Dean & DeLuca Review

California Rendevous Wine Club Review


All-Around Wine Club Rating: This wine club is unrated


A California wine club featuring some of California's finest wines from California's finest wineries. Expect something special.

What We Like

The amazing selection of wineries offered with this special 3-bottle a month club. We expect nothing but the best from Dean & DeLuca and this wine club delivers that level of excellence.


Absolutely nothing. We wish more wine clubs were like this one.


Stolpman, Orin Swift, Schramsberg, La Sirena... these aren’t wineries we expect to find in anyone’s wine clubs but their own. We often can’t even find these wines in wine stores! If you’re going to purchase a 3-bottle a month wine club, or spend $100 a month for a wine club we can’t possible recommend one more than this one. It may not be the one that delivers the most value or customization, but it delivers wines that are sure to delight you or a gift recipient. Every time.

It’s important to know that Dean & DeLuca specializes in California wines, so essentially this is a California wine club. While we love California wine more than any other region, not everyone does so we wanted to be sure to point that out.

Last Updated: 9/3/2010

Jessyca Frederick

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All-Around Wine Club Rating: This wine club is unrated

Dean & DeLuca

California Rendevous Wine Club