Dean & DeLuca Review

The Cult Wine Club Review


All-Around Wine Club Rating: This wine club is unrated


We've never seen another Cult Wine Club. We've never even seen a Cult Wine in person. We think this is pretty neat.

What We Like

We don't know what we love about this club. We're not the kind of people who buy Cult wines... but we do know we love Dean & DeLuca.


Nada. You can't compare this club to any other and who are we to tell Dean & DeLuca how to do something only they do?

The ONLY club of it’s kind that we’ve seen. Most people who are interested in cult wines are willing to shell out big bucks because the wine’s reputation exceeds any normal pricing and it becomes a capitalist’s dream where supply and demand determine the price of the wine. It’s hard for us to rate this wine club, except that you should expect the very best... better than most people have ever tasted or will ever taste. If you can afford this wine club and you or someone you really like loves wine, you should buy a subscription to quarterly wine club bliss... or at least delayed gratification because you’ve cellared what arrives in the mail.

Last Updated: 9/3/2010

Jessyca Frederick

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All-Around Wine Club Rating: This wine club is unrated

Dean & DeLuca

The Cult Wine Club