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Choosing a white wine club, or even the best white wine club, can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of white wine clubs, some feature all white wines, some just California or Sweet whites, some single-varietal and some sparkling, not to mention all of the different price-points offered.

The great news is, most wine clubs offer "white wine only" options for you lovers of more light-bodied, bright wines. We use the same assiduous selection criteria for picking the best white wine of the month clubs as we do for all of our top wine club lists — so you know if you're shopping this list, you'll enjoy your wine subscription.

Check this page for all of our single-varietal wine clubs.

FYI: I find great wine deals so you don’t have to. To keep me on the hunt, I earn a commission when you buy wine based on my recommendations.

This list was last updated on June 13, 2022

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The Wine I Tried from These Wine Clubs

I receive multiple deliveries from most of the wine clubs I review

#1 Plonk Wine Club

Why it’s #1 | Full Review

Plonk Wine Club

#2 Picked by

Why it’s #2 | Full Review

Picked by

#3 Firstleaf

Why it’s #3 | Full Review


#4 California Premier Club

Why it’s #4 | Full Review

California Premier Club

#5 International Premier Club

Why it’s #5 | Full Review

International Premier Club

#6 SomMailier Wine Club

Why it’s #6 | Full Review

SomMailier Wine Club

#7 90+ Wine Club

Why it’s #7 | Full Review

90+ Wine Club

#8 Light & Sweet Wine Club

Why it’s #8 | Full Review

Light & Sweet Wine Club

#9 Organic Wine Club

Why it’s #9 | Full Review

Organic Wine Club

Why They’re On This List

1. Plonk Wine Club

Good wine club gift

#1 Best White / #2 Best Wine Clubs / #2 Best Quarterly

Plonk Wine Club

For You Save $10 and get free shipping on your first wine shipment. Use code SUBSCRIBE10 at checkout.

The Plonk wine club has always been among our favorites because of the proprietor's preference for quirky but delectable wines. Etty Klein sources interesting wines made from grapes and regions you've never heard of (and some you have). Whether you choose four, six, or twelve bottle shipments you'll be glad you picked Plonk.

Lately we've come to think of Plonk as the "Somm club" that isn't run by a sommelier. With a focus on wines under $30 that will delight any curious wine drinker, we think the value is top notch. Also, unlike most wine clubs, if you're thinking of going red-only or white-only, you'll actually get four or six different selections (2 of each if you upgrade to 12 bottles).

Plonk Wine Club

2. Picked by

Good satisfaction guarantee

#2 Best White / #4 Best Affordable / #4 Best Premium

Picked by

For You Join today and save $50 on your first box of wine personalized by you and picked by a sommelier. Use code PICK50 at checkout.

A personalized wine club where your wines are individually chosen for you by a sommelier who gets to know your preferences. Your selections are chosen from the largest inventory of online wine available in the United States at

This is a great wine club for anyone who knows anything about the wine they already love or are interested in exploring. You can be as detailed and specific as you want to be, you can change your preferences as you go, and your sommelier sees your feedback about every bottle.

Picked by

3. Firstleaf

Good satisfaction guarantee

#3 Best Wine Clubs / #3 Best White / #3 Best Quarterly


For You Save $50 — Try Firstleaf and get 6 bottles of wine selected just for you for just $39.95. Shipping is included in your first order. Click for This Deal.

An affordably-priced personalized wine club that learns what you like as you receive, drink, and rate six bottle shipments. International, domestic, and award-winning wine from a thoroughly modern wine subscription box service.

Compared with other wine subscriptions in this price category, we think Firstleaf has nailed ease-of-use, presentation, and offers reasonably-interesting wines. We also really like that they identify the body, acidity, sweetness, fruitiness, and tannin level for each wine they sell. You can review the wine before it is shipped and swap out wines that have characteristics you don't like.

Since Firstleaf is a personalized wine subscription, gifts are given as electronic gift cards. This gives the recipient the chance to customize the wine selection, as they're meant to do. Gift cards are issued in denominations of $25-200. We recommend at least $100 to make sure he or she doesn't have to pay for any part of the first box.

