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One of the few red wine of the month clubs which exclusively ships Cabernet Sauvignon, with a focus on the California Central Coast, especially Paso Robles. The Cabernet produced in this region is known for natural acidity and big fruit. As a cool-climate grape growing in a warm-climate region, some vintages are definitely better than others. Please note: we have never received a shipment from this wine club.

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We're not especially enthusiastic about any aspect of this wine club.


For wine clubs that aren't widely reviewed, we like to see a few specific features that let us know they take their wine selection seriously. A history of the last few shipments would be helpful, as would a satisfaction guarantee.

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A Cabernet Wine Club membership costs $43.33 for 2 bottles of wine. Free shipping plus sales tax where applicable. The price per bottle, with shipping, is $21.67.

Shipments are sent monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. Pre-pay for a fixed number of months, as a gift or for yourself.

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Cabernet Sauvignon, the king of all red wines, has several wine clubs devoted to it. This is the only one we know of that focuses on Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles, California. Like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon is a cool-climate grape that doesn’t typically do well in hot Paso Robles... BUT unlike Merlot, winemakers in Paso Robles are pushing the limits of winemaking skill and making some interesting Cabs. We think you’ll enjoy this wine club if you enjoy Cabernet, but don’t be expecting Napa or Sonoma-style wines (or their poor quality-to-price ratio), Central Coast Cab is a unique Cabernet experience all its own.

As with all wine clubs offering ongoing subscriptions with shipping and handling costs built in, we wish they wouldn’t. It’s appropriate for pre-paid subscriptions (especially for gifts) but when we’re getting regular wine shipments we’d prefer to know how much of what we’re paying for is wine and how much is shipping and packaging expenses.

Last Updated: 10/6/2010

Jessyca Frederick
Gourmet Food Clubs

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Shipping cost: Free shipping is included
Offers: 1
Best Deal: Save 15%
Exclusive Deal: No

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