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There’s a wine club for you no matter what kind of wine you love. Save time and money with a wine subscription, while discovering new wines.

I’ve tried wine from each of these subscription services, so you can use my wine club reviews to find the best wine club for every budget and every taste.

FYI: I find great wine deals so you don’t have to. To keep me on the hunt, I earn a commission when you buy wine based on my recommendations.

This list was last updated on July 3, 2023

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#1 Naked Wines
Best Wine Club money-back guarantee
Why it’s #1 | Shop it

#2 Sunset Wine Club
Best Wine Club for West Coast wines
Why it’s #2 | Shop it

#3 Firstleaf
Best Wine Club personalized by an algorithm
Why it’s #3 | Shop it

#4 California Premier Club
Best Wine Club for California wine
Why it’s #4 | Shop it

#5 Plonk Wine Club
Best Wine Club for unique, organic wines
Why it’s #5 | Shop it

#6 SomMailier Wine Club
Best Wine Club for unique French wines
Why it’s #6 | Shop it

#7 International Premier Club
Best Wine Club for food-friendly int’l wine
Why it’s #7 | Shop it

Naked Wines


Good satisfaction guarantee

Good wine club gift

#1 Best Wine Clubs / #1 Best Red / #1 Best Quarterly

Naked Wines

For You Save $100 on your first 6-bottle case, just $49.99. Shipping included. Then save another $20 on your second order. Click for This Deal.

Exclusive Deal For You Save $100 on your first 12-bottle case, just $79.99 — shipping included. Then save another $20 on your second order. Click for This Deal.

Four years in a row, USA Today’s readers voted the #1 wine club in America, and I agree. For most wine drinkers, Naked Wines is a good value. Their flexibility paired with a low monthly price makes their subscription special.

Heads up, isn’t exactly a regular wine of the month club — it’s more of a wine-buying club where your monthly subscription fees accrue in your account until you spend them on a shipment.

Amazingly, and unique to, all unspent funds are fully refundable.

About the Wine sells all kinds of wine — red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine (even Champagne) are available, and they range from sweeter to bone dry (clearly labeled on the site). Prices vary widely from $12.99 (a deeply discounted members-only price) to $69.99 with a great selection under $25 and plenty of room to splurge on special occasions.

Read about the Naked Wines I tasted in 5 different shipments over a 9-year period (2014-2023).

What’s Different

You pick your own bottles with the benefit of customer ratings. While this is a pick-em-yourself membership, they also personalize recommendations based on how you’ve rated your previous wines. Those ratings are shared with their customers, and the public, so you can pick only the most popular ones if you want. There are many more benefits of membership at

Giving a Gift?

We do not recommend giving as they don’t offer any special presentation or provide a custom message in the first shipment.

Good to Know

With all wine subscriptions, there are two parts to consider. The wine is the obvious one, but the actual service and convenience matters a lot — otherwise you’d just go buy wine at your local store. benefits include: tremendous flexibility, access to the winemakers, crowd-sourced ratings, and complete online account management.

Best Wine Club for You? Read my Wine Subscription review or shop it

Sunset Wine Club

by Wine Access

Good satisfaction guarantee

Good wine club gift

#2 Best Wine Clubs / #2 Best Affordable / #4 Best Quarterly

Sunset Wine Club

For You Get $25 each of your first two shipments when you join the Sunset Wine Club. Click for This Deal.

The Sunset Magazine Wine Club is a six-bottle quarterly wine club curated by the best in the business. The subscription is managed by Wine Access, an online retailer with a stellar reputation and a tremendously skilled wine team. The two companies have a natural partnership — they both seek to highlight the stories, people, and quality of the products they recommend.

About the Wine

The featured wines all come from California, Washington, and Oregon. Each bottle tells a unique story, connecting it to the culture and the land from where it originated.

The first shipment included classic styles and unbelievable values — unique wines that you wouldn’t find outside the region. Read about the wines I tasted from the Sunset Magazine wine club.

