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Best Wine Club Gifts

When choosing a wine of the month club gift, it’s best to explore the breadth of what’s available before making a decision. If you’re in a hurry and want to make it easy, visit my wine club gift guide and select your recipient’s shipping state. Otherwise you’ll want to consider the following information.

How much does a wine club gift cost?

Wine and delivery prices have gone up this year, therefore so have the cost of a wine subscription gift. Prices vary based on the kind of wine, how many bottles are in each shipment, and how months (or shipments) you want to give.

Three-month wine club gifts of two full size bottles start at $170 (all in). Quarterly gifts of six bottles start at $150 per shipment. If that feels like too much, try a one-time wine gift that fits your budget.

Want to send a generous gift? Upgrade the wine or increase the number of shipments sent when you. A Year of Wine is an amazing gift, as would be any of these picks for the best luxury wine clubs.

What makes a good wine club gift?

Giving a wine subscription as a gift is different from choosing one for yourself. Three things you’ll want to consider: does the company ship to your recipient’s state, how will your giftee find out you’ve given them a wine subscription, and which wine subscription will be the best gift for your wine lover.

Additional considerations include your budget (of course) and whether you want to give a personalized or curated wine club. Read my full guide on how to choose a wine subscription gift or find a gem among the wine subscription gift ideas on this page.

The 2023 Edit

Something I find interesting about wine club gifts, after 14 years of receiving and reviewing them, is that it is rather unusual for me to modify this list. Last year I was able to add Wine Access because it was the first time they offered gift subscriptions (and I love their wine clubs). This year I have no edits to the clubs included, though I did update some pricing information. These really are the best wine clubs to give as gifts.

FYI: I find great wine deals so you don’t have to. To keep me on the hunt, I earn a commission when you buy wine based on my recommendations.

This list was last updated on November 17, 2023

>Best Monthly Wine Club Gifts (and Quarterly)

The phrase “monthly wine club gifts” is a bit of a misnomer these days. While most wine clubs can be delivered on a monthly basis, it’s also very common for these clubs to offer delivery every other month or quarterly (every three months).

The following selection of three companies offer the very best wine club gifts you can buy. I highly recommend each of them based on many years of first-hand experience with each of them (and their competition).

The California Wine Club

California Premier Club

Far and away, I recommend The California Wine Club as the perfect gift for almost every wine lover. Unlike many wine clubs who only focus on the profitability of each bottle, The California Wine Club is a woman-led business which emphasizes excellent customer service, excellent gift-giving, and they only work with small family wineries who otherwise would have a difficult time getting their wines to market in a wine industry dominated by really big wineries.

All of their wine club shipments include Uncorked, a full-color magazine which details that month’s featured wines, wineries, and winemakers. Choose 1-12 shipments and have them sent monthly, every other month, or quarterly and choose your start month, too.

They also offer an industry-leading satisfaction guarantee, called a Love It! Guarantee: if your wine lover doesn’t love a wine, they can get something else shipped out to them for free.

The California Wine Club offers several different memberships so you can pick the right one for your wine lover or your budget (or both).

The Premier Series. Their most budget-friendly wine club gift, you can send two or four bottles of artisanal California wine in each shipment. Limit it to red wine, white wine, or send a mix of both. Learn more or shop it.

The Signature Series. A premium California wine subscription gift, this is one of my personal top five wine clubs. Always an impressive quality of mostly red wine, and wines you won’t find hardly anywhere else. Or, as the CEO Gerri-Lynn Becker says, “wines that are a must.” Learn more or shop it.

The Aged Cabernet Series. A speciality wine club if ever there was one, this one-of-a-kind subscription offers sought-after Napa Valley & Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon which has been perfectly cellared for 7-12 years. If your recipient already loves to age their wine or is curious about the experience, this is an amazing wine club gift. Learn more or shop it.

