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Wine Country Gift Baskets Review

Wine Country Gift Baskets Review and Gift Review -

Hi! At Wine Club Reviews we review companies that offer wine club subscriptions and sell wine gifts. This is a review of Wine Country Gift Baskets.

Wine Country Gift Baskets

What to Expect from Wine Country Gift Baskets

Originally a catalog company founded in 1984 (and they do still have catalogs), Wine Country Gift Baskets has become synonymous with sending beautiful wine gifts from California's storied wine country locations and wine country regions in other countries, too and beyond. They have a huge selection of gifts for every budget, with wine gifts from $34.95 to $500.

Many of the less-expensive wine gifts are from unknown wineries and make a delightful “thank you” or “thinking of you” gift, but we probably wouldn’t select them for a true wine lover. On the flip side, they offer a terrific selection of Fine Wine Gifts which we can generally get behind.

Wine Country Gift Baskets really stands out in terms of breadth of gift options, discounts and free shipping offers, and providing you information about when the gift will be delivered, including a bevy of upgraded shipping options to get it there quickly.

As they have several different suppliers around the country, some wine gifts can’t be shipped to all of the states they normally ship to. They make this clear for each gift when you’re on their website. The even have a few wine gift baskets you can ship to Canada! If your gift recipient lives in Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, Maine, New York, Texas or Washington, you’ll want to shop their Select Wine Gift Baskets (and wine of the month club gifts).

Wine of the month club gifts, too

They also offer a wine of the month club! We have not completed our formal review, but here our are initial thoughts:

The wines we received in our shipments (Steeplechase Chardonnay, CrossRidge Peak Merlot, Hobson Estate Sauvignon Blanc, and Briar Creek Zinfandel) were premium quality and had no objectionable characteristics—this is so very important when you’re giving wine as a gift. They have a variety of configurations (red and white wine, red wine only, white only) and a variety of subscription lengths (two, three, six, or 12 months) so pricing varies a bit. Expect to pay around $40 per shipment (sometimes less, shipping included).

Jessyca Frederick

Wine Country Gift Baskets Ships Wine to:

Alaska Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Washington D.C. Florida Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming