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Uncorked Ventures

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Uncorked Ventures Review

Uncorked Ventures Review and Gift Review -

Hi! At Wine Club Reviews we review companies that offer wine club subscriptions and sell wine gifts. This is a review of Uncorked Ventures.

Uncorked Ventures

Last Updated: 10/8/2010

What to Expect from Uncorked Ventures

With most wine club companies, our response here includes detailed information about how the wine club operates. For Uncorked Ventures, we’d say to “expect the unexpected.” When you’re making plans, that’s an unfortunate phrase... when you’re hoping for a surprise in the mail, that’s a dream phrase! Even in their $40/month Wine Exploration Club, you can expect to be surprised by oddities like a 2/3 500mL bottle (which we’ve never even heard of) of Paso Robles Roussane (which consumers shopping in the Under $40 category have probably never heard of).

Why we recommend Uncorked Ventures

When you purchase a subscription to an Uncorked Ventures wine club, you get a level of customer service most people don’t need but could certainly appreciate... they’ll honor any reasonable request one could expect of a wine club and are available via phone, email, twitter, Facebook, and “any way they might prefer to get in touch with us.” Very few companies would make this promise and we’re impressed. While it’s not possible for Uncorked Ventures to use a consumer panel in selecting their wines (they offer wines that come in very limited quantities), they do from time-to-time use a MeetUp group in the San Francisco Bay Area to finalize a monthly selection.

Uncorked Ventures is a Family-run Business

Uncorked Ventures is another small family-run wine club business aiming to bring a personal touch to your wine-drinking experience. We say “another” because there are others on this site, but we don’t mean in it a bad way. We’re happy to support family-run businesses selling wine, and non-family-run businesses selling wine, as long as everybody out there is drinking lots of wine it’s all good. But some people like to support family-run businesses in particular, so we let you know! After several really long emails with the brothers-in-law whose dream is Uncorked Ventures, we can honestly say these two guys are excited to make their customers happy by providing TRULY unusual wine selections. Our first shipment is on its way, but we’re suspecting we’re going to be delighted.

Jessyca Frederick

Uncorked Ventures Ships Wine to:

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