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The Top 5 Best Wine Clubs

The Top 5 Best Wine Clubs

Our best wine clubs list highlights 5 clubs that offer the best of what a wine club should be. We use 11 ratings factors and have reviewed hundreds of wine clubs.

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Best Red Wine Clubs

Best Red Wine Clubs

The best red wine can be pricey so pick a trusted wine club with a satisfaction guarantee. Quality & service is how you get on our list of best red wine clubs.

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Best White Wine Clubs

Best White Wine Clubs

Wine clubs are the white wine lover's best friend. Excellent & affordable sums it up. There's so much more than Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, so join one!

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Best Value Wine Clubs

Best Value Wine Clubs

Value & affordability are not the same. Our best value clubs offer satisfaction guarantees, high QPR, & a range of prices. See why wine clubs are a great value.

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Best Affordable Wine Clubs

Best Affordable Wine Clubs

Not all wine clubs are affordable. These are the Top 5 wine clubs for less than $15 per bottle. Our reviews help you avoid the duds and enjoy wine on a dime.

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Most Interesting Wine Clubs

Most Interesting Wine Clubs

There are many “standard” two-bottle of the month wine clubs out there—one white, one red, virtually (and often literally) guaranteed not offend anyone. But if you’re intrigued by the unusual, distinctive, or boutique wines of the world, we suggest you take a look at this list of Most Interesting wine clubs.

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Online Wine Buying

Most wine of the month clubs out there fit a certain pattern... they’re an easy and affordable way to get wines delivered, sometimes in regions where there aren’t good places buy wine in person, and discover new things you might not try on your own. These wine clubs typically ship two bottles on a monthly basis and are most often given as gifts.

Lately we’re seeing wine clubs which improve your value by sending larger shipments—3 bottles, 4 bottles, 6 bottles, and most commonly 12 bottles per shipment. These are designed for people who drink wine more frequently than “occasionally” and are a great way to keep your wine fridge full.

And of course for years, we’ve seen wine clubs that cater to specific palates and preferences, like California Wine Clubs, Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Clubs, and Sparkling Wine Clubs.

But some companies aren’t content with what everyone else is doing, and they’re aiming to create unique wine experiences for wine enthusiasts and those with bigger wine or gift budgets. As wine enthusiasts ourselves, we LOVE these wine clubs... but they’re not for everyone and they’re typically not for the budget-conscious.

Here are our picks for wine clubs that break the mold...

Dean & DeLuca Wine Clubs

Dean & DeLuca is a purveyor of Gourmet Foods, Gifts, Wine & Spirits. Their typical clientele is affluent and is probably not reading this website. In the spirit of “the best there is” they’ve created a series of wine clubs unlike most others.

Highlights of the Dean & DeLuca wine clubs include:

Decanted Wines Wine Clubs

Decanted Wines is a family owned and operated liquor store in Naples, Florida. Yes, Florida. Founded in 2009, it’s mission is to become a premier fine and boutique wine retailer, focused on customer service, experience, and education.

Highlights of the Decanted Wine Clubs include: