WineExpress (Wine Enthusiast) Review

Perfect Pair Wine Club Review


All-Around Wine Club Rating: 3.7


From the wine sales partner for Wine Enthusiast magazine, this wine of the month club is a no-hassle way to try new red and white wines from around the world. The wine director at WineExpress, Josh Farrell, hand picks each wine for their subscriptions.

What We Like

WineExpress is the retail arm of Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Who better to select the best wines for a wine of the month club than a company that rates wine?


It's been a long time since we received a shipment from WineExpress, but the last ones we received we felt sent out an uninspiring selection of wine (medium- to large-production and widely available) and were priced too close to retail to be considered a good deal. We'd like to see them include previously-shipped wines on their wine club pages.

There are a lot of two-bottle wine clubs available in this price range (Under $30 per month) and every wine club should have one. If you’re trying to choose among them, we’d consider this one highly as it WineExpress chooses good quality wines and this price is very fair. This is where reputation comes into play and why we think this is a great choice for a wine club gift or just a two-bottle wine club for yourself.

Unlike the other wine clubs from publishing companies (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Sunset Magazine, etc.) this wine club is owned by its publishing company (Wine Enthusiast Magazine). That changes all of the rules and expectations for this wine club... in the consumer’s favor.

Last Updated: 9/22/2010

Jessyca Frederick

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WineExpress (Wine Enthusiast)

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