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The Cellar Series Wine Club Review: Save 10% on gifts

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The Cellar Series Wine Club Review

A wine club from Wine of the Month Club ®


All-Around Wine Club Rating: 3.825

This wine club is...


The Cellar Series is the 6-bottle upgrade for each of the Wine of the Month Club's standard 2-bottle series: Classic, Vintners, and Limited. If their selection works for you, you can now get six bottles per shipment, which lowers your per-bottle shipping cost.

What We Like

Paul Kalemkiarian, second generation proprietor at Wine of the Month Club ™ goes out of his way to source interesting wines, and in this price point that can be a challenge, particularly in finding California wines. So he leans on an International selection to bring you better value in this price range.


For more info on the Cellar Series, we suggest reading our full reviews for The Classic Series, The Vintners Series, and The Limited Series.

Coupons & Promo Codes

Exclusive Deal For Gifts Save 10% on any wine of the month club gift. Use code BESTWINE at checkout or Click for This Deal.

Wine Choices

Mixed Red & White, Red, or White   Mixed Red & White, Red, or White   Mixed Red & White, Red, or White  

Price & Shipping Info

A The Cellar Series membership costs $71.88 for 6 bottles of wine. Shipping costs extra and is $22.00 per shipment plus sales tax where applicable. The price per bottle, with shipping, ranges from $15.65 to $26.94 depending on how you configure your membership.

Shipments are sent bimonthly. Pre-pay for a fixed number of months, as a gift or for yourself.

Wine club ships to


The Cellar Series from The Original Wine of the Month Club is preferred on both value and wine quality by Consumer Reports Magazine when compared to The Wall Street Journal Wine Club and The New York Times Wine Club.

There is no other wine club that we know of that works harder to deliver value to its customers than the Wine of the Month Club ®. Every aspect of their business is optimized to pass savings onto their customers, from shipping costs to the price paid for each case of wine they order, to their operations and facilities... it’s all driving value.

To help meet the demand of so many loyal subscribers, for whom two bottles a month just wasn't enough, Wine of the Month Club ® has put together a six-bottle bi-monthly wine club. It features the exact same wines as they're extremely popular two-bottle wine club, The Classic Series.

Even more value! When you subscribe to a Wine of the Month Club ®, you’ll also get access to members-only pricing on everything they carry in their Wine Shoppe.


From their website:

Here is an opportunity to our hand selected wines in stock for that impromptu glass of wine or a special guest for dinner. Every other month we will ship you (6) of our Classic Series wines (4) reds and (2) whites each chosen for the varietal and regional character. These wines are chosen from hundreds tasted each month delivered with a 20 page newsletter discussing their origin, grape, wine making, vineyard and more. Recipes and cellaring suggestions are included.

If you like great wine value and need to always have a few bottles on hand, this is the club for you. Each wine is guaranteed "you never pay for a wine you do not like" "I know I can't please all the palates all the time, but I can guarantee we will make you happy."

OUR GUARANTEE - Every wine offered through the WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB® is fully guaranteed. You never pay for a wine you do not like. Please call us at 1-800-949-9463 and tell us whether you would prefer a replacement, credit toward your next month's selection or a refund. You may cancel your membership at any time at no cost and no obligation to you. We guarantee that your membership re-order price is the lowest available or we will refund the difference.


THE MONTHLY WINE LETTER tells the story behind your wine. You'll learn more about the appellation of the wine. Discover the story behind the grapes and what contributes to the wine's character and blend. The Wine Letter also includes mouth-watering recipes especially selected to match your monthly wine selection.

SPECIAL WINES AT DISCOUNTED PRICES. Order recent Wine of the month Club favorite selections through the mail or online at significant savings.

  • Membership is free.
  • There are no dues or fees.
  • Cancel whenever you wish - with no penalties.
  • No unexpected charges.
  • You never pay for a wine you do not like.

Last Updated: 12/12/2013

Jessyca Frederick
Wine of the Month Club ®

Things to know

Shipping cost: $22.00
Offers: 1
Best Deal: Save 10% on gifts
Exclusive Deal: Yes
  • Shipping costs vary based on location. If you're in California, shipping is under $15. If you're in state without additional restrictions, it's around $20. If you're in a special shipping state like NY and IL, shipping is around $35.

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