A Useful Guide to Aged Wine

A Useful Guide to Aged Wine

Everything you need to know about aged wine to get started drinking it

Getting to know aged wine

Aged Wine Guide: Part I

Aged Wine 101
What is aged wine?
What happens to wine as it ages?
Does wine get better with age?
How long can wine age?
Which wines age well?

Is it time to drink that bottle of wine?

Aged Wine Guide: Part II

When to drink that wine
Should I drink this old bottle?
How long should I age this wine?
Vintage charts

Is aged wine right for you?

Aged Wine Guide: Part III

Find out if you even like aged wine
Option 1: Buy wine matured at the winery
Option 2: Buy back-vintages from retailers
Option 3: Try aged wine in restaurants
Option 4: Buy your own wine and store it

Pre-purchase know-how for a good aged wine experience

Aged Wine Guide: Part IV

What to know before you buy
Wines have provenance
Why aged wine is expensive
Specific equipment for aged wine

Where to buy aged wine

Aged Wine Guide: Part V

Where to buy aged wine
Library wines from wineries
Aged wine from retailers
Buying from auction houses

Buy Recommended Aged Wine

Shop for Aged Wine Online

Back Vintages (3-5 years)
California back vintages
French back vintages
All back vintages

Lightly Aged (5-10 years)
Lightly-aged California wine
Lightly-aged French wine
All lightly aged wine

Jessyca Frederick

Guide by: Jessyca Frederick

Inspired by frequent questions from friends and family about different wines and wine practices, I write Useful Wine Guides so that people I don’t know might benefit from my knowledge and desire to share information, too.