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This page contains all of my current wine club reviews. You can sort and filter all 66 currently available wine clubs based on your personal wine preferences, my wine club ratings, and where you’re shipping the wine to. I also offer extra filters if you’re buying a wine club membership as a gift.

These reviews reflect the knowledge gained by trying 100s of wine clubs and 1000s of bottles of wine over more than a decade. At the bottom of this page I also include a list of every wine club company I’ve reviewed and some notes about wine clubs for which I have not done a formal review.

I have reviewed wine clubs since 2009. Beginning in 2014, my review process became more rigorous with the development of a formal review system, which I have revised and improved several times.

Learn more about the value of my reviews or please ask me for a personal recommendation for yourself or someone else. I’d be delighted to help.

FYI: I find great wine deals so you don’t have to. To keep me on the hunt, I earn a commission when you buy wine based on my recommendations.

Wine Club Company Reviews

This is a complete record of every wine club company I’ve formally reviewed. Prior to 2013, this meant I published a review of the subscription service and possibly tasted the wine. Since 2013, this means I tasted the wine and wrote a full review including a wine review. I don’t publish the content for the ones that don’t have links: they are no longer in business, they no longer offer a wine club, or the reviews are very old and don’t meet my standards.

Wine Clubs Without Formal Reviews

For a variety of reasons there are wine clubs about which I have an opinion I feel is worth sharing, even if I don’t have a formal review to point you to. That means I don’t currently have a financial relationship with the company or can’t endorse their product so there is no point in publishing a formal review.

Vine Oh Wine Club

VineOh! is a different kind of wine club — they've combined traditional wine clubs with the "random stuff in a box" subscription model to create their own hybrid. Each shipment contains two bottles of wine and a selection of items of varying degrees of utility or relatedness to wine. Now, for a woman who loves the excitement of digging through a box of goodies, and would love to drink wine while doing it, this may be the perfect wine club gift. Sadly, given the selection of goodies, this gift is only suitable for women — the video on their home page shows items that very few men would want to use. That video also completely fails to discuss the wine at all so... we don't know what you'll get from VineOh! One thing that's great is they offer a sweet wine club, which says they know women in the US often like their wine sweet. We might get paid if you join after clicking our links.

Get VineOh! for yourself and take advantage of their intro offer of a bonus bottle of wine and a fun "pinkies up" wine glass. Details of the other goodies when you click the link. Or use coupon WINEYAY at checkout.

The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter is a renown wine bar and store in Napa, California. Their reputation locally is legendary and lucky you, you can enjoy their killer wine selection in your own living room, even you don’t live anywhere near Napa. They have so many wine clubs, it’s hard to know where to start, but here’s the rundown: Killer Cabernet ($199/month), Most Wanted (from $299/month), Pathfinder ($149/month), Passport ($149/month), Intercontinental ($299/month), Pinot Envy ($199/month), California Sunshine ($99/month), Dirty Dozen ($174.95/month).

GaryVee's Monthly Wine Club

It's hard not to admire Gary Vaynerchuk's success. He was a hard-working wine retailer (Wine Library) who had the idea to do online wine tastings with personality. He turned those viral wine videos into an empire, the including his monthly wine club. Not being a Gary Vee follower myself, it's hard for us to endorse his club — I’m not familiar with what kinds of wines he likes and their one-page wine club description is missing some crucial information that would help me out: what wines have been sent before? Some customization and predictability would be useful, too: I’m not excited that you get anywhere from 1-4 bottles of wine each month. Other than I assume you’re getting a deal, you don't know how much it costs... not really easy to work with for people on a budget. Check out the Gary Vee Wine club.

National Geographic Wines of the World

Like many other publications, National Geographic has decided to lend its name to a wine club in order to increase revenues. Working with the same company that manages the WSJwine Club (affiliated only by name with the Wall Street Journal), Nat Geo has an affordable wine club subscription model offering average wines delivered on a quarterly basis. To sweeten the offer when you try their service, your first shipment will be $59.99 + $19.99 for shipping and tax) and it will include 14 bottles of wine, plus tasting notes. Future 12-bottle shipments are $159.99 (plus shipping & applicable tax). By accepting the introductory offer you are automatically enrolling in a wine subscription and your credit card will be billed automatically. Check out the Nat Geo Wine club.

