Cellars Wine Club Review

High-end Single Bottle Wine Club Review


All-Around Wine Club Rating: This wine club is unrated


This is a great way to sample high-end wines without the high-end price tag. If you want to dabble in the best of the best without out breaking your budget, this is a great opportunity.

What We Like

Single-bottle wine clubs are unusual and even more unusual are high-end single-bottle wine clubs, so we love the uniqueness of this offering and the fact that Cellars wants to serve this particular niche market.


We'd like a better understanding of how they select their wines. We know some of what they've selected, but not anything about why.


You know that old phrase, “If you really love someone, set them free?” Well, we’ve got an updated version of that, “If you really love someone, send them the Cellars High-End Wine Club!” Dreamy wineries, dreamy winemakers, dreamy varietals and regions... did we mention it’s dreamy? There are few things in the world that help you slow down and savor smaller moments in life, but excellent wine is one of them. If you’re in the market for some excellent quality wine and you’re looking for more variety and better consistency than what you’d get from joining a few winery wine clubs, we recommend purchasing a subscription to the Cellars High-End Wine Club.

Cellars Wine Club offers a great deal of flexibility for when to start shipping and how often to ship.

Cellars offers a printable gift card for those last-minute gift purchases. We don’t want to judge a wine club buy it’s printable gift message, but the truth is, this one doesn’t really add anything to our opinion of the wine club.

The good news is, they have a great e-card offering. You can customize several aspects of this e-card to make it reflect your tastes. Again, we’re not judging the wine club based on it’s gift email offering... just letting you know they have one.

Last Updated: 10/3/2010

Jessyca Frederick

Things to know

  • Shipping is included
  • Shipping is Free to a Business Address, and $2 to Residential Addresses
  • Green / Eco-friendly Packaging

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All-Around Wine Club Rating: This wine club is unrated

Cellars Wine Club

High-end Single Bottle Wine Club