Wine Clubs—Under $20 Per Bottle

Use our wine club ratings to find the best wine clubs where bottles cost less than $20

There are so many wine clubs available today that choosing a monthly wine membership may seem overwhelming. That's why we're here! This curated list of wine clubs features wines that cost less than $20 per bottle. Our ratings system looks at quality-to-price ratio, shipping costs, uniqueness, and custom features. Wherever possible, prices include shipping costs, but rarely include sales tax. Be sure to select the state you're shipping to, as not all wine clubs can ship to all states.

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    WINC Wine Club
    by WINC
    All-Around Rating:

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    Overview: Winc (formerly known as Club W) set out to change the wine industry and for their customers, they've achieved it. By delivering unprecedented value at $13 a bottle and personalized selections geared for every palate, Winc is a standout wine of the month club. If you're ready for more sophisticated wines, you can upgrade to Winc Select. Either way, you can save even more money by participating in their myriad rewards programs.

    What We Love: We love how they go above and beyond to reward loyal customers with substantial savings and invitations to a premium level program. No other wine club offers this level of loyalty rewards, or this much fun!

    Could Be Better: Winc works so hard to make their service great that it's hard for us to think of something they should do to make it even better.

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    Overview: If you or some you know loves California wine, this is the perfect wine club to join (or send as a gift). Each month you'll get two bottles of hand-picked wines from some of California's best boutique wineries (small production wineries that usually don't have widespread distribution). You'll discover the hidden corners of California's wine country and enjoy gems from prominent regions, too.

    What We Love: When it comes to places to find deals on wine, we often look to The California Wine Club. Not only do they start with great prices on their Premier Series wines, but they also have fantastic discounts after the shipments have gone out.

    Could Be Better: The California Wine Club now regularly offers introductory discounts, and that makes this wine club a better value while still delivering fantastic quality. It's now as perfect as it's going to be!

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    Gold Series Club
    by Gold Medal Wine Club
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Shopping for Mom? Get a bonus bottle of 93pt Cabernet Sauvignon, a free artist-designed gift box, free gift bags, and a free printed gift notice on all gifts of 3 months or longer! Get this exclusive deal! Good through May 13.

    Overview: California is home to some of the world's best wine regions and wineries, many of which are boutique wineries (wine jargon for small wineries with little-to-no distribution). This wine of the month club is a great way to get introduced to what California wine has to offer at reasonable prices. This wine club makes an excellent gift.

    What We Love: Consistency. We've been receiving their shipments for months and we've never had a wine we didn't like. You can't really ask for more than that from a wine club.

    Could Be Better: We don't have any suggestions for what to improve within the Gold Series wine club. Yay!

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    by Tasting Room by Lot18
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Get a $40 tasting kit for just $6.95 when you sign up today. No coupon needed.

    Overview: This is a 12-bottle case personalized wine club. The "tasting kit" experience is deceiving and should be ignored, because once you rate a case of wine from them, the wines come in at a pretty good value and generally in line with what you like in your wine. Overall this is a wine club which offers the most flexibility and convenience of any other... now they just need to get the initial experience straightened out.

    What We Love: Their best feature is total control of your account online without having to contact customer service — change the contents of your shipment, change your shipment size, have your next shipment sent exactly when you want it, or even cancel online.

    Could Be Better: The initial experience is a little rough. The wines offered in the $6.95 tasting kit are extreme tasting (this is likely the best way to identify the boundaries of your palate) but it leaves a not-so-great first impression. To make matters worse, they send out your first shipment of wine only 24 hours after you receive your tasting kit, which means your first case has nothing to do with preferences set by your tasting kit experience. After you rate your first set of wines, the selection improves dramatically and the wine become a good fit for your palate. This experience should be improved so that the first case that is shipped reflects the input from your tasting kit experience.

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    Light & Sweet Wine Club
    by Vinesse
    All-Around Rating:

    Overview: One of our favorite wine of the month clubs from Vinesse, this Light & Sweet club is the perfect choice for so many wine drinkers in America who prefer fruity and sweeter wines to drier styles. If you are someone, or know someone, who loves wines like Moscato, Riesling and Gewurtraminer, sign up for this wine club because it's the only one like it out there in the wine club universe.