What’s Different

Each bottle is introduced by a wine tasting video produced by the wine team at Wine Access. They do this for every wine in every wine club — one of the best reasons to join — and it’s like you’re drinking with a Master of Wine. You also get access to detailed wine notes via Wine Access and recipe pairing suggestions from The Sunset Magazine Wine Club (accessible via a special page on

Good to Know

If you prefer "new world" to "old world" when it comes to wine, this is a great club to sample some of the best values from high-quality wine producers of the American west.

Best Wine Club for You? Read my The Sunset Magazine Wine Club review or shop it


Good satisfaction guarantee

#3 Best Wine Clubs / #3 Best White / #3 Best Quarterly


For You Save $50 — Try Firstleaf and get 6 bottles of wine selected just for you for just $39.95. Shipping is included in your first order. Click for This Deal.

Firstleaf is one of the most popular wine clubs on this website. As memberships go, they have mastered all of the critical components to providing an outstanding subscription service: a rock-solid guarantee, convenience, plenty of preferences to set, and good customer service.

About the Wine

Firstleaf delivers good value for $15 a bottle. Wines at this price are usually produced industrially and lack individual character. Firstleaf produces hundreds of different wines rather than massive quantities of a few wines. This allows their wine to be consistent, diverse, and palate-friendly. Learn more about the Firstleaf wines I tasted in 11 shipments over 3 years (2018-2021).

What’s Different

The subscription starts with a quiz about what you like, but they really get into the specifics of what you like to drink when you rate the wines you receive from them. They also offer more ways to customize your membership than most services.

Good to Know

Perfect for new drinkers starting to explore the wine world, drinkers who want easy-drinking everyday options at an affordable price, and drinkers who are curious to discover new wines that fit their tastes.

Best Wine Club for You? Read my Firstleaf Wine Subscription review or shop it

California Premier Club

by The California Wine Club

Good satisfaction guarantee

Good wine club gift

#1 Best Gifts / #4 Best Wine Clubs / #4 Best White

California Premier Club

Exclusive Deal For You Save 50% on your first shipment. Until Sep 30. Use code SAVE50 at checkout.

For Gifts Save 10% on wine club gifts. Until Jan 1. Use code YES10 at checkout.

For Gifts Gift a give of 3 months or more and they'll receive a bonus bottle of Sparkling Wine ($55 value) in their first shipment. Until Oct 31. Click for This Deal.

For You Join the Premier Series and get two extra bottles of wine in the first shipment. Until Oct 31. Use code TWOEXTRA at checkout.

I love The California Wine Club and their Premier Club is the perfect introduction to their top-notch service. In addition to a delightful selection of small-production wineries — never mass-produced or bulk wines — loads of extra services make this club an excellent way to discover California wine at a very fair price.

About the Wine

One of the things to love about this company is an obsessive focus on selecting high-quality wines that appeal to many palates. When it comes to picking great California wine that you’ll never see in a grocery store (because small family wineries struggle to get distribution deals), decades of working with wineries really pays off.

What’s Different

If $27 per bottle, including shipping, is still too much but you really want to join, try their Case Club which is the same exact wine, but because you get 12 bottles per box, you’ll save big on both wine and shipping costs.

Giving a Gift?

The California Wine Club is also my top pick for wine club gifts. For memberships of at least three months, there are frequent deals to be had. Check my review of The California Wine Club for the latest.

Good to Know

The California Wine Club believes amazing customer service is their biggest competitive advantage. From their "Love It Guarantee," to a personal Wine Concierge, to organizing VIP winery tours and tastings for members, to vacation holds — they do it all.

Best Wine Club for You? Read my Premier Wine Club review or shop it

Plonk Wine Club

Good wine club gift

#1 Best White / #2 Best Quarterly / #3 Best Gifts

Plonk Wine Club

For You Save $10 and get free shipping on your first wine shipment. Use code SUBSCRIBE10 at checkout.

Plonk has always been a great wine club for adventurous drinkers. Each bottle proprietor Etty Klein chooses highlights something special — whether it’s the winemaker, the vineyard, or the grapes themselves.

About the Wine

I’ve always been impressed with the unique finds they turn up, and often feel like I’m at the cutting edge of what’s cool in the wine world thanks to their discoveries. Plus, they are now calling themselves a natural wine club — but they go easy on the funky and prefer more classically-styled wines.

