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Hi! At Wine Club Reviews we review companies that offer wine club subscriptions and sell wine gifts. This is a review of Laithwaites Wine.

Laithwaites Wine

Last Updated: 8/19/2012

What to Expect from Laithwaites Wine Club

Laithwaites is a HUGE wine club company based out of the UK. Their size gets them unprecedented access to low prices on imported wines and the focus of their clubs is an around-the-world-on-a-budget experience. While leverage their size gets them amazing deals, it should be noted that they only carry large-scale production wines. This mostly means that you shouldn't be expecting boutique wines, hand-crafted wines, or mom-and-pop wine producers to arrive in your shipment. Most of their wines appeal to a broad consumer market and if you're not a connoisseur, you'll probably be very happy with the value Laithwaites can deliver.

Why we recommend Laithwaites Wine Club

First, they’re good at creating an experience around drinking your wine—they want to educate you and expose you to many different types of wine. Second, they deliver a lot of wine at a pretty low price. In fact they’ve set the bar for the pricing on other quarterly wine clubs that deliver a case a time. They know they have a competitive market and they offer the consumer a lot of incentives to sign up. Freebies rock! (In the business we call them Introductory Offers ... but real people call ‘em freebies.)

Jessyca Frederick

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