Wine Gifts for Mom — Mother’s Day & More

The Perfect Wine Gift for Every Mom

Giving Mom wine for Mother’s Day is a great idea. All of the wine gifts on this page can be delivered to Mom, or if you’ll be celebrating Mom in person, you can have them delivered to yourself and bring them with you on Mother’s Day. These wine gifts are great for your actual Mom, your wife, your girlfriend, your sister, your bestie, your aunt, and your grandmother.

FYI: I find great wine deals so you don’t have to. To keep me on the hunt, I earn a commission when you buy wine based on my recommendations.

Where to Ship the Wine Gifts

You may not be aware, but due to complex shipping laws, gifts of alcohol can’t be sent to every state from every state. You don’t need to worry... just select the state where you’ll ship the wine and I’ll let you know which gifts can be delivered there.

Make it Easy This Year with a Subscription Box

A Wine subscription box reminds your mom you lover her over and over again. Three-month gifts typically cost $150-180. You can spend more with longer gifts and more expensive wine. If your budget is smaller, shop the one-time gifts in this guide or see more: Wine Gifts Under $100 and Wine Gifts Under $50.

When you give such a thoughtful gift as a wine subscription, you want every detail done right. These two wine clubs nail gift-giving presentation in more ways than one and Mom is sure to love either. If you don’t see what you want here, see a bigger list of recommended wine clubs for Mother’s Day.

Small, Family Winery Subscriptions

The Premier Series with Gift Packaging from The California Wine Club
Gift Packaging from The California Wine Club

Shop The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club has more than 25 years experience selecting palate-pleasing, budget-friendly wines from California’s small family wineries — with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

They also curate a Pacific Northwest club, an International club, and a premium club, all of which maintain the same philosophy — small family wineries make the best wine and are essential to maintaining the variety of wine available.

Perfect for Mother’s Day, Gift+. The California Wine Club offers a beautiful "send ahead" box to present before the wine arrives. It includes a custom printed note with Mom’s name and exactly what she’ll be getting, along with a deluxe corkscrew, and an elegant bottle stopper — all in a charming box and delivered for $18. Send Gift+ to yourself to present to Mom in person, or send it directly to Mom.

Special Mother’s Day Offers (these are not stackable)

Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club also features boutique California wines, and their most popular wine club is their Gold Club — two bottles of artisanal California wine delivered each month.

I have an exclusive gift package offer to help make Mother’s Day even more special this year. With any 3-month or longer Gold Club gift, Mom will receive a custom-designed three-bottle gift box depicting California wine country, a matching greeting card customized with the order details, and a bonus bottle of wine — 2018 Porterhouse Cabernet Sauvignon blend from Lodi (retail price $35) or a 2019 Silvia Cellars Chardonnay from Mendocino and Sonoma Counties (retail price $25).

Gold Club: 3 months for $134.25 plus shipping, includes the bonus bottle and the gift package. Shop it

Gold Medal also curates an assortment of other wine clubs from small wineries — Pinot Noir, Ultra-Premium, an International selection with gourmet treats, and the Garagiste Club featuring the smallest producers (less than 1,000 cases per year).

Mother's Day Deals for Gold and Platinum Clubs Give Mom three months or more and she’ll get free chocolate truffles with her first shipment. Give Mom six months or more and she'll also get a bonus bottle of true Champagne. Deals valid until May 9th.

Gift Packaging from The Gold Medal Wine Club Mothers Day Bonus Bubbly Package

Shop Gold Medal Wine Club

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Wine Tasting Gifts for Mom

For a wine mom, there’s nothing more fun than a wine flight! These two wine tasting options are perfect gifts for exploring wine and enjoying the experience.

Wine & Chocolate Pairing

She’ll love a tasting of wine and chocolate! Vine to Bar is the world’s first dark chocolate made with Chardonnay Marc from the coastal vineyards of California paired perfectly with three selected wines: La Crema Pinot Noir Rosé, Hartford Court Russian River Pinot Noir, and Murphy-Goode Liar's Dice Zinfandel. The Vine to Bar Chocolate Gift Box includes 4 bars in the following flavors: Dark Chocolate, Almonds with Pink Himalayan Salt, Chardonnay Smoked Salt & Cocoa Nibs, and Tart Cherry & Cocoa Nibs.

The online tasting video which accompanies the gift explains everything (you can watch it here before you buy).

