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By selecting a state now, you will make it easier to know which wine clubs you might want to give as you read my lists and reviews.

Naked Wines isn’t really a wine club the way you think of one, but it’s a personalized wine buying service that you pay into on a monthly subscription so… we treat it like one. It also happens to be the most interesting wine club we’ve come across in a while.

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Winc Personalized Club


Winc Personalized Club

Winc set out to change the wine industry by finding new ways to get better value to wine drinkers who spend less than $15 a bottle — and they’re succeeding. By delivering a broad range of wine which appeals to every palate, Winc is a standout wine of the month club.

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Winc Personalized Club

Picked by

Picked by

A personalized wine club where your wines are individually chosen for you by a sommelier who gets to know your preferences. Your selections are chosen from the largest inventory of online wine available in the United States at

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Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Wine Club

The Plonk wine club has always been among our favorites because of the proprietor's preference for quirky but delectable wines. Etty Klein sources interesting wines made from grapes and regions you've never heard of (and some you have). Whether you choose four, six, or twelve bottle shipments you'll be glad you picked Plonk.

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Plonk Wine Club

French Wine Club

by SomMailier

French Wine Club

A rare French wine club featuring affordable selections from a variety of wine regions within France. They tend to work with smaller producers offering either exceptional value or something unusual.

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French Wine Club

Michelin Wine Subscription

by Wine Access

Michelin Wine Subscription

Wine Access leveraged their status as the official wine provider of the MICHELIN® Guide and created a wine subscription featuring world-class restaurants and the wines that pair best with their cuisine.

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Michelin Wine Subscription

Jessyca Frederick

Review by: Jessyca Frederick

After 12+ years trying 1000s of bottles from 100+ different wine clubs, Jessyca knows what it means to be a wine club worth joining. Her reviews can help you find a great wine club for you (or to give as a gift) at any budget and for any wine preference.

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The Best Wine Clubs

Best Wine Clubs

Best Wine Clubs

The best all-around wine clubs aren’t just about wine, they’re also about service, customizability, and how they stack up against other comparable wine clubs, too.

Best Affordable Wine Clubs

Best Affordable Wine Clubs

Affordability is subjective and wine clubs priced under $20 are plentiful. Sadly not all of the inexpensive clubs qualify as "the best" (or even good enough to join).

Best Wine Club Gifts

Best Wine Club Gifts

The features that make a wine club great are only part of the picture when you’re giving a gift — you also want to consider gift presentation, shipping costs, and more.

The best wine subscription boxes

The Best Wine Subscriptions?

In this article:
The best wine subscriptions for generalists
The best wine subscriptions for specialists
The best wine subscription gifts
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Best Wine Red Clubs

Best Red Wine Clubs

With the abundance of red wine drinkers in the US, there is no shortage of amazing red wine clubs to join — browse the best of these red wine subscriptions by price and wine region.

Best Wine Premium Clubs

Best Premium Wine Clubs

When you spend a lot of money on your wine, you want wine to be the focus of your wine subscription — hard to find, exclusive, top-of-the-line wine clubs worth your money.

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The Best Wine Gifts

The Best Wine Gift Baskets

Best Wine Gift Baskets

The perfect way to send cheer or gratitude, for any occasion

With a variety of wine and gourmet snack foods in each package, wine basket gifts always impress. Thank clients and employees for their contributions to your business with these popular gifts.

Wine & Cheese gifts and Wine & Chocolate gifts, along with all gifts of wine and gourmet food, are in this section — even those that don't come in proper "baskets."

The Best Wine to Give

Best Wine to Give

Our recommendations for one-time gifts of wine bottles and samplers

Wine Gift Sets: Why give one bottle when you can give a wine sampler of three, six, or even twelve bottles? Or a bottle of wine paired with glasses and a corkscrew? We’ve picked out some awesome wine tasting gifts for every wine drinker.

Wine in a Gift Box: Yes, you could pick up a bottle of wine and figure out how best to wrap it, or you can buy a gift that comes with its own elegant gift box presentation.

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Perfect when you want to give wine-related gifts instead of wine

This is a big category and it includes wine glasses, decanters, corkscrews, wine preservation tools, wine totes, and wine chillers.

Wine Education: Introduce someone to the world of wine or expand their wine knowledge with an educational gift. Choose among classic books, aroma identification kits, and wall art.

When all else fails, you can always give electronic (or paper) wine gift cards.

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Useful Wine Guides

Are Wine Clubs a Good Deal?

Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

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The Wine Journey

The Wine Journey

Beginners, Enthusiasts & Connoisseurs
There are many different paths through the world of wine, but the most common limiting factors are often price and access — how much are you willing to spend on a bottle and what kinds of wine stores do you like to shop at?

The Ulimate Guide to Wine Delivery in the US

Wine Delivery: What to Know

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Where can I get wine delivered?
How can I make delivery more convenient?
Same-day wine delivery services

A Useful Guide to Coravin

Useful Guide to Coravin

Coravin Sparkling
Coravin Pivot
The Coravin accessories
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Coravin Alternatives

A Useful Guide to Organic Wine

Useful Guide to Organic Wine

Terms to Know
Organic Wineries in California & France
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A Useful Guide to Champagne

Useful Guide to Champagne

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