What’s Different

In the two shipments I’ve received personally, and the handful of bottles we enjoyed at my sister-in-law’s house (she’s a member), I can honestly say every bottle is a surprise. Unlike other clubs which focus on palate-friendliness, these wines focus on uniqueness.

Good to Know

While a four-bottle monthly wine club is their least expensive offer, you can save almost 15% when you join their 12-bottle case club. I recommend upgrading to 12 bottles and get them sent quarterly — you get the same number of bottles every three months but pay less for them. Delivery included.

Best Wine Club for You? Read my Plonk Wine Club review or shop it

SomMailier Wine Club

by SomMailier

Good wine club gift

#3 Best International / #5 Best Quarterly / #6 Best Wine Clubs

SomMailier Wine Club

French wine clubs in the US are rare. Great French clubs offering good value are like unicorns, and SomMailier is one of them. If you’re wondering about their name, it’s a play on the words sommelier and mail, but pronounced like sommelier.

About the Wine

An eclectic but well-curated selection from France’s many wine regions including, but not limited to: Alsace, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Jura, Provence, Roussillon, and the Rhone Valley. It’s a great way to sample better-quality French wine.

What’s Different

While SomMailier sources and sells beautiful wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne — this wine club is really about the unique family chateaux and vineyards throughout all of France whose wine pretty much doesn’t leave France without someone like Laurent helping. I love the selections and I recently tried three more wines (reviews are in progress).

Giving a Gift?

While SomMailier wines would be excellent in any household, this wine subscription makes a wonderful gift. The wines are little splurgy (not too bad) and that’s just right for a gift.

Good to Know

The founder is a part of the 5th generation of a Bordeaux wine-producing family. He selects and imports French wines that aren’t available anywhere else in the US. He ensures this by buying from his brother’s distributor business located within France. His brother’s company was selected as an approved seller to the French Foreign Ministry, representing the official face of French wine to the whole world.

Best Wine Club for You? Read my SomMailier French Wine Club review or shop it

International Premier Club

by International Wine of the Month Club

Good satisfaction guarantee

Good wine club gift

#5 Best White / #7 Best Wine Clubs / #8 Best International

International Premier Club

For Gifts Save $10 when you give a 4-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE10 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $15 when you give a 6-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE15 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $30 when you give a year of wine gift. Use code SAVE30 at checkout.

The International Wine of the Month Club (a mouthful, to be sure) is an old-school wine of the month club founded pre-Internet, back in 1994, The Premier Series offers up two interesting international bottles each month and is their least-expensive wine club option.

About the Wine

Because transparency matters, you’ll find their shipment history going back to 1999 on their website. The selections are typically more common grapes from the world’s better known wine regions. Their selection is fairly unique as the emphasis is on value and approachability rather than obscurity or low prices. I recently re-reviewed and tasted all of their wine clubs, and the Premier Series selections were excellent and a good value.

What’s Different

Their two-tiered tasting panel approach to choosing their wines is unique. The first panel includes 10 sommeliers, industry experts, and winemakers. The best 10% go on to a larger panel comprised of a variety of 30 or more tipplers of all experience levels before being considered for shipments.

Good to Know

The International Wine of the Month Club offers a Design Your Own Club program where you can mix and match Wine, Beer, Cheese, Chocolate, Cigars, and Flowers. Mix and match for yourself or as a gift.

Best Wine Club for You? Read my The Premier Series review or shop it

What about all of the other wine clubs?

This page contains my current list of the best wine clubs (according to my experience). My reviews are sometimes snapshots, and sometimes I track the quality of a company closely for years. I also change my mind about monthly wine clubs when their quality or value go up or down.

If you’re wondering about a specific brand that isn’t on this list, there’s a reason it’s not here, even if it’s great. There are many "popular" wine clubs which I don’t think are good enough to be on this list (or sometimes even to provide a full review for) and some I just haven’t reviewed (I do not review every wine of the month club). Browse all of the wine clubs I’ve reviewed.

Specialty Wine Clubs Worth Exploring

Not every wine club that I think is great belongs on this list. Usually these are specialty clubs that I think are excellent, but not suitable for everyone. Here are several excellent wine clubs that don’t make this list but are absolutely worth joining.

