Discover & Explore Wine Club - Discovery Series Review


All-Around Wine Club Rating: 4


Two-bottle introductory wine club featuring good-quality wines from around the world.

What We Like

This wine club is offered at a good price with great value. Unusual selections at this price range make us happy!


If this club were offered at other intervals, like bi-monthly or quarterly. An introductory offer would make this club very competitive with others in its price range.


This is a great two-bottle wine club membership or gift from where they really thought hard about what consumers need or want from their wine clubs! We love the unusual selections, fantastic pricing (15% below retail), reorder discounts, and low-cost shipping rates.

What we're excited about though, is the really up front and detailed approach to providing you with information about their wine clubs! You can see recent selections and a description of them on the website, as well as a PDF of the most recent Wine Club Newsletter included in each shipment. also tells you about the company's history (it's relevant) and the person who selects all of their wine!

Looking for this level of membership but at a step above "beginner?" Try's Master Series selection when you arrive at their website.

P.S. is also the 1-800-Flowers Wine Club (same parent company, identical wine club). The 1-800-Flowers Wine Club is hard to find on their website, but you can order this wine club and get the exact same experience!

Last Updated: 08/17/2011

Jessyca Frederick

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Comment from Pablo Diaz at 2011-08-01 10:53:15
This winery has some serious issues with communication and customer service.

I ordered one of their packages and after UPS could not deliver on the first attempt (Adult Signature required) I received an email asking me to call them to be able to have the package re-routed. The customer service representative named Candy indicated that they had not sent any email and that I should contact UPS directly. After explaining and reading the actual text from the email to her, she still insisted I contact UPS. I indicated that I had gone to the UPS website which asked that I contact the sender. Still no help. I asked to speak with a supervisor and after insiting on this my line was simply disconnected.
I will NEVER again use this club and I will try and share my experience with as many wine club review sites as possible.

This level of service is not acceptable.

By the way. I'm still waiting for someone from Winetasting.Com to contact me as I called again and wrote an email to their customer service department.

Discover & Explore Wine Club - Discovery Series