The Pacific Northwest Series. Reaching outside California, this wine club gift features the same kinds of small family wineries in Oregon and Washington. Oregon is known for Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, and is also home to many more organic and biodynamic wineries than California. Washington offers many of the same varieties of wine grown in California, but they’re often more subtle and food-friendly. Learn more or shop it.

The International Series. One of The California Wine Club’s least well-known wine subscriptions, they apply their appreciation of small family wineries to regions outside the U.S. Whether it’s Germany or Australia, Portugal or Italy, Spain or South Africa, your giftee will tour the world’s best small family wineries. Learn more or shop it.

Upgrade to Gift+ (pictured). For any wine subscription gift you order from The California Wine Club, you can add on their Gift+ package. This lets the recipient know ahead of time that you’ve purchased a wine membership gift for them, and you can present it yourself or have it shipped directly to the recipient.

Part of what The California Wine Club does so well is offer great discounts. Follow the Learn More links above for the latest deals on gifts.

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The California Wine Club

Wine Access Wine Club Gifts

Champagne Club

For You Get $25 each of your first two shipments when you join the Champagne Club. Click for This Deal.

Wine Access has some of the very best wine clubs on the market, and they finally offer gift subscriptions! Wherever your wine lover is on their wine journey — from beginner to connoisseur — there is a perfect Wine Access subscription gift for her.

All of their wine club gifts include their standard benefits of discounted purchsaes (outside their wine club shipments), cold-chain shipping when needed, and a wine concierge to help them shop for more wine if desired.

Wine Access has an industry-leading satisfaction guarantee: if your wine lover isn’t impressed with a wine, Wine Access will credit that bottle.

Something unique about Wine Access wine club gifts: their regular shipments cost a different amount each month, but Wine Access charges a fixed amount for each gift shipment. At the end of the membership, the gift recipeient receives a gift card for the difference between the regular shipment cost and what you paid — so your whole gift goes to the recipient.

Here are my favorite Wine Access wine club gifts (delivered quarterly):

Discovery Club. The wines selected for this club help him learn about wines from around the world — different grapes, wine regions, and producers. $150 for six different bottles. Choose between a mix of red and white wine, all red wine, or all white wine. Read my Discovery Club review or give it

Connoisseurs Club. Whether for weekend wines or because you’re starting to get serious, the Connoisseurs Club at Wine Access is a great place to start. You’ll discover the world’s most talked-about wineries and winemakers from around the world — all highly-rated wines worthy of their price tag — for $150 per two-bottle shpiment. Read my Connoisseurs Club review or give it

Collectors Club. This club ships the creme de la creme of the wine world. Typically only one bottle per shipment, the “rare and coveted showpiece selections” cost between $250-400 and are shipped quarterly. Expect “classed-growth Bordeaux estates, Grand Cru Burgundy Icons, cult Napa Valley producers, estate-aged library wines, exclusives never available at standard retail outlets, and more.” These wines speak for themselves. Give it

Champagne Club. This one ships only Champagne (real Champagne, no sparkling wine). She’ll discover grower Champagne and exquisite vintage Champagne in each box. $250 for each two-bottle shipment. Read my Champagne Club review or give it

Sunset Magazine Club. This is a really great, budget-friendly wine club for the foodie who likes American wine. All of the other subscriptions at Wine Access feature wines from everywhere in the world, but this one focuses on California, Oregon, and Washington. $120 per six-bottle shipment. Read my Sunset Magazine Wine Club review or give it

Discover all of the Wine Access wine club gifts

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Wine Access Wine Club Gifts

Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Wine Club

For You Save $10 and get free shipping on your first wine shipment. Use code SUBSCRIBE10 at checkout.

With a vastly different approach to wine curation than most wine subscriptions, Plonk is a unique and amazing wine club gift for adventurous wine drinkers. Proprietor and Sommelier Etty Klein works to select and import exceptional wines of exceptional value.