Make It Last

Turn this delectable wine and chocolate pairing into a tasting she can savor for weeks by adding a brand new Coravin Pivot to your gift! A more affordable version of their infamous Coravin system, the Pivot can be used to preserve still wines (not sparkling) for a few weeks, no matter what kind of enclosure they have. The Pivot comes with two wine stoppers.

Order extra wine stoppers so she can have a wine flight everyday!

Vine to Bar Chocolate Wine Tasting

This gift is no longer available

Coravin Pivot for Wine Tasting

Give this Gift for $119.00

For Moms Who Drink One Glass at a Time

For a lot of moms, one glass is enough, especially for weeknight wine and if they're watching their calories. There are a couple of great options for these ladies — wine by the glass subscriptions and one-time gifts!

VineBox Red Wine Gift

This gift is no longer available

Wine Tasting by the (Small) Glass

VineBox, a long-time favorite of mine for gifts, has changed hands and is now managed by a company called Sugarwish. Among other decisions made by the new company, this wine tasting experience is no longer available as a subscription. That said, wine tasting adventure options are still aplenty. Each glass tube contains 3.3 oz of fine wine — surprisingly fine and delectable. Mom will taste wines never before enjoyed in the USA.

Give Mom 3 small glasses of wine: "Red Levels" is $45 and includes a Gamay from France, a Nebbiolo from Italy, and a Tempranillo from Spain. Shop it

Give Mom 6 small glasses of wine: "Mothers Day Special" is $78 and includes "two exotic reds, three crisp whites from exceptional European vineyards and a single rosé." Order by Thursday, May 5th to ensure your gift arrives by Mothers Day. Shop it

Give Mom 9 small glasses of wine: A Tour of Europe is $99 and includes "bold reds and crisp whites" from France, Italy, and Spain. Shop it

Wine Tasting by the (Medium) Glass

In Good Taste offers eight-bottle tasting flights. The goal with each flight is to provide wine lovers with a selection of familiar wines and to also encourage them to step out of their comfort zone. With so many varietals, regions and vintages, purchasing a full bottle of an unknown wine can be intimidating, but this format makes exploration comfortable and affordable.

California Wine Mixer. Includes four wines from a new brand for In Good Taste called Unprecedented, a Wild Child Barbera, and three wines from their La Pluma brand.

Vine Voyage. A mix of French and Italian wines in red, white, and rosé. Their new Italian brand "Andiamo" has some interesting looking tastes.

Uncommon Grapes. Features wines made from eight grapes that a lot of people have never tried (much less heard of). Some of my favorite grapes are in this collection — Grenache, Viognier, Tempranillo, and Vermentino.

Winemakers Selects. A selection of six glasses that In Good Taste's winemakers have singled out as their favorites in the lineup.

Flights change frequently, so check out their latest. Six-glass flights are $49, eight-glass flights are $65 and you can get free shipping on orders over $100. Shop wine flights

In Good Taste California Wine Mixer

This gift is no longer available

In Good Taste Vine Voyage In Good Taste Uncommon Grapes Usual Wines Subscription

Give this Gift for $96.00

Wine Tasting by the (Big) Glass

Usual Wines is a winery that offers wine-by-the-glass deliveries. Each flask-style glass/bottle contains 6oz of wine (a good-sized restaurant pour). They make three different wines — a Sonoma Red, a Santa Barbara Rosé, and a North Coast Brut (dry) Sparkling.

I've tried both the red and the rosé and I give them a thumbs up. While I may not think they're the best wines I've ever tried from these areas, they are a solid value — especially once you figure in the cost savings of overpaying for wine in full-size bottles she doesn't end up finishing.

Give Mom 12 glasses of wine: subscriptions are $80 a month and one-time boxes are $96.

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Delightful Wine & Cheese Gifts

Wine and cheese are the most classic pairing imaginable, and when your Mom loves both, the combination is magical. Check out these great wine and cheese gifts.

Wine & Cheese Party in a Box

This selection of three different wine & cheese gift baskets is perfect for a party or a picnic — or just indulging Mom with her favorite foods and bevvies.

Wine & Cheese & Fruit
If Mom is a vegetarian or otherwise health-conscious, she'll love this selection of D'anjou Pears, Navel oranges, and Washington apples. A nice California Chardonnay is accompanied by smoked gouda and extra-sharp white cheddar cheese, olive oil crostini crackers, and seasoned cashews.

