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Hi! At Wine Club Reviews we review companies that offer wine club subscriptions and sell wine gifts. This is a review of Wine Battles.

Wine Battles

Last Updated: 09/24/13

Wine Battles Review

There are only a small handful of companies who are innovating in the wine club space. The larger picture of online retail for wine includes flash sale sites (focused on getting a good deal), personalization (sending you wines that match your preferences beyond just red and white), and, what we refer to as “the bonus.” For most companies the bonus is material, but Wine Battles, the bonus is an additional experience.

From the time Wine Battles launched, we’ve suspected it was a wine club in disguise. Beginning wth the natural wine drinking of experience of comparing what we’re swirling and sipping now with something we’ve previous swirled and sipped (or guzzled, if you’re like me)—Wine Battles has accelerated the process to compare and contrast two bottles at the same time, and then ultimately compare how you feel about those wines to how the other Wine Battles customers do.

We like that Wine Battles has taken the tournament-style competition and broken it down into a wine tasting experience. We also like that in addition to a monthly wine club format, they’ve started offering one-time gifts and the ability to gift a battle.

For more information about the Wine Battles experience, please read our review of the wine club.

Jessyca Frederick

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