Wine Decanters: 27 Handpicked Gifts for Wine Decanters Lovers

The Best Wine Decanters in 2022

Wine decanters do more than just look good. Their purpose is to add oxygen to the wine so it can “open up” and “breathe.” For the uninitiated, wine decanters can feel like an unnecessary formality, but the reality is, most red wine benefits from a good decant. Perceived as something to splurge on, most wine lovers don’t own one — making it a perfect gift.

When choosing a decanter, the most important consideration is the surface area of the wine once the full bottle has been poured into it. After that, style and budget are the secondary considerations. We only recommend wine decanters (as opposed to whiskey decanters), and we prefer well-known brands like Riedel or Bormioli.

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