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Wine is confusing enough. Check out our guides for buying and giving wine.

All About Wine Clubs

Are Wine Clubs a Good Deal?

Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

How to tell if it's worth it, how to maximize your value, and how to avoid bad wine clubs.
Why we think wine clubs are worth it
How to get more value from a club
Clubs that are NOT a good deal

Curated Wine Clubs

Curated Wine Clubs

Prior to the invention of “personalized” wine clubs, all clubs were “curated” and we didn’t need to add the word curated as a descriptor. Then the era of the algorithm emerged.

Personalized Wine Clubs

Personalized Wine Clubs

A personalized wine club generally uses a palate quiz (for your first shipment) and your opinions of their wine (subsequent shipments) to determine which wines they’ll send to you.

Wine clubs that ship to the UK

UK Wine Clubs

These wine clubs are based in the UK and can deliver wine to the UK. We're not located in the UK so we can't provide our full reviews (we can't receive the shipments), but we've created this page to help shoppers weigh their options, especially if you're giving someone in the UK a wine club gift.

Wine Gift Guides & Ideas

Mother's Day Wine Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Wine Gift Guide

Tip: These wine gift ideas for her are good for any occasion, but the deals may have expired if Mother's Day has come and gone.

In this guide:
Focus on Presentation
Rosé Gifts
One of a Kind Ideas
Wine with Savory Snacks
Champagne Luxury

Father's Dady Wine Gift Ideas

Father's Day Wine Gift Guide

Tip: These wine gift ideas for him are good for any occasion, but the deals may have expired if Father's Day has come and gone.

In this guide:
Cool Red Wine Clubs
Affordable One-Time Wine Gifts
Wine Gifts with Snacks
Wine Gifts for the Grillmaster
Other Cool Grilling Gifts

Unique Wine Club Gifts

Unique Wine Club Gift Ideas

With hundreds of wine club gifts to choose from, we help narrow down the list by choosing interesting wine club gifts and matching them with specific types of wine drinkers.

The best wine clubs for: people who only drink one glass, grill fanatics & pizza lovers, most women, discovering Napa’s red blends, cheese and charcuterie lovers, people who love artisanal goods, wine drinkers who like sweeter wine, and aged-wine lovers.

Valentine's Day Wine Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Wine Gift Guide

Tip: These wine gift ideas are also great for anniversaries and birthdays!

In this guide:
How Long You’ve Been Together
Popular Wine Gift Themes

Buying Wine Online

The Wine Journey

The Wine Journey

Beginners, Enthusiasts & Connoisseurs

There are many different paths through the world of wine, but the most common limiting factors are often price and access — how much are you willing to spend on a bottle and what kinds of wine stores do you like to shop at?

How much does it cost to ship wine?

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Wine?

Many factors come into play when figuring out how much it costs to ship wine, but on average, it costs a business $40-60 to ship a case of wine from coast to coast in the United States. We anwer: Is it legal to ship wine myself? And we explain: Contributions to high cost of wine shipping.