Roscioli Italian Wine Club

Roscioli’s wine clubs, which ship wine from Rome directly to your door, are the best way to discover Italian wine short of going to Italy yourself. This club is expensive but worth every penny.

Two of their wine clubs feature Italian wine from small producers. These wines are rarely exported from Italy, and sometimes they’re not even known within Italy. Level 1 is "ready to drink" and Level 2 could drink now or lay down for a bit. Their Collectors and Legends wine clubs feature both French and Italian wines that are in high-demand. The Legends club ships pre-aged Grand Cru, Barolo, and more.

This is a truly unique wine club in the US market. Between access to a remarkable array of wines and wineries in Italy and the exception video content they produce for each wine they ship, you’ll feel like you’re on a wine tasting trip to Italy with every shipment.

Read our Roscioli Review or join this wine club.

MYSA Natural Wine Club

If you haven’t heard of natural wine, the idea is that it represents the truest expression of the grapes and the land they were grown in, with "nothing added, nothing taken away." These wines are typically organic, some are biodynamic, most use minimal amounts of sulfur as a preservative, and often have quirky labels to compliment their natural state.

When it comes to natural wine, I most highly recommend joining the MYSA wine club. They offer a variety of subscriptions to suit your preferences, they source all of the industry’s favorite natural wine selections and many obscure ones that excite proprietor Holly Berrigan.

Read our MYSA Review or join this wine club.

Vinesse Sparkling Wine Club

Vinesse offers a variety of wine clubs, some of which I’m frankly not impressed with. But for years now (at least 10 of them) my favorite wine club from them is their Sparkling Wine Club. I get regular shipments and I never receive something I’ve seen on a grocery store shelf, or even a wine store shelf.

Each shipment includes an affordable sparkler from somewhere in the world, a high-quality sparkler, usually from France, and a true Champagne. Bubbles should not be reserved for special occasions and this wine club is the perfect antidote to boring wine.

Read our Sparkling Wine Review or join this wine club.

Organic Wine Exchange

Every wine sold by Organic Wine Exchange (OWE) is certified organic or made with certified organically-grown grapes. Their online store has over 300 wines available and covers the gamut of wine color, grapes, styles, and regions. They also offer specialized wines like Dry Farmed, Low Alcohol, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Low Sugar, No Sulfites Added, and Vegan. Their wine clubs are an affordable selection of these wines.

OWE is a curated wine club (they pick your wines) but you have an unprecedented number of options for customization. Whether you have a favorite region or one you just want to get to know better, they have you covered. Their wine club shipments come from the store inventory, so if they sell it, you can customize it. Unlike other organic wine clubs, OWE isn’t pretentious and they don’t expect you to be a wine expert to give their clubs a try. We also love their dedication to fair prices and transparent wine selections.

Read our Organic Wine Exchange Review or join this wine club.

Not sure of why organic wine is something to seek out? Read our Useful Organic Wine Guide.

Who I Have Not Reviewed: Bergamot Wine Co., Vintner’s Collective, SommSelect, Garagiste, Woman-Owned Wineries, Orange Glou, Fat Cork, ClubBubbly, Dry Farm Wines, Through the Grapevine Natural Wine Club, Primal Wine Club, The Panel, Winestyr, Gary Vee Club (Wine Library), Cellar Angels, and Cellar 503. If you work for one of these companies and want to see it reviewed, please contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do wine clubs work? A wine club is a service that delivers vino on a regular schedule, often monthly or quarterly. These services — also known as wine of the month clubs and wine subscriptions — are either personalized to your tastes or send the same selection to all of their customers. You can cancel at any time.

How do we pick the best wine clubs? To evaluate the hundreds of wine clubs available for delivery, we developed a rigorous ratings system. We compare wine quality, customer service, satisfaction guarantee, and other essentials like personalization, tasting notes, price introductory deals, and convenience.

What is the best wine club to join? I don’t think this gets said enough... the best wine club is a personal decision and what is best for you may not be best for someone else. That said, beyond finding a wine of the month club with the kind of wine you like and the price you want to pay, the best wine clubs also offer great customer service and membership benefits.

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