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The Bold Reds Series

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The Bold Reds club features International red wines showcasing, yep, bigger and bolder flavors, that are more tannic and fruit forward. These are not your typical easy-drinking wines but they're perfect for pizza, grill nights, and all forms of meat.

What We Like

More than anything, we love surprise factor of these wines. Every time we open a box, we sort of grimace at the prospect of drinking a Rhone red or an Barolo (wines that we typically don't enjoy because of our own palate preferences), but we're always surprised at how the wines are enjoyable anyway, and usually much better than we were expecting.


This club doesn’t have a 5-star rating. It doesn’t ship ultra-premium wine and the price isn’t amazing for what you get. Superlatives aside, the quality to price ratio is correct.

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For Gifts Save $10 when you give a 4-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE10 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $15 when you give a 6-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE15 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $30 when you give a year of wine gift. Use code SAVE30 at checkout.

The Bold Reds Series Review

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Bold Reds Wine Club Review

We received this shipment of the Bold Reds Wine Club in October, 2016.

The Bold Reds Series Wine Club is a two-bottle wine club featuring big red wines from around the world. It is a special selection of red wines from International Wine of the Month Club and is the ideal gift for the International red wine lover.

For some people, a robust, red wine with deep color and rich, complex flavor profiles, is the only way to enjoy wine. The Bold Reds Wine Club is the perfect gift (for you or someone else) if medium- to full-bodied wines with deep fruit flavors, pronounced ripe tannins, superb structure, and well-integrated oak tones from barrel aging are desired. Shipments include California Cabernets, single vineyard red Zinfandels, Priorats and Ribera del Dueros from Spain, Châteauneuf-du-Papes from the Rhône Valley, Carmenères, Cabernets, and Malbec blends from South America, and much more.

Collectors Series Wine Review

Bold Reds Shipment from December 2018

Our Bold Reds
Wine Ratings

Quality of Wine
Price of Wine
Wine Curation

International Wine of the Month Club uses a two-tiered tasting panel consisting of up to 30 tasters and is comprised of wine enthusiasts who run the gamut from industry professionals, to serious amateur collectors, to casual wine lovers. In this way, the diversity of preference, experience, taste, and style that exists within their club membership is correspondingly represented in the wine selection process. Only those wines that are most highly regarded by the panel, generating an affirmative consensus among the members, become featured in the club.

We've been drinking International Wine of the Month Club's wine on a regular basis for more than seven years now, though we've only received one shipment of the Bold Reds series. The wines from International Wine of the Month Club are of good quality and they're consistent, and the wines received in our shipment of Bold Reds are just that.

We feel The Bold Reds Series offers quality wine at a fair price. By fair, we mean close to retail.

Membership Benefits

Our Bold Reds Wine Club
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Satisfaction Guarantee
Customer Service
Wine Education

This is a top-tier satisfaction guarantee. We love satisfaction guarantees because it's a major differentiator between buying from a wine club and buying from your local wine store or grocery store.

Their Guarantee
Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that every item you purchase at International Wine of the Month Club meets your high standards or we will replace it or refund your purchase.

In more than five years of working with International Wine of the Month Club we have never had a single customer complaint. Our usual Internet sleuthing failed to turn up any significant customer complaints. Kudos to them!

We look at three areas when evaluating the discount opportunities offered by a wine club. Is there an introductory offer to sweeten the deal? Are there discounts available for buying more of wines you loved in your shipments? Are there special discounts only available to members?

International Wine of the Month Club does not have an introductory offer and doesn't offer members-only deals, but they do have a "Buy More, Save More" promo code for gift-giving (Hint: You can buy yourself a pre-paid "gift" to take advantage of this discount). Save $10 on any 4-shipment order with code SAVE10. Save $15 on any 6-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE15. Save $25 on any 12-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE25.

Discounts on reorders are available, but the reorders are only discounted at quantities greater than six bottles. If you buy a case on reorder, you're getting a discount from your original monthly price.

International Wine of the Month Club is a more old-fashioned company. If you need to hold your service for a vacation or want to cancel your membership you'll need to call and speak to someone during regular business hours. You can change your address online, as well as create a product review.

Cellar Notes, the International Wine of the Month Club publication that goes out with their wine club, is chock full of information about the winemaker, and a little light on info about the wine. Much attention is paid to accompaniments (i.e. food) and promoting their other products. We'd like a little more information on the wine region. Something we LOVE about this wine club is that they publish every single issue online, including all of the information found in the printed inserts.

Bold Reds Wine Gifts

We think The Bold Reds Series from International Wine of the Month Club is an excellent gift. Whether you're buying it as a corporate gift or just a regular gift for your favorite wine lover, it's a great and affordable choice.

Always thinking about how to make their wine club great, International Wine of the Month Club gives you a tool to send an E-Gift Announcement on a specific date (this is unusual). If you want to print a Gift Announcement, they have a great tool to help you create your own! You can some basic style elements and personalize it with information pertaining to what you’ve purchased and for whom, as well as adding a personal message or use a pre-written greeting. IMPORTANT NOTE: Gift Announcements are not automatically generated for orders placed on the Internet.

Design Your Own Gift

Personalize Your Monthly Club Gift

International Wine of the Month Club is a part of a larger gift service called Monthly Clubs. A standout opportunity from Monthly Clubs is their Design Your Own Club feature. In addition to being a wine club they're also a Beer of the Month Club, Chocolate of the Month Club, Cigar of the Month Club, Flower of the Month Club, and Cheese of the Month Club. Not only do they offer all of these other clubs, you can mix and match to create your own special gift. Choose a different type of product each month, alternate products, whatever you want to do. Buying for a husband and wife? Alternate shipments with her faves and his!

Here are examples of the wine & cheese and wine & chocolate clubs we designed for ourselves!

Wine & Cheese Club

A wine & cheese club shipment we received in December 2018. This is one shipment of the Premier Series Wine Club and a shipment of the Cheese of the Month Club delivered in the same month.

Wine & Chocolate Club

A wine & chocolate club shipment we received in December 2018. This is one shipment of the Premier Series Wine Club and a shipment of the Chocolate of the Month Club delivered in the same month.

International Wine of the Month Club

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The Bold Reds Series

The Bold Reds Series

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