All of Etty’s selections are from wineries dedicated to earth-friendly practices, even when not officially certified organic. Wine club members get detailed tasting notes, a video shipment preview, and expertly chosen recipes from Food52 to pair with each wine.

If you know a wine nerd, this is the wine club to give them. You can send red wine only, white wine only, or a mix of both. Choose four, six, or twelve bottle shipments delivered monthly for three, six, or twelve months. You can choose to pay on an ongoing basis or prepay for all of the shipments (recommended so you don’t accidentally forget to cancel).

Please note, if you choose email notification, your gift recipient will get notice of the gift when you order. Alternatively you can receive a customized gift notice for you to mail yourself or present in person.

Beyond the gift notice there isn’t much pomp-and-circumstance with Plonk, but the amazing and unique selection of wine makes up for what’s “missing” from the gift presentation.

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Plonk Wine Club

International Wine of the Month Club

High-End Int'l Club

Somewhere between The California Wine Club and Plonk Wine Club lies The International Wine of the Month Club (IWOMC). Another small business which emphasizes the gift-giving (and receiving) experience, IWOMC offers several different wine clubs to suit your budget and your giftee’s preferences.

Choose 2-12 shipments and the start month. IWOMC uses a unique curation method which incorporates both wine professionals and everyday customers to pick the best wines.

Each shipment includes a newsletter detailing the wine, the winery, and the wine region, and the wines in the first shipment come wrapped in organza gift bags. Customize a gift message to download and print or email to your recipient on any day you choose.

One of my favorite things about IWOMC is that they stand behind their wine — they publish every wine they’ve shipped in 25 years right on their website.

The Premier Series. Their budget-friendly wine club gift features one red and one white wine (or choose just red or just white wine) from wineries around the world. Learn more or shop it.

The Collectors Series. Their high-end wine club gift features one red and one white wine (or choose just red wine) from wineries around the world. These are special wines from the world’s better wine regions. Learn more or shop it.

IWOMC also offers a Bold Reds series which I’ll describe in the next section and a DIY Monthly Subscription which I’ll explain later on this page.

International Wine of the Month Club

Best Red Wine Club Gifts

While most wine clubs offer a red-only option, some wine clubs are built for red wine lovers from the ground up. Featuring Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or Red Blends from around the world, there are many red wine subscription gifts to choose from. Here are my favorites.

The Bold Reds Series

Bold Reds Club

One of the more interesting red wine club gifts, this option from The International Wine of the Month Club features medium- to full-bodied red wines with deep fruit flavors, pronounced ripe tannins, superb structure, and well-integrated oak tones from barrel aging.

Examples include full-bodied California Cabernets, single vineyard red Zinfandels, sublime Priorats and Ribera del Dueros from Spain, Châteauneuf-du-Papes from the Rhône Valley, highly acclaimed Carmenères, Cabernets, and Malbec blends from South America, and much more.

Choose 2-12 shipments and the start month. Each shipment includes a newsletter detailing the wine, the winery, and the wine region, and the wines in the first shipment come wrapped in organza gift bags. Customize a gift message to download and print or email to your recipient on any day you choose.

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The Bold Reds Series

The Bounty Hunter

Pathfinder Club

Bounty Hunter is an acclaimed wine store located in the heart of Napa. Their regular inventory includes a prestigious collection of Napa Valley Cabernet, but also includes more affordable, ready-to-drink selections.

They offer several red wine subscriptions which make excellent gifts, but they’re low on gifty frills — you can add a personal gift note to the first shipment or send an email to let them know about the gift on the day you order. All of their wine clubs, even when a gift, are paid on an ongoing basis (as opposed to prepaid).

Shop all of their wine clubs or explore these stand-outs.

Killer Cabernet Club. This selection is mostly Napa Cabs, but they do occasionally include exceptional Cabernet from other locations. Three bottles per shipment, available monthly or quarterly.

