Wine Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

You’re busy. I’ll make this as easy as possible. I’ve found great wine gifts for you to choose from.

FYI: I find great wine deals so you don’t have to. To keep me on the hunt, I earn a commission when you buy wine based on my recommendations.

Step 1: You want to give a...

Gifts of Wine

If you know what they like to drink or they’ll be thrilled with any wine

Gift of Wine

Wine Lover Gifts without Wine

If you don’t know what they like or they’re knowledgeable wine drinkers

Gift Without Wine

Step 2: For Gifts of Wine

You may not be aware, but due to complex shipping laws, gifts of alcohol can’t be sent to every state from every state. You don’t need to worry... just select your wine gift recipient’s state and I’ll only show you gifts that you can have delivered there.

Gifts without Wine

For a variety of reasons, it might be difficult to choose the right gift of wine for some wine lovers. In those instances, we recommend wine accessories. Here are our top picks for wine lover gifts that don't contain wine.

Best Wine Glassware to Give

Treat their wine right, and in style
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Nearly Unbreakable Crystal Wine Glasses for Any Wine


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Best Wine Travel Gift

Perfect for restaurants and parties
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Buffalo Leather All-Purpose 2-Bottle Wine and Spirits Bag


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Best Wine Education Gift

Wine discovery via the fundamentals
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Wine Folly: Magnum Edition The Master Guide


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More Wine Gift Ideas

Jessyca Frederick

Guide by: Jessyca Frederick

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