4. California Premier Club

by The California Wine Club

Good satisfaction guarantee

Good wine club gift

#1 Best Gifts / #4 Best Wine Clubs / #4 Best White

California Premier Club

This wine subscription focuses on good-quality, well-priced wines from small family wineries in California. It is perfect to give as a gift or to join yourself.

The California Wine Club appears on many of our lists of best wine clubs because they overdeliver on value, customer service, and quality.

The Premier Series is the perfect wine gift for a Californai wine lover. For an extra $18 you order a pre-wine gift package announcing the gift. Send it to yourself to present in person on the big day or send it directly to your wine lover so they know the wine is coming.

California Premier Club

5. International Premier Club

by International Wine of the Month Club

Good satisfaction guarantee

Good wine club gift

#5 Best White / #8 Best Wine Clubs / #8 Best International

International Premier Club

For Gifts Save $10 when you give a 4-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE10 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $15 when you give a 6-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE15 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $30 when you give a year of wine gift. Use code SAVE30 at checkout.

An old-school wine of the month club that has every detail buttoned down tight. If you want to discover affordable wines from around the world, and you want a reliable service to deliver them, the International Wine of the Month Club’s Premier Series is a great place to start.

When I recommend a wine club gift (which is frequently), I often recommend this club. It’s a great mix of value and discovery, showcasing grapes and regions not typically found on the shelves at wine stores (and definitely not at big box stores).

Wine club gifting is an area that this company excels at. They give you the most options of any two-bottle wine club, from when you pay for each shipment, to all of the standard customizations, gift notice options, etc. The first shipment of all gifts includes organza-wrapped bottles for an extra touch.

International Premier Club

6. SomMailier Wine Club

by SomMailier

Good wine club gift

#3 Best International / #5 Best Quarterly / #6 Best Wine Clubs

SomMailier Wine Club

A rare French wine club featuring affordable selections from a variety of wine regions within France. They tend to work with smaller producers offering either exceptional value or something unusual.

Everything you want in a wine club, especially if you love French wine. Their wine program is created by a multi-generational wine family from Bordeaux with great connections and taste in wine. Unlike some other specialty wine clubs, this one is priced perfectly.

SomMailier Wine Club

7. 90+ Wine Club

by Wired For Wine ®

#7 Best White / #8 Best Affordable / #9 Best Quarterly

90+ Wine Club

Among all of the case clubs (12 bottles, typically shipped quarterly), this 90+ International wine club is among the best two deals. The other focuses only on California wine, but this one takes you on a journey around the world. Enjoy eclectic wines at the best prices you'll find.

It's so easy to get into a wine rut and stick with what you know. Wired For Wine ® helps you break out of that rut in a low-cost, satisfaction guaranteed way so you can find new wines to love. Also, when compared with similarly-priced case clubs, this one stands out for wine quality in a big way.

90+ Wine Club

8. Light & Sweet Wine Club

by Vinesse

Good satisfaction guarantee

Good wine club gift

#8 Best White / #8 Best Gifts

Light & Sweet Wine Club

One of our favorite wine of the month clubs, this Light & Sweet club is the perfect choice for so many wine drinkers who prefer fruity and sweeter wines to drier styles. If you are someone, or know someone, who loves wines like Moscato, Riesling and Gewurztraminer, sign up for this wine club because it's the only one like it out there in the wine club universe.

We strongly support all niche wine clubs. The taste of wine is subjective and we think everyone should drink what they love. Given the high delivery fees from Vinesse, we recommend joining the 12-bottle wine club and have the shipments sent as often as is appropriate.

There aren't a lot of wine club gifts for wine lovers who like their wine on the sweeter side. It's too bad because these wines are food-friendly and also great for drinking before the meal. If your wine lover likes it sweeter (not dessert sweet) than this is an awesome wine club gift.

