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How to Choose a Wine Club as a Gift - A Wine Gift Expert's Point of View

Best Wine Club Gifts

Best Wine Club Gifts

A monthly wine club makes for a wonderful gift, for any type of wine lover. If your recipient drinks occasionally, or is someone you don’t know really well, you’ll find this selection of best wine club gift reviews a perfect place to shop.

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Best Red Wine Club Gifts

Best Red Wine Club Gifts

You must really like some lucky wine drinker if you’re on the hunt for the best red wine club gift! Most wine clubs offer “red wine only” versions of their month clubs, but this list of red wine gifts also includes special wine clubs that always ship only red wine.

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Best White Wine Club Gifts

Best White Wine Club Gifts

If you know a white wine lover, a white wine only wine club membership is a fabulous gift—for both of you! As the gift-giver, you can save a few bucks since whites are usually cheaper than reds, and the recipient will get a box of happiness delivered each month, with white wines they may not have tried or discovered yet.

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Best California Wine Gifts

Best California Wine Gifts

The best California wine clubs make the best gifts, too. This selection of monthly clubs has been chosen for this list based on their excellent selection of wines representative of California’s many varieties and styles, as well as their eminent gift-worthiness.

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Thinking about buying a wine of the month club subscription as a gift? What a great idea! The process can be as easy and painless as you want it to be, or you can really go out of your way to find the exactly-right special gift for your recipient. We'll walk you through it and we're sure you'll have a really happy friend, family member, or coworker!

In this article:

How do I know which wine gift to choose?

A few general wine gift buying tips to help you get started:

The Fast and Easy Way to Buy a Wine Club Gift

We promised it could be easy to buy a wine club as a gift, so here are two recommendations that we're extremely confident you'll be satisfied with and your recipient will be delighted with: Gold Medal Wine Club and The Original Wine of the Month Club

TIP: Gift Wine Clubs are typically a two-bottle per month wine club offered on a pre-paid basis (you pay for the entire gift up front, including shipping costs and taxes). The first month usually comes with "enhanced" packaging that really amplifies the special nature of a wine club gift.

The More Customized Approach to Buying a Wine Club Gift

Do you know that your gift recipient is a wine enthusiast? If so, you've got some exciting options to choose from!

TIP: If your wine gift recipient loves a particular varietal, get them a wine club that focuses on just that! You can find wine clubs focusing on their favorite grape like: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay.

If you're looking for a wine gift for someone who appreciates unusual wines or new experiences, we recommend choosing a gift subscription like the Plonk Wine Club or The Triple Threat from the Purple Bottle Club. Club W Wine Experience also is a fun and affordable wine club that makes a great gift!

Ready to get started? Wine club gifts are waiting for you!

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