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West Coast Wine Club Review


All-Around Wine Club Rating: 3.45


Recognizing that there is more to wine on the west coast of the United States than what California produces, they've come up with a club to help you explore Oregon and Washington's award-winning wine regions, too.

What We Like

You get to dig in deeper on wines that rarely leave their states, expand your knowledge of how varietals create different flavor profiles depending on where they're grown, and keep on enjoying California wines.


We'd like a better understanding of how they select their wines. We know some of what they've selected, but not anything about why.

Frequently people choose American wines over European wines because of the tendency toward fruit-forward wines meant to be drunk young as opposed to stashed away in a cellar for future enjoyment. If you prefer your wine fruit-forward to subtle and nuanced, high-alcohol content to low-alcohol content, and value-priced, we strongly suggest the West Coast Wine Club from Cellars Wine Club. There are so many wonderful wine regions on the west coast where the topography and geological history have created a magical wonderland for growing every varietal you can imagine. And there’s so much great wine made outside of California for you to explore!

We like that this club branches out past just California to give you a taste of amazing Pinot Noir from Oregon, and Riesling and Syrah from Washington. These wines are hard to find outside their states (Washington only exports 10% of the wine they produce) and you’ll enjoy these great wines right in your living room (though we highly recommend a wine-tasting trip in eastern Washington and northern Oregon if you can swing it).

Cellars Wine Club offers a great deal of flexibility for when to start shipping and how often to ship.

Cellars offers a printable gift card for those last-minute gift purchases. We don’t want to judge a wine club buy it’s printable gift message, but the truth is, this one doesn’t really add anything to our opinion of the wine club.

The good news is, they have a great e-card offering. You can customize several aspects of this e-card to make it reflect your tastes. Again, we’re not judging the wine club based on it’s gift email offering... just letting you know they have one.

Last Updated: 10/3/2010

Jessyca Frederick

Things to know

  • Shipping is included
  • Shipping is Free to a Business Address, and $2 to Residential Addresses
  • Green / Eco-friendly Packaging

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