    What We Love: We strongly support all niche wine clubs. The taste of wine is subjective and we think everyone should drink what they love.

    Could Be Better: We'd love to see customers rewarded for buying bigger allotments. "Buy more save more" would be great!

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    Limited Time Offer
    Introductory offer: $69.99 for 12 bottles of wine! Also choose between free bonus gifts: 3 bottles of wine or a deluxe, lever-action corkscrew.

    Overview: The WSJWine club was one of the first 12-bottle case clubs offered up as a way to get your quarterly wine fix at value-focused prices. Over the years we've gone back and forth one whether or not they deliver a good value, but for some time we've thought their $12 wine selections really can't be beat for value, especially as prices keep rising at the grocery store. Take advantage of their introductory offer of just $69.99 for a case, but be warned, you are signing up for recurring shipments at a much higher price.

    What We Love: They have one of the best line-ups of introductory offers for wine clubs we've seen.

    Could Be Better: A more customized selection geared toward the Wall Street Journal's specific audience.

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    Club W
    by Club W
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer Exclusive - Best Club W (Winc) Deal!
    Get $25 in credits toward your first shipment when you use our links to join Club W (Winc) for yourself!

    Overview: Club W is now Winc Wine! Everything we said about Club W is still true and applies to Winc, except Winc is even better because they keep finding ways to improve it. Personalized selection every month (including picking your own wines), great value because they've eliminated the middle man, lots of rewards for loyal customers.

    What We Love: We love the great selection of quirky wines all priced at $13 or $19, and are especially impressed with the whites and roses. We love that you can put as many wines in your box as you want, and that shipping is free on 6 or more bottles.

    Could Be Better: The wine descriptions tend to purposely avoid helpful terms that experienced wine drinkers look for in selecting bottles (i.e., no references to "buttery" or "acidic").

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    Wine Awesomeness
    by Wine Awesomeness
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    If you're buying the $45 subscription, use the $10 off link (22%). If you're buying the $75 subscription, use the save 20% on your first shipment link ($15).

    Overview: Among other "journey around the wine world" clubs, Wine Awesomness stands out for exceptional educational materials. This is a great wine club for you if you're not sure yet if you're a "wine club" person or if you're looking to give a gift to a young wine-lover who's just starting to discover the world of wine.

    What We Love: The level of sophistication in both design and writing of their monthly magazine and how the wine isn't expensive but is a very good value.

    Could Be Better: So many people love to give wine subscriptions as gifts, and we think a gift packaging option and customizable gift notifications would add to the subscription gift option.

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    Chardonnay Wine Club
    by Vinesse
    All-Around Rating:

    Overview: We've gone back and forth on Vinesse over the years, but we recently received several shipments from them, and they've really stepped up their game. If you're interested in more than just California Chardonnay and you don't want to spend a ton of money on it, we really recommend this Chardonnay wine club. Plus, you get Vinesse's rock solid satisfaction guarantee for every bottle, taking all of the risk out of joining a wine club.

    What We Love: By focusing on Chardonnays that come from some of the world's cheaper wine regions, you get to enjoy all that Chardonnay has to offer and save a few bucks while you're at it

    Could Be Better: We'd always like to know which wines have been in recent shipments. Their transparency could be better.

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    Limited Time Offer
    Exclusive offer: customers save 10% on all gift club memberships. Use coupon code BESTWINE.

    Purchase until Dec. 20th at 12pm PST to get guaranteed Christmas Eve delivery for just $9. Use coupon code 2DAY9 at checkout.

    Overview: From the original Wine of the Month Club (really, they're the first!) you get wine delivered every month at really low prices. The proprietor drives a hard bargain and passes those deals onto his customers. This Cellar Series is their entry-level Classic Series wine club times three (you get six bottles per shipment instead of two) and it's perfect for people who aren't sure if they're "wine club people" and as a gift to a young wine-lover just starting to explore.

    What We Love: We love that Paul streams his wine-tasting sessions live over the Internet so we can see what he's tasting and how much he's rejected.

    Could Be Better: We'd love to see this offered on a monthly basis, too!

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