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Cellar Rarities Wine Club Review


All-Around Wine Club Rating: This wine club is unrated


Limited to just 50 members, this wine club is wine-collector nirvana. If you have the dough, you've just found your wine club.

What We Like

Dean & DeLuca has a reputation for extraordinary food and kitchen products and when they started wine clubs they went after it with the same dedication to excellence.


Absolutely nothing. We wish more wine clubs were like this one.


This is a one-of-a-kind wine club built for wine collectors and serious wine aficionados. Limited to just 50 members, Dean & DeLuca is buying wines for this club that are rarely, if ever, released to the general public. Library selections, tiny-lot productions, and winemaker passion projects characterize the three bottles of hard-to-find, limited-access wines you’ll get each month in the Cellar Rarities Wine Club from Dean & DeLuca.

It’s important to know that Dean & DeLuca specializes in California wines, so essentially this is a California wine clubb. While we love California wine more than any other region, not everyone does so we wanted to be sure to point that out.

Last Updated: 9/3/2010

Jessyca Frederick

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All-Around Wine Club Rating: This wine club is unrated

Dean & DeLuca

Cellar Rarities Wine Club