Pathfinder Red Wine Club. Featuring themed shipments of American red wine from the Napa Valley to Paso Robles to Columbia Gorge. Three bottles per shipment, available monthly or quarterly.

Passport Red Wine Club. While the Pathfinder focuses on American wine, the Passport Club features imported red wines from around the globe (mostly European wineries). Three bottles per shipment, available monthly or quarterly.

Pinot Envy Club. Unlike the Gold Medal Wine Pinot Club, the Bounty Hunter version ships Pinot Noir from the world’s best Pinot-growing regions beyond California and Oregon, like Burgundy, but includes wine produced at a larger scale than the craft wine at Gold Medal. Three bottles per shipment, available monthly or quarterly.

The Bounty Hunter

Best Niche Wine Club Gifts

Not every wine lover goes gaga for red wine, but that doesn’t mean they don’t play favorites. These days there’s a niche wine club for most predilections, so if you want to impress your picky wine lover, try one of these fantastic niche wine club gifts.

Vinesse Wine Club Gifts

Light & Sweet Wine Club

Available exclusively to our readers and their regular members, Vinesse sports a host of specialty wine clubs. They do not offer much in the way of gift enhancements, but you can add a personal note to the first shipment. Here are my two favorites.

The Sparkling Wine Club. Each shipment contains three bubbly wines — a true Champagne, a high-end sparkling wine made in the traditional method, and an affordable option. I have received many shipments of this wine club and I love it. Choose three, six, or twelve bottles for quarterly or semi-annual delivery. Learn more or shop it.

The Light & Sweet Wine Club. If your favorite wine lover is more into the lighter side of wine, this club is perfect for them. The sweeter wines aren’t dessert wines, they’re off-dry selections from wineries around the world. Examples include Gewurztraminer, Riesling, and Moscatel. Choose two, six, or twelve bottles delivered quarterly or semi-annually. Learn more or shop it.

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Vinesse Wine Club Gifts

French Wine Club Gift

SomMailier Wine Club

SomMailier is a wine club focusing exclusively on boutique French wine. Founder and CEO Laurent Yung is a 5th generation member of the Yung wine family from Bordeaux. Working with his family partners in France, he imports unique and (mostly) exclusive French wines to the United States. He sells these wines on his website and through his delightful wine club.

My own experience with the wines from SomMailier is that they are little treasures, distinct from widely available French wines I’ve tried. Choose three, six, or twelve bottle shipments delivered quarterly. Gifts include detailed cards about the wines and a fun gift box.

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French Wine Club Gift

Italian Wine Club Gift

Italian Wine Club

For You Get 25€ (roughly $25) off your first payment when you join Roscioli Wine Club. Use code WCR25 at checkout.

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love this wine club. Let’s start with this: the wine ships directly from Rome and includes only distinctive wines from small Italian wineries, typically not intended for export outside Italy.

On top of amazing wine, Roscioli offers an extensive library of video interviews with the winemakers discussing the wines they ship, amazing customer service, and an online community of members and enthusiasts, should your wine lover wish to participate.

Payments are made quarterly on six-bottle boxes, which get combined into twelve bottle boxes shipped semi-annually. They handle all of the shipping details and the recipient gets shipping notices as soon as the wine has cleared US Customs.

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Italian Wine Club Gift

Organic Wine Club Gift

Organic Wine Club

For You Get 10% off the first three shipments when you join an Organic Wine Exchange club. Use code WC10X3 at checkout.

If your favorite wine lover cares about the environment or prefers organic sustenance, I strongly recommend buying a wine club gift from Organic Wine Exchange. This woman-led small business sells only organic wine and has created a variety of subscriptions to choose from in red, white, or mixed wine: Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan, and No Sulfites Added.

All wine clubs can be further customized however you like, including specific regions, grapes, or styles. Choose three or six bottles shipped monthly or twelve bottles shipped quarterly.

Organic Wine Club Gift

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