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Corporate Wine Club Gift (12-bottle) Review


All-Around Wine Club Rating: 4.65


Featuring hand-picked, adventurous selections from around the world. Great value and great drinking in every shipment.

What We Like

Industry-leading customer service, no ho-hum selections allowed, always over-delivers on value, and it's a great wine club for foodies.


As this wine club continues to add more benefits like a satisfaction guarantee, discounts on reorders, partnerships to enhance their wine pairing, and more choices for customization, we only have praise for Plonk.


Corporate Wine Club Gift (12-bottle) from Corporate Corks

Plonk Wine of the Month Club Shipment

Plonk Wine Club fulfills all wine club gifts for Corporate Corks.
This review is copied directly from our review for the Plonk White Wine Club

IMPORTANT NOTE: We reviewed the 4-bottle monthly club and re-used the photos here. The twelve-bottle case club comes from the same selections as the 4-bottle club, but sends three of each. Also, you pay less per bottle when you join the case club!

There are a small handful of wine clubs out there designed for adventurous wine drinkers who want to expand their palates, and are willing to take a leap to try things they'd never otherwise get to try. Plonk is one of these wine clubs.

Whether you are adventurous wine enthusiast, or you're purchasing a wine club as a gift for one, here are the reasons why we think Plonk is a 5-star wine club:

Photo of the box contents, undisturbed.The Scholium Project wine
  • This wine club focuses on excellent wines at affordable prices.
    There are cheaper wine clubs, and there are wine clubs that offer more expensive wines, but no other club delivers this type of quality at this low of a price. It's even better value than their 4-bottle wine club.
  • Few wine clubs offer, much less feature, organic and biodynamic wines.
    There are myriad reasons for this, including the fact that most wineries are organic or biodynamic because it's good agricultural sense, even if they're not certified or promoting it.
  • The Plonk Wine Club is best known for its hands-on, highly personal, and very prompt customer service.
    Unlike other clubs, where you might get shifted to a call center in a far off country or an automated email queue, the owner of the Plonk Wine Club is always available—and loves to—to chat over the phone and exchange emails with members, like a personal wine concierge or sommelier.
  • Detailed tasting notes and expert recipe pairings.
    Etty is a trained chef who personally creates a recipe for every wine in every shipment.
  • Now with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!
    Many wine clubs offer a guarantee, but few of them can be found for wines of this level of quality.

We're pretty impressed with this wine club and we think you will be, too.

Normally we're not big on "freemiums" as incentives to join wine clubs, as the freebie is almost always junk. This is NOT the case with the free Plonk Corkscrew! We own a number of different styles of corkscrew, including other "professional waiter's corkscrews," but the think that really sets this one apart is the "double-jointed" support for opening on the bottle. Now every bottle gets opened without Herculean efforts (unless of course it's a solid rubber cork).

An example of the easy insert message for gifts.

Giving this as a corporate gift? Plonk is the only wine club we know of which will handle one-off inserts for your wine club shipments! Simply send Plonk a package of what you want included in the box or a custom message for them to print, and voila, corporate gifting made easy.

Some notes from our last shipment:

We tried the Scholium Project wine first. This is among the most interesting wines we've ever tried. The story behind this winery is fascinating, and Etty's willingness to showcase such brave winemaking moves in her wine club tells us as much about her, and her philosophy of wine-drinking, as it does about the mad scientist behind the Scholium Project.

When we first poured the wine, we couldn't help but notice the color—a pale salmon color, usually reserved for luscious rose wines from Provence, due to a small amount of intentional oxidization. At cooler-than-room-temp, the wine exhibits a bright palate, and amazingly a nutty aftertaste. Almost like Sherry, but much lighter than Sherry.

We decided to cool it down further and found, while the wine has unique properties that make it interesting to drink on its own, it was extremely food friendly. One day we had it with spinach and ricotta ravioli and the next chile verde chicken burritos and rice. It went beautifully with both, which might make this the most versatile pairing option you'll find after Champmagne.

After this lovely surprise of a wine, we can't wait to find out what a Malagouiza tastes like!


From their website:

  1. Rare Hidden Gems: Explore an eclectic international selection of organic, biodynamic, and limited-production wines made by the world's absolute best boutique wineries.
  2. A Wine Adventure: Taste rare artisan wines made from exotic indigenous grapes that hail from the most intriguing wine regions across the globe.
  3. Incredible Value: Experience unique wines of unprecedented quality that majorly over-deliver on their price.
  4. The Ultimate Convenience: Shipments delivered right to your home or office every month. No membership fees, no hassle.
  5. Expert Recipe Pairings: Detailed tasting notes and inspiring food pairing suggestions delivered with every single shipment.

Plonk Wine Club Memberships Include

  • 12 bottles delivered to your or your gift recipient’s doorstep every month
  • Detailed tasting notes and expert recipe pairings delivered with every wine shipment

Plonk Wine Club Membership Lengths

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • Ongoing unitl I cancel

Special Introductory Offer

Get a FREE CUSTOMIZED PLONK WINE CLUB PROFESSIONAL-GRADE CORKSCREW in your or your gift recipient's first shipment when you sign up for any of our top rated wine of the month clubs for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or ongoing!

Monthly Wine Club Shipping

Plonk Wine Club shipments get sent out the first Monday of every month, or shortly thereafter should a national holiday fall on the first Monday of the month. Members who purchase a Plonk Wine Club prior to the 31st day of the month (or the equivalent of the last day of the month) will be included in the next scheduled club shipment. Members who purchase a Plonk Wine Club after the 31st day of the month (or the equivalent of the last day of the month) will be included in the following month's club shipment. Shipments may take between 5 to 10 business days to arrive.

Discounts on Reorders of Additional Bottles

The Plonk Wine Club offers a 10% discount on all reorders of wines that were featured in your monthly shipments. We also offer an additional 25% discount on shipping for all case (12 bottle) reorders. Please contact Customer Service at 1-877-50-PLONK (75665) or [email protected] to place a reorder for additional bottles of wines you received in your monthly shipments.

Last Updated: 07/26/14

Jessyca Frederick

Things to know

  • Shipping is included
  • Wine Club fulfillment by Plonk Wine Merchants
  • Organic, Biodynamic, and Hidden Gems
  • Provide your recipients a gift message or include: custom greeting cards, company brochures, or other paper inserts (no additional cost)

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Corporate Corks

Corporate Wine Club Gift (12-bottle)