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What is Naked Wines?

Naked Wines is a unique, large-scale winery where the wines are produced by independent winemakers, supported by Naked Wines and its customers. Anyone in the US can purchase wine from, but members (called Angels) get special prices. The special prices are a reward for a monthly deposit into your account. These monthly deposits give Naked Wines predictable revenue, which lets them invest in production with these independent winemakers. Some people consider Naked Wines to be a crowdfunded winery.

Is a subscription?

Not exactly. Yes, it’s a subscription in that you make a monthly payment to be spent on wine. No, it’s not a subscription — they don’t automatically ship your wine, you choose every wine you buy, and you decide when to have it shipped.

Is Naked Wines a winery?

Yes! Naked Wines is a winery. Instead of having staff winemakers like most wineries, Naked Wines has independent winemakers who produce wine for them.

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