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In this modern era, you can opt to have a professional pick your wine for you, or let an algorithm figure out what you like and match it to an available wine inventory. A personalized wine club generally uses a palate quiz (for your first shipment) and your opinions of their wine (subsequent shipments) to determine which wines they’ll send to you. While they want to match you with the best wines for your palate, you’re limited to the wines available at the wine club.

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WINC Wine Club

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Exclusive Deal For You Join today and save $26 on your first Winc box. Free shipping on orders of 4 or more bottles. Click for This Deal.

Overview: Winc set out to change the wine industry by finding new ways to get better value to wine drinkers in the under $15 range, and boy have they ever. By delivering unprecedented value at $13 a bottle and personalized selections geared for every palate, Winc is a standout wine of the month club. If you're ready for more sophisticated wines, you can upgrade to Winc Select. Either way, you can save even more money by participating in their myriad rewards programs.

About Their Personalized: Winc was an early leader in personalized wine clubs, back when it was Club W. They still excel in the flexibility of switching between curated shipments and boxes you fill yourself. Their monthly recommendations will include wines based on your past ratings (don't forget to rate your wines, you earn free bottles that way!) and seasonal suggestions. Or you can go rogue and pick all of your own bottles to choose your own wine adventure.

Wine Club Gift Info: When you give a Winc subscription, you are giving wine credits which can be redeemed by your favorite wine lover. They'll then set up their own account so Winc's personalization engine can get to work on learning what they love. Opt for a fancy gift announcement on the big day for a little extra dough.

Firstleaf Club

by Firstleaf
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For You Join today and save $40 on your first personalized shipment of wine. Shipping is included. Click for This Deal.

Overview: An affordably-priced personalized wine club that learns what you like as you receive, drink, and rate six bottle shipments. International, domestic, and award-winning wine from a thoroughly modern wine subscription box service.

About Their Personalized: Firstleaf's approach to personalization is similar to and Bright Cellars, but it's backed by better technology and a bigger selection of wine. They start with a quiz, but it's not a palate-detection quiz, it's a general wine preferences quiz — this tells them what kind of you prefer by region and color, how adventurous you are, and how much wine you typically drink.

They make six recommendations each month for you to choose from, but you can swap out bottles. Here is where their personalization is somewhat limited... you can't infinitely swap out bottles, they give you two or three replacement options per recommended bottle. Typically this gives you plenty of choices if you're not in love with their first round of recommendations.

Wine Club Gift Info: Since Firstleaf is a personalized wine subscription, gifts are given as electronic gift cards. This gives the recipient the chance to customize the wine selection, as they're meant to do. Gift cards are issued in denominations of $25-200. We recommend at least $100 to make sure he or she doesn't have to pay for any part of the first box.

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Overview: Naked Wines isn’t really a wine club the way you think of one, but it’s a personalized wine buying service that you pay into on a monthly subscription so… we treat it like one. It also happens to be the most interesting wine club we’ve come across in a while.

About Their Personalized: Naked Wines is completely personalized as you pick all of the wines you receive and when you receive them. They do a little bit of "recommending" through their customer "would buy again" ratings, their "sweet spot" label which indicates the best value, and how the wine fits with other wines you've purchased from them and rated. They make picking your own wine easy and friendly with neat features like "only see recommended wines for me" and "wines I've not tried" so you can keep discovering new wines to love.

by Tasting Room by Lot18
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For You Join today and get a $40 tasting kit for just $6.95. Click for This Deal.

Overview: A 12-bottle personalized wine club that begins to get to know your preferences with a six mini-bottle wine tasting kit delivered for $6.95. By signing up for the tasting kit experience you are automatically enrolling in regular wine club shipments, 12 bottles delivered quarterly for $149 plus $19.99 shipping.

About Their Personalized: was a very early entrant in the personalized wine club space. Their approach is more than just a palate quiz to get you started, they send out six mini-bottles and walk you through an at-home tasting to help learn about your palate. In general, we feel this is better in concept than execution, but when it comes to personalization they're still driving real value. They'll pick wines for you based on what you've already rated, but they'll also let you swap out any bottles for anything else in the inventory.

Wine Club Gift Info: They don't talk much about it, but TastingRoom wisely offers a gift version of their wine club — the tasting kit plus 2, 6, or 12 full-size bottles and 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 shipments for your favorite wine lover to experience. The more you buy, the more you save!

Bright Cellars Club

by Bright Cellars
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For You Join today and save $50 on the first shipment — New members only. Click for This Deal.

Overview: A personalized wine club that gets to know what kind of wine you like through a wine-preference quiz and the ratings you give for wines from previous shipments. Sends four bottles of wine that match your preferences, monthly.

About Their Personalized: Bright Cellars is similar to and Firstleaf in that it relies heavily on computer algorithms to pick wine based on your known preferences. The difference in terms of personalization though is that it's pretty hands-off and you don't pick your own wine. That said, they have a great customer support team that can make some permanent changes to your profile like, "never ship me Merlot."

American Cellars (ACWC)

by Vinesse
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For You Join today and get a 6-piece insulated wine tote included with your third wine club shipment (a $37.95 value). Click for This Deal.

Overview: A wine club with a checkered past that is working its way toward redemption, American Cellars Wine Club offers monthly 6-bottle shipments of white or red wine, or a mix. Each shipment allows you to swap out any of the six bottles and order more of the others (at member prices), or upgrade your shipment by selecting any wine in their inventory (at regular prices).

About Their Personalized: American Cellars really walks the line between curated and personalized. They do not make recommendations based on your preferences. They offer a six-bottle shipment each month which you can modify. You can change the quantities you'll receive of any of the featured wines and you can swap in other bottles from their inventory. It's important to note that if you swap in other bottles, you pay more for the swapped selection because it's not a specially-priced featured wine.