Amazing Clubs

One of the oldest gift-oriented wine of the month clubs, Amazing Clubs actually has 40 different clubs ranging from wine, to hot sauce, to dog treats, to teddy bears. While I think of the month clubs make the perfect gift, I don’t know what to expect from a company that doesn’t focus on wine (or at least a smaller set of club themes). This company ships to the US and Canada (this is unusual for wine clubs).

To give a similar 2-bottle wine of the month club from companies with very good wine, we’d pick one of these: International Wine of the Month Club or the Gold Series from the Gold Medal Wine Club. You’ll pay a little bit more, but the quality is excellent. If the budget is really important, we recommend these wine clubs under $60.

Cameron Hughes Wine Club

I've long been a fan of Cameron Hughes wine — even before I met Cameron at a wine tasting where he was pouring wine himself. What I love is how they have such an excellent selection of different kinds of high-quality wine at surprisingly low prices. Faced with a wall of wine under $20, I’ll pick Cameron Hughes most of the time.

Their wine club gives members an additional 15% off their already-low prices. Shipments range from $60 (six bottles of white wine) - $240 (12 bottles of mixed wine) and shipping is $5 for six bottles or $1 for 12. Understanding that loyalty deserves rewards, you also get members-only deals and pre-release opportunities to purchase in addition to extra discounts on sales.

Blue Apron Wine Club

This is a wine club I’d really like to work with! I think Blue Apron wisely nailed a niche market that’s not small. Their wine club sends out 500mL bottles (standard bottles are 750mL) which is a manageable weeknight portion that two people can finish without getting tipsy. Additionally, I’m familiar with some of the wineries they partner with and think they choose well. If you are interested in wine discovery at home but rarely finish a bottle, this is the wine club for you!

Harry & David Wine Club

Harry & David is renowned for their amazing pears, but their quality and taste-level extends well beyond just fruit. I’m very interested in the Harry & David Wine Club. In the past they partnered with to fulfill this service, but that wasn’t interesting at all. The new Harry & David Wine Club is especially designed for gift-giving in that each shipment contains private-label Harry & David wine from a winery in Oregon (where Harry & David is located). If you’re looking at it for yourself, think of it more like joining a winery wine club where it’s important to really like what that winery produces. We love that they offer a Monthly Wine Club ($38.33/month for two bottles), a Monthly Wine & Cheese Club ($33.33/month for one bottle and a perfectly-paired cheese), and a Monthly Wine, Cheese, and Fruit Club ($55/month for one bottle, one perfectly-paired cheese, and one perfectly-paired fruit). All of their wine clubs ship for $10/month, but sales tax applies to Oregon residents.

The Wine Club

With two California locations, San Francisco and Santa Clara, this wine store focuses on the Northern California market. They offer a selection of two-bottle wine clubs at varying price points. For the most part, buying (and shipping) two bottles at a time is not a cost effective way to get your wine. If you live near a store and can pick up your shipment, go for it. If you’re outside the area, we recommend trying an online wine club.

K&L Wine

With three California locations, Redwood City, San Francisco and Hollywood, this wine store offers a broad range of wines from around the world. For each of their five wine clubs for the most common wine drinkers (shipping and tax is extra on all clubs): Best Buy wine club is $19.95/month for two bottles; Premium Wine Club is $29.95 for two bottles; Signature Red Wine Club is $49.95/month for two bottles; Champagne Club is $69.95/shipment, two bottles every other month; Club Italiano is $39.95/month for two bottles. You can also design your own wine club with their Personal Sommelier Service. If you live near a store and can pick up your shipment, go for it. If you’re outside the area, I recommend trying an online wine club.

Costco Wine Club

I know how much y’all love Costco (I do, too) and the wine selection is often pretty great, but I hate to tell you, there is no Costco Wine Club. Maybe you can start a local group of Costco wine lovers to make it a thing?