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Martha Stewart Wine Review

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Martha Stewart Wine Review

I received this shipment from the Martha Stewart Wine Club.

What is Martha Stewart's Wine?

Martha Stewart isn't just a person — her name is now a brand synonymous with everyday elegance, beautiful presentation, and attention to detail. She puts her stamp of approval on a broad array of products, which now includes wine. Martha doesn't have a liquor license herself and her wine comes from Wine Insiders.

When the Martha Stewart Wine Club first launched, lifestyle magazines went bananas with superlative commentary about a wine club they'd never tried. Our review has much greater context and isn't based on a press release, so we hope you'll read it and consider our honest opinions — we want you to join a wine club you'll love.

One of the claims made was that Martha tastes every wine herself. We were deeply skeptical that this could be true, but it turns out it is! Not only does she taste a selection of new wines provided to her, she eliminates wines she doesn't like from the club, providing tasting notes back to the wine club provider.

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Recommended Wine Gifts from Martha Stewart Wine Company

Elegant Trio of European Rosés


Elegant Trio of European Rosés

Handpicked by Martha Stewart

Why This Gift

As Martha knows, Rosé is enjoyable all year long! She’s hand-picked three refreshing Rosé wines crafted in European vineyards, including some of her French favorites, for this special assortment. Think pink and gift this trio to the Rosé wine-lover in your life.

Wines in this set:
2019 Pierofosco Toscana Rosé I.G.T. • Orange Blossom, Wild Strawberry, Floral
2019 Vol du Flamant Grenache Rosé • Pink Flower, Apricot, Red Currant
2019 Bernard Magrez Rosé

Delivers To

delivers wine gifts to

This gift ships everywhere because it does not have alcohol in it.

$54.00 plus shipping

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