Four Bottle Wine of the Month Clubs

There's a 4-bottle wine of the month club for every wine drinker, no matter what kind of wine you like

If you want to get 4 bottles of wine delivered each month (or every other month or quarterly), you've come to the right place. We've organized this list of 4-bottle wine subscriptions which includes our ratings, pricing information, and any special discounts that might be available. This is the easiest way to find a 4-bottle wine of the month club to join.

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Overview: Garagiste is a term which describes up-and-coming winemakers who toil away creating artisanal wines in their, well not usually, garages. If you're someone who wants to be up on the latest and greatest future stars of California winemaking, try the mostly red wine selection of Garagiste wines from the Gold Medal Wine Club.

What We Love: We look forward to discovering new wineries from all over California. We know we're getting very good wine at below-retail prices and helping small family businesses grow.

Could Be Better: Like other Gold Medal Wine Club series, we'd really like to see more information about the winemaking and viticulture in the educational materials.

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by GrapeSeed Wine

Overview: Grapeseed Wine started out as a way to have customers help fund one-time wine productions by acclaimed winemakers, but now it's a wine club, too. Get preferred pricing on all of their new releases and enjoy helping stellar winemakers stretch their winemaking creativity.

What We Love: We're big fans of any group that has exclusive wines because they produced them (as opposed to buying out a full production of someone else's wine)

Could Be Better: We'd like to see more options available, particularly for gifting, but also for delivery frequency. We're looking forward to the next release of Grapeseed wines to augment the selection.

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by Bright Cellars

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Overview: A personalized wine club that gets to know what kind of wine you like through a wine-preference quiz and the ratings you give for wines from previous shipments. Sends four bottles of wine that match your preferences, monthly.

What We Love: Bright Cellars has amazing customer service and offers a cheese-pairing option as an add-on. We've liked each shipment better than the last, and this corresponds to seeing our Bright Points (accuracy of matching) increase, too.

Could Be Better: While the wine is fine, we'd like to see a more focused adherance to selecting wines that resemble the grapes on the bottle. Typicity is a hallmark of quality wine. At $15 a bottle, great quality is rarely achievable, but better typicity would certainly increase the value being offered here.

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Overview: For most people, shopping for kosher wine is a challenge, as few stores in America carry a decent selection. is like for Jews who keep kosher but still like to drink wine (in Yiddish we call the ones who get drunk shikkers). And, for those who want the convenience of a wine of the month club, this is perfect way to get that kosher wine delivered.

What We Love: We're happy to see them offering both ongoing subscriptions and pre-paid gift subscriptions, as well as discounts on reorders.

Could Be Better: Like many other wine clubs, we'd like the to tell us which wines they've sent in recent shipments so we can be sure we're getting good value for our wine budget.

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by Vinesse

Overview: This is the premium-level wine club from Vinesse. Over the years we've seen the quality-to-price ratio go from incredible to disappointing and everywhere in between. If you want a wine of the month club that delivers better quality wines that you can't easily find, but want the protection of a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee, this is a good choice.

What We Love: We've been super impressed with the quality and value of nearly every wine we've received from the Elevant Society wine club. We think you will be, too.

Could Be Better: We'd like to see a little less of the superlatives... "super-premium" wines don't carry a $35 price tag. Regardless, these are definitely premium wines worth their price.

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by Vinesse

Overview: It's been a while since we tried the California wine club from Vinesse, and at last check it left us disappointed. We've received a number of their other wine club's shipments recently and were quite impressed with how far the quality has come since they hired a new wine buyer. It's probably time for us to try the California Treasures club again, but in the mean time, we don't recommend it.

What We Love: California wines can get pricey because real estate is so expensive here, but Vinesse finds great bargains to represent California

Could Be Better: Considering there'???s a glut of high-end California wine on the market, we think this wine club could deliver better quality wine for these value prices

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by Vinesse

Overview: While it's a misnomer to call this a Four Seasons wine club (because you actually get a fifth shipment just in time for the holidays, to bring to parties or to serve at your own), it's still a great value wine club. Designed to compete with other big name quarterly case clubs, the Vinesse Four/Five Seasons club is also tailored to the season, so you get lighter wines in the summer and heavier wines to help get you through the long winter.

What We Love: It's better to ship more wine less often, so we like the way they've compressed a normal 2-bottle monthly club

Could Be Better: Great value and a great track record are nothing to sneeze at, but we???d like to see a better understanding of where the wines will come from.

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by Vinesse

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For joining the American Cellars Wine Club today, you'll receive a 6-piece insulated wine tote include with your third wine club shipment as a token of our appreciation—a $37.95 value.

Overview: It's been a while since we've received a shipment of this wine club, and at last check we were thoroughly disappointed. We've received several other shipments from Vinesse lately and were pleasantly surprised with how far the quality has come since they brought in a new wine buyer. It might be time to give American Cellars Wine Club another try, but at this time we don't recommend it.

What We Love: You can decide exactly how much you wine you want to receive, unprecedented options on order size and frequency.

Could Be Better: We're all for cheap wine, but we really would prefer our cheap wine to actually be cheap. These prices are too steep for cheap.

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