Light & Sweet Wine Club

9. Organic Wine Club

by Organic Wine Exchange

Good wine club gift

#6 Best California / #9 Best White / #11 Best Quarterly

Organic Wine Club

For You Get 10% off the first three shipments when you join an Organic Wine Exchange club. Use code WC10X3 at checkout.

The perfect wine club for organic wine drinkers, Organic Wine Exchange (OWE) offers so many personalization options that everyone can get the best organic wine club for their needs. Choose Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan, No Sulfites Added, or all of the above.

Proprietor Annie Arnold has gone out of her way to bring her love of organic wine to wine consumers in a convenient way with a great wine club. Annie is doing everything she can to make buying great organic wine easy.

When giving a gift, Organic wine clubs are hard to find. Most are set up as ongoing subscriptions, which is great if you're buying for yourself, but less great when you want to give someone the joy of organic wine. The OWE clubs make great gifts, but they're not big on gift presentation. A custom gift note in the first box is the extent of the pomp and circumstance. That's just right for a wine club focused on wines that are eco-friendly.

Organic Wine Club

The Best White Wine Club Subscriptions

These white wine clubs all earned a rating of at least 4 stars from us. We are a little more lax because we wanted to include wine club gifts for people who like specific kinds of wine. They’re sorted by rating, from highest to lowest. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the list above, you might find it here.

Wine Clubs Description Price & Delivery Best Feature: easy to shop by wine styles like Big Red, Fruity Red, Crisp White, and Fruity White Contribute $40 / month, purchase when you want
Case Club
The California Wine Club
Best prices on wines from small California wineries $180 / quarter
90+ Wine Club
Wired For Wine ®
Great quality International wines at bargain prices $188.86 / quarter
Picked by
Anyone who wants a personal sommelier! From $120 / monthly
Winc Best Feature: Easy-to-shop and easy-to-drink wines at affordable prices $52+ / month
French Wine Club
Best Wine Club for discovering quality French wine beyond Bordeaux and Burgundy from $110 / quarterly
Premier Series
The California Wine Club
Best way to discover small California wineries without going to wine country $43.45 / monthly and quarterly
Plonk Wine Club Best selection of organic and biodynamic wines from a wine club from $110 / month
Organic Wine Club
Organic Wine Exchange
Best Feature: Totally customizable and 100% organic. Choose from simply organic, biodynamic, no sulfites added, and vegan. $80 / month
International Series
The California Wine Club
Best way to discover artisanal wine from other countries $77 / monthly and quarterly
Gold Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Great selection of affordable California wine from boutique wineries $44.75 / monthly, every other month, and quarterly
Collector’s Wine Club
International Wine of the Month Club
Discovering high-end wine from everywhere in the world From $74.95 / monthly and quarterly
Firstleaf Best Feature: flexible subscription size and schedule $89.94 / monthly and quarterly
Champagne Subscription
Henri’s Reserve
Best Under-the-Radar Grower Champagne subscription $150 / every other month or quarterly
The World of Wine
Easy-going wines with a regional theme Starts at $60.75
Premier Wine Club
International Wine of the Month Club
Discovering good-quality wine from everywhere in the world From $41.95 / monthly and quarterly
Wine Insiders Best Feature: easy management of delivery routing $155 / quarter
Wine Awesomeness A fun and affordable themed wine subscription with its own full-color magazine From $49 / monthly and quarterly
International Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Exploring small producers around the world From $85 / quarter
Light & Sweet Club
Rare wine club focused on lighter and sweeter white wines (not dessert wines) Starts at $32, shipping is extra
Bright Cellars The one where the algorithm decides what you like From $80 / monthly
Sparkling Wine Club
Discover Sparkling: mid-tier sparkling, high-quality sparkling, and true Champagne in every box Starts at $75
Chardonnay Club
Discover Chardonnay from around the world Starts at $49.50
WSJ Wine Club
Wall Street Journal Wine
Easy-drinking value wine Starts at $69.99

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