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MYSA Review

We received this shipment from MYSA Natural Wine Club in January 2021.

What is MYSA?

MYSA (pronounced mee-sah) is an online wine store founded by Holly Berrigan (more on her credentials in the Wine Curation section). At a time when small businesses are suffering, it is great to see MYSA thriving — because they’re great at what they do.

MYSA’s wine shop includes a terrific selection of natural wine from all parts of the globe and the shopping experience on their site is different from most other wine stores because they focus on natural wine and what makes this type of wine unique.

If you’re not familiar with natural wine or want to brush up on the specific terminology used to describe these wines, please check out our Useful Guide to Natural Wine, and then come back to this review to understand why a MYSA subscription is a great natural wine adventure waiting to happen.

MYSA offers three wine subscriptions with varying degrees of customization. All wine club prices include shipping.

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Recommended Wine Gifts from MYSA

Natural Wine Box Perfect for Sunday Brunch


Natural Wine Box Perfect for Sunday Brunch

Featuring Three Female Producers & an issue of Pipette Magazine

Why This Gift

This natural wine sampler includes:
Grotta di Sole from Clos Marfisi- White from Corsica
Amber from Halkia - Light Orange from Greece
Romeo Red from Loop de Loop - Pinot Noir from Oregon

Not sure what natural wine means? Read our Useful Guide to Natural Wine to get up to speed.

Delivers To

delivers wine gifts to

This gift ships everywhere because it does not have alcohol in it.

$124.95 includes shipping

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