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This is a curated list of Champagne wine of the month clubs. Our ratings system looks at quality-to-price ratio, shipping costs, uniqueness, and custom features. Wherever possible, prices include shipping costs, but rarely include sales tax. Be sure to select the state you're shipping to, as not all wine clubs can ship to all states.

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Champagne Wine Club
by Invino
All-Around Rating:

Overview: Champagne is the end-all-be-all of wine (at least we think so). Nothing says "you've made it!" like a Champagne club membership. You'll always pay less-than-retail prices and you can change your shipment options any time.

What We Love: No other wine club has ever, and probably will ever, deliver this level of customization. You want it? You got it. It's perfect for any oenophile.

Could Be Better: We'd love to see Invino extend the inClub value even further by offering a case club.

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Champagne Club
by Henri's Reserve
All-Around Rating:

Overview: We already go weak in the knees for a great champagne, but the shipment we received has us wishing the next shipment would get here sooner. A mouth-watering way to explore the region of Champagne.

What We Love: A delightful and decadent way to treat yourself (or pamper a lucky gift recipient), Henri's Reserve is a playful yet sophisticated true Champagne Club, featuring top-notch small producers.

Could Be Better: It would be the best Champagne Club ever if they really stepped up the rewards of membership. We've been told they're working on it.

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Sparkling Wine Club
by Vinesse
All-Around Rating:

Overview: Champagne and Sparkling wines from around the world instead of the same old selections at the store

What We Love: So much fun to have Sparkling Wine & Champagne on hand whenever an occasion pops up... glad to see this solid offering with a 12-bottle option

Could Be Better: We'd always like to know which wines have been in recent shipments. Their transparency could be better.

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Overview: A rare wine club focusing on sparkling wines and champagne, and if bubbly is your thing, or you'd like to learn more about sparkling wines, this wine club is a great opportunity.

What We Love: Every day becomes a day to celebrate when you've got sparkling wine around! No reason to wait for a special occasion.

Could Be Better: We'd like a better understanding of how they select their wines. We know some of what they've selected, but not anything about why.

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