Italian Cheese & California Wine
For the moms who love cheese and charcuterie, this box of international treats will be a true indulgence. Featuring Extra Aged Cheddar, Black Pepper Gouda, and Asiago cheeses, this gift also includes two kinds of Salami, Proscuitto, Greek Olives, and wafer crackers to bring it all together. I've tried the Aurin Estates Chardonnay and feel it is a good quality wine to give. It's not "special" but it is balanced, fruit forward, and dry.

Wine & Cheese & So Much More
There is nothing I love more than a wine, cheese, and charcuterie event. This amazing gift box includes so many goodies. The California Brut Cuvée bubbly is paired with three delicious cheeses: Merlot BellaVitano, Black Pepper Gouda, and Asiago. They are accompanied by: Creminelli Finocchio Salami, Sweet n' Hot Stone Ground Mustard, Bernal Manzanilla Olives, Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crostini d'Italia, Raspberry Pepper Jelly, Golden Honey Sticks, Roasted Almonds, Turkish Apricots, and Milk Chocolate Cherries.

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Does Your Mom Love Rosé? Hint: Almost Certainly!

If you're looking to buy Mom a great wine gift, look no further than the trendiest wine around — rosé! Brush up on what rosé is or shop our full selection of rosé gifts. These are perfect for Mother's Day.

Give the Gift of an Organic Rosé Wine Sampler

Give Mom the Gift of Organic Rosé

If Mom is concerned with eating organic, she should probably be drinking organic, too. These samplers are customizable and perfect for discovering organic wine. Sent from Organic Wine Exchange.

Give this Gift for $65.00

Elegant Trio of European Rosés

Elegant Trio of European Rosés

Handpicked by Martha Stewart herself, send Mom a cheerful trio of rosé from around Europe. Sent from Martha Stewart Wine Company.

This gift is no longer available

Three Popular Underwood Wines in Can with Delicious Snacks

Popular Canned Wine with Snacks

Underwood makes great wine and this trio paired with gourmet snacks is a winning gift for wine moms. Sent from Gourmet Gift Baskets.

This gift is no longer available

Rosé & Margarita Mix Paired with Delicious Snacks and a Candle

Rosé & Margarita Mix Paired with Delicious Snacks and a Candle

Some days she wants rosé, some days she wants a strawberry Margarita. You got this either way! Sent from Gourmet Gift Baskets.

This gift is no longer available

Cookies & Rosé Pairing

Cookies & Rosé Pairing

Specially paired gourmet Zesty Tea cookies and a Grenache-based rosé from Monterey Country on California's Central Coast. Sent from Travelfood Curated Wines.

Give this Gift for $53.00

Sparkling Rosé Sampler Gift with Glass

Sparkling Rosé Sampler Gift with Glass

Give Mom a wine tasting flight filled with sparkling rosé wines, including a Prosecco, a California bubbly, and a special new bottling from Moët & Chandon. Sent from The Sip.

This gift is no longer available

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Maybe Mom Would Like to Learn More About Wine?

Now that you're out of the house, Mom has some time on her hands. Maybe she'd like to turn her passion for wine into a way to earn money? Or just dive deeper so she can find more wine she loves.

Sommelier-Famous Le Nez Du Vin Wine Aroma Training Kit

Le Nez Du Vin Wine Aroma Training Kit

Help Mom learn wine like a pro — she'll always know exactly what she likes in wine. Sent from Amazon.

This gift is no longer available

You know how sometimes you read tasting notes for wine and you think, "Oh! Yeah, I taste that!" but you couldn't quite put your finger on it before you saw those notes? That's what this kit helps you learn — 23 different fruity notes, 6 different floral notes, 15 different vegetal and spicy notes, 3 different animal notes, and 7 different roasted notes. It includes 54 index cards to explain the link between each of these aromas/tastes and the wine as well as a guide book which shows how the 54 key aromas present themselves in grapes around the world. All presented in a beautiful clothbound book box.

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition The Master Guide

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition The Master Guide

Includes the highest quality essential wine tools, designed to improve your wine tasting experience. Sent from Amazon.

Give this Gift for $150.00

There's so much packed educational value and fun into this gift box, so here are the highlights: The Magnum Edition of the famous Wine Folly book contains twice as much content as the first one (natch); a Universal Glass to improve wine tasting, etched with the Wine Folly logo; a wine tasting journal to aid the learning process; a polishing cloth to keep that glass sparkling for years; a sommelier's wine opener; bonus extras include educational downloads and a wine color comparison card. All presented in a beautifully designed book box.

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