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Wine Baskets from Capalbos Review

Wine Baskets from Capalbos Review and Gift Review -

Hi! At Wine Club Reviews we review companies that offer wine club subscriptions and sell wine gifts. This is a review of Wine Baskets from Capalbos.

Wine Baskets from Capalbos

What to Expect from Wine Baskets by Capalbos

Like a lot of wine gift companies, we have a hard time picking out wine gift baskets from Capalbos. It’s not necessarily that it’s their fault, but when giving a wine gift we think it’s better to give great wine or none at all. The selection of wines available in the gift baskets at Capalbos is usually okay, but the gift baskets themselves are kind of cheesy… and not necessarily because there’s cheese in them.

That said, there are a few standouts from this store including Stag’s Leap Artemis, a Silver Oak Duo Gift Basket, an Italian wine box gift (not boxed wine), and a few other nice selections, too.

Jessyca Frederick

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