About Us

WineClubReviews.net is run by husband and wife team Jessyca & Mitch Frederick. Mitch handles all matters legal and financial and serves as our cellarmaster, while Jessyca does everything else.

The site first started as an experiment with a friend back in March of 2009. More than twelve years and many wine clubs later, the industry has changed and so have our customers. We’re constantly exploring new ways to help people enjoy wine.

After more than a decade of drinking wine for a living (hey, someone’s got to do it), We’re leveraging our expertise into Useful Wine Guides. These guides are designed to be comprehensive enough for someone who is curious about a wine topic — like Champagne or Natural Wine or Coravin — to get started without becoming an expert themselves.

Our Compensation Disclosure goes into greater detail, but we make money through affiliate marketing. If you buy something after clicking a link on our website, we usually get paid a commission by the company you bought from. These affiliate payments don’t cost you anything and are how we keep the site free of intrusive ads. There are some instances where we link to wine companies with whom we don’t have an affiliate relationship, but they’re few and far between.

We never sell your email address — because we don’t collect it. We don’t advertise and you won’t find any pop-ups, or auto-play videos here. Our goal is to make your experience with our website helpful and we keep it free of intrusive ads, too.