Wines of the World Wine Club Review


All-Around Wine Club Rating: 2.6


This wine of the month club is geared toward less-experienced wine drinkers and those who just want the convenience of having value-oriented wines delivered. If you're a loyal customer, this is a great way to skip the checkout process and just get their value selections shipped.

What We Like

Great breadth and depth of wine selections presented in this wine club. You'll go around the world with quality wines in your living room.


For this type of club, and at this price-point, we think this club is an excellent choice and doesn't have any serious shortcomings.


This club is a step up from’s Discovery Tour Wine Club. The Wines of the World wine club is geared toward an intermediate-level wine drinker (someone who orders a bottle at restaurants, shops at a wine store in addition to the grocery store, is open to trying all kinds of new wines).

If you know you’re ready to step up and expand your wine knowledge, this is an excellent club to help you achieve that. You’ll get access to wines you probably won’t find locally or outside of specialty wine shops, from smaller wineries demonstrating excellence in their wine regions. Very often the extra $5 per bottle you might spend can make a big difference and we trust that will deliver on the expectation they’re setting with this wine club. wine clubs have tools for gift-giving:

  • If you’re giving this wine club subscription as a last-minute gift, they have a template you can customize and print on your home computer so you have something to present to the recipient on the occasion you’re gifting.
  • Gift recipient email address (to send delivery notice, recommended since adult signature is required)
  • Add a printed gift message: add a free gift message for your gift card and email notice (240 characters). By entering a gift message, you indicate your order is a gift and we will withhold all price information from its contents.
  • Last Updated: 8/30/2010

Jessyca Frederick

Things to know

  • Shipping is extra
  • 15% Discount on re-orders (while supplies last)

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Wines of the World Wine Club