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Should I join a wine club?

Before the rush of subscription boxes, there were wine of the month clubs. Wine club popularity has surged as customers became aware of other “of the month clubs.” A burst of new companies have launched all manner of wine clubs, for every drinker and every wine budget.

Read on to learn why wine club memberships are so popular and see if a wine club would be a good fit for you.

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Why join a wine club?
What kind of wine clubs are there?
Wine clubs vs wine stores

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Why join a wine club?

5 common reasons wine lovers become wine club members:

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What kind of wine clubs are there?

A sample wine club shipment

We find many people only know about winery wine clubs, mostly because of their experiences visiting tasting rooms in wine country. If you really love a particular winery, this is the best way to get access to all of their wines at preferred pricing.

But what if you want deliveries from more than just one winery? That’s where “retail” wine of the month clubs (like the kind you’ll find on this website) come in. With these wine sellers, when you join the club you get access to a selection of wine curated from many wineries, not just one.

Why a wine club instead of a wine store?

If you ask someone who works in the wine industry, the standard advice for wine buying is to find a trusted store (preferably in your home town) and rely on the folks working there to get to know what you like and then make personalized recommendations.

While we fully support buying from local wine stores, we know there are a couple of key hurdles to that ideal situation: you may not know how to describe what you like and, unless you're buying at least a case a month, we think it’s unlikely your local wine store clerk is going to get to know your palate.

Wine club features you don’t get from a wine store

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Let’s explore the features that define wine memberships and how those features add value compared to how you buy wine from other wine retailers.

We rate 10 different features for every wine club we review because these other features set the very best wine club services apart from the rest.

Here are 10 things to know about any wine club before you join:

Our wine club reviews detail how each wine club stacks up on these 10 traits.

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