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On this page you'll find all of the Italian wine of the month clubs we've reviewed. Our ratings system looks at quality-to-price ratio, shipping costs, uniqueness, and custom features. Wherever possible, prices include shipping costs, but rarely include sales tax. Be sure to select the state you're shipping to, as not all wine clubs can ship to all states.

  $20   $220
  $10   $100

Overview: From the wine sales partner for Wine Enthusiast magazine, this wine of the month club is perfect for Italian wine lovers. There aren't many Italian wine clubs out there, and the selection from WineExpress is solid. For a value-oriented approach to learning about Italian wine, this is a good bet.

What We Love: WineExpress is the retail arm of Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Who better to select the best wines for a wine of the month club than a company that rates wine?

Could Be Better: We'd like to see some updated "Previous Selections" on each of the wine clubs. The ones listed are a little out of date.

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