enough of each special wine to support a huge membership. We're pretty sure they COULD resolve this issue, but being exclusive ensures they get written about in many magazines and websites. That said, if you have the patience to wait until you're in, they have two wine clubs to choose from: 2-3 bottles for $105 and $210 for 4-6 bottles delivered monthly.

The Grand Tour by Dustin Wilson, Master Sommelier

The Grand Tour is a four-bottle monthly wine subscription for $95 + shipping per shipment (usually 2 whites and 2 reds but we’ll also add the occasional rosé and/or sparkling wine). The website has very little information about the kinds of they select or what they've shipped previously, so you're on your own hoping you like what Dustin likes.

Not convinced? These wine clubs are probably just as good and you can get signed up today: Plonk Mixed Wine Club, Garagiste Series Wine Club and GrapeSeed Selections.

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Local Wine Stores (US)

The Wine Club

With two California locations, San Francisco and Santa Clara, this wine store focuses on the Northern California market. They offer a selection of two-bottle wine clubs at varying price points. For the most part, buying (and shipping) two bottles at a time is not a cost effective way to get your wine. If you live near a store and can pick up your shipment, go for it. If you’re outside the area, we recommend trying an online wine club.

K&L Wine

With three California locations, Redwood City, San Francisco and Hollywood, this wine store offers a broad range of wines from around the world. For each of their five wine clubs for the most common wine drinkers (shipping and tax is extra on all clubs): Best Buy wine club is $19.95/month for two bottles; Premium Wine Club is $29.95 for two bottles; Signature Red Wine Club is $49.95/month for two bottles; Champagne Club is $69.95/shipment, two bottles every other month; Club Italiano is $39.95/month for two bottles. You can also design your own wine club with their Personal Sommelier Service. If you live near a store and can pick up your shipment, go for it. If you’re outside the area, we recommend trying an online wine club.

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More wine clubs

In addition to the wine clubs on this page, there are several wine clubs we are working with but haven't yet published a review for. To get our review previews for these clubs, check out our Coming Soon page.