In general it’s difficult to define why you should buy any specific wine club instead of another similar club. It’s not any different when considering why you should buy the Cellars International Wine Club, except that we believe Cellars Wine Club is particularly interested in delivering a satisfactory customer experience... perhaps more so than many other wine clubs out there.

Cellars Wine Club offers a great deal of flexibility for when to start shipping and how often to ship.

Cellars offers a printable gift card for those last-minute gift purchases. We don’t want to judge a wine club buy it’s printable gift message, but the truth is, this one doesn’t really add anything to our opinion of the wine club.

The good news is, they have a great e-card offering. You can customize several aspects of this e-card to make it reflect your tastes. Again, we’re not judging the wine club based on it’s gift email offering... just letting you know they have one.

Last Updated: 9/22/2010