Wine Gift Baskets for Gifts: 13 Handpicked Gifts for Wine Baskets Lovers

The Best Wine Gift Baskets Delivered to in 2023

Whether you’re looking for a gift basket with good wine, a top-rated wine basket featuring red wine, cheese, chocolate, or a luxurious gift basket with champagne — we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to wine baskets, not all gifts are created equal. We define a wine gift basket as any gift that contains both wine and several other items — usually, but not always, food. And they don't all have "baskets" either — some come in boxes or trays or crates.

In addition to featuring our favorite wine gift baskets online, we answer your wine basket questions and highlight companies providing wine gift basket delivery services.

Please note: if you buy a gift after clicking links on our site we might earn a commission.

Wine Gift Basket Ideas

Luxurious Fine Wine Gift Baskets Luxury (Over $250)
Red Wine Gift Basket Red Wine
Champagne Gift Basket Champagne
Wine & Cheese Basket Gift Wine & Cheese
Red Wine & Chocolate Gift Basket Wine & Chocolate

Best Wine Baskets by Price

When giving a wine gift, most people have a rough estimate of how much they’d like to spend. Since wine prices range from cheap to luxury, naturally gift baskets with wine do, too.

We try to pick wine baskets for our site that we’d be happy to receive, no matter how much they cost up front. We find great options for the budget-savvy and for those ready to splurge.

Best Wine Baskets Under $100

Affordable Red Wine Gift Basket


Affordable Red Wine Gift Basket Buy This Gift

California Getaway Wine Gift Basket

$79.99 $89.99

California Getaway Wine Gift Basket Buy This Gift

Wine & Cheese Hearty Bites Gift Basket


Wine & Cheese Hearty Bites Gift Basket Buy This Gift

Best Wine Baskets $100-250

Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Wine Gift Basket


Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Wine Gift Basket Buy This Gift

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Gift Basket


Veuve Clicquot Champagne Gift Basket Buy This Gift

Grand Wine Party Gift Basket


Grand Wine Party Gift Basket Buy This Gift

Prosecco and Mimosa Gift Basket - La Marca


Prosecco and Mimosa Gift Basket - La Marca Buy This Gift

Champagne & Truffles Gift Basket - Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut


Champagne & Truffles Gift Basket - Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut Buy This Gift

Best Wine & Food Baskets

There are three components to every food and wine gift basket: the wine, the food, and the presentation vessel.

We tend to think of food and wine baskets as either gourmet or not-gourmet. When the seller includes wines and snacks produced by well-known brands (of a certain caliber), we label the basket gourmet. Otherwise, when the wine is a private label wine with little information, or the snacks are readily available at the corner market, it doesn't get the label gourmet.

Because gourmet implies a gift that is appropriate for those with discerning tastes, we also assume you’re buying for a wine connoisseur and choose gift baskets accordingly. See more gourmet wine gifts.

Best Gourmet Wine Baskets

Decoy Sonoma Wine Gift Basket


Decoy Sonoma Wine Gift Basket Buy This Gift

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Gift Basket


Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Gift Basket Buy This Gift

Best Napa Valley Wine Gift Baskets

Napa Valley is synonymous with great quality wine and gift baskets featuring Napa wines are sought after. There are a host of wine gift baskets featuring Napa grape juice and we’ve selected some of the best options for this section. See more Napa Valley wine gifts.

Napa Valley Red Wine & Dark Chocolate Gift Basket


Napa Valley Red Wine & Dark Chocolate Gift Basket Buy This Gift

Unique Wine Basket Gifts

Sometimes, after looking for a wine basket for a while, you’ll notice they all start to look the same. This may send you out looking for better wine gift basket ideas, and maybe even unique wine gift baskets. We’ve picked a few that stand out as being pretty unique and hope these great wine basket ideas inspire you to pick one.

Sparkling Wine & Spa Gift Basket


Sparkling Wine & Spa Gift Basket Buy This Gift

Wine Basket FAQ

How do you pick the wine baskets you feature?

We are an independent third-party website who partners with different stores who sell wine gift baskets online. We get paid a commission to promote the wine baskets these stores carry. Our goal is to know what all of the available wine basket gifts are, and to handpick the ones we would want to receive ourselves and those that we think make great gifts for wine lovers.

We pick gifts with good or fairly-priced wine, gifts with attractive packaging that doesn't feel outdated (when we can), and gift baskets that we think will make an overall great impression for your gift recipients. We also include affordable wine gift baskets (under $50) that are always a nice sentiment, even if the goods therein are less expensive.

Why doesn’t every gift site offer wine baskets?

There are many gift sites offering gift towers, gift baskets, gift crates, etc. Most of these sites do not have a liquor license and are unable to sell gift baskets with wine and beer. In order for an online store to sell wine basket gifts, they must get a liquor license AND permits to ship to different states across the country.

How do I select a wine basket for a gift?

When deciding on a wine basket, the first thing to consider is what kind of wine drinker you are buying for. Wine baskets are often conceived of as generic gifts that anyone with a passing interest in wine could enjoy. The snacks and sweets are a great way to improve the gift experience even when the wine is mediocre. For this reason, if you are buying for someone you know is a connoissuer, we recommend choosing a gift basket with their favorite winery, wine region, or grape featured.

If you are buying for people who like wine but typically buy it at the grocery store, any basket we have selected will be suitable, at which point you should consider their other interests and preferences, as well as your gift budget and the state your recipient lives in when choosing a wine gift basket.

Does my recipient need to be home to receive a wine basket gift?

Yes and no. All alcohol deliveries require an adult signature (21 years of age) and this is strictly enforced by delivery companies like FedEx, UPS, and local firms used by wine clubs. If this is an issue for your gift recipient, we recommend this workaround:

Have the gift basket sent to their workplace. This isn’t an option for everyone, but if they can receive packages at work, this is ideal. There is always an adult around to sign for a package and the wine will be kept in a temperature-controlled environment until they can bring it home.

Can I send a wine basket anywhere?

Simply put, no. US-based gift stores can only send wine baskets to certain states. We make it easy to shop wine gift baskets by the recipient's state. It is illegal for anyone without a liquor license to send wine in the mail or via UPS, so you cannot buy one (or make one) and put it in the mail. If you need to send a wine basket to someone living outside the US (but not on an Armed Forces Base), we recommend this company.

Wine Gift Basket Delivery Services

We work with a number of wine and online stores offering gift basket delivery across the US and Internationally. Not all baskets are created equal, not all stores selling them make their own baskets, and not all stores have a high-quality line-up we feel comfortable recommending. The following is our list of recommended wine basket delivery companies where you can shop online and send from anywhere in the US.

Wine Basket Gift Company Reviews

Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club sells more than just wine subscriptions, though we love those, too. They work with small California wineries to bring hard-to-find wines to wine lovers everywhere. They also curate gift assortments including wine gift baskets packaged in an artist-designed gift box instead of an actual basket. The artisanal wines and well-chosen snacks or other items make Gold Medal a stand-out for gift basket giving.

Hickory Farms

Everything Hickory Farms produces is gorgeous. The cheeses, meats, and nuts are so savory looking and the chocolates look delectable. The gift basket containers (sometimes baskets, sometimes boxes) are are high-end and make for a great gift presentation. Their wine gift baskets consist of two categories: wines they produce and can send almost anywhere (their wine brands are Aunar, Generosity Cellars, SunSol, and Contollo) and wines they sell "retail" but can only send to California, Florida, Minnesota, and Washington D.C.

Not every gift basket at wins our approval, but they do have a great selection of high-end wine baskets featuring Champagne, high-quality red wine wine like Silver Oak and Cakebread, and a unique selection of snacks which earn the title gourmet. Their photos feel outdated, but the goodies inside the baskets will delight any recipient when they arrive.

Drinkable Gifts

When it comes to sending wine gift baskets to locations outside the US, your best bet is to browse the enormous selection of wine baskets at Drinkable Gifts. We recommend some of their US-delivery baskets, but the incredible value this company provides by partnering with gift providers in over 200 countries is that you you can send wine basket gifts